More healing codes – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 31, 2014 etc.

Tsunami of Love  –

and more healing codes 4

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My beloved child, I ask you today on your Solstice to open your heart wide for the energies that are flowing to you. My Tsunami of Love has reached it’s climax since some days and will now remain so. The energies are knocking at your heart saying: “open yourself and let us in”.

You feel these energies and groan another time under them. They are sent to you as golden energy from my mother ship. The name of the ship is Mesime, it means ‘Light of God’ and is Sirian. She is the biggest ship of the Galactic Federation and is slowly approaching Earth. Because of her size she can’t come too near; she would disturb the energy fields of your planet. She is the mothership of the Divine Mother and consists of my own energy, she is sending to you now.

You might feel as if you are experiencing a great movement of energy, that has strong vibration of Healing Light and helps you in dissolving all in you that doesn’t serve you any more. They are going deep into you and you just need to let it happen and let go.

Simultaneously with these energies I send you my deep infinite love. Feel it, take it into yourself, my child. You know it so well. It is your home. It is of what you are made of and from where you come. Breathe it in and breathe out all that doesn’t serve you anymore. I love you so much, my child, and know that these energies and my love will wake you up and let you recognize who you are.

I give you also some more healing codes, which you can use in proven way out of your heart and in your love.

88 33 421  for hardness of hearing and deafness

78 83 434  for hemorrhoids

13 78 887  for stye

44 37 224  for conjunctivitis

78 43 149  for sprain

23 31 878  for chickenpox

68 43 833  for kidney stones

63 34 831  for pyelitis, inflammation of kidney pelvis

76 42 688  for reinforcement of kidney function

87 33 478  for inflammation of the bladder

88 81 643  for inflammation of the lungs

19 19 311  for burns, also sunburn

86 86 694  for regulation of the thyroid gland

11 11 171  for anemia and for healthier blood

33 14 871  for  Psoriasis

Let yourself be enveloped in my love and let it in your beautiful heart, my beloved child. Know, that I love you infinite and unconditional. ~

Your Divine Mother

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23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

More healing codes 5

My child, today I will give you more healing codes. It is a while since the last now and I want to use the opportunity as long as my scribe is still on earth.

She had to cope first with the passing of her beloved dog into another dimension and also to regain her full balance before this is possible now.

She has recorded the last weeks in her journals and published her journey and her spiritual work on herself accountable for all. She did this on my wish. These journals can help you to find and walk your own path.

The sickness of her dog has brought you many important codes and today there are new ones who are based on a mishap of my scribe. The witch has shot onto her😉 and she has asked me for the appropriate code. She got some more who have to do with the back and problems that are related with it.

But I please ask you to see a doctor when you have such problems because a prolapse of a disc can easily lead to complications or a damage of nerves. The healing codes I give you today should but alleviate the healing and pain relief and also help to reverse the damage.

Now, here they are and some more.

71 91 334  for lumbago

87 47 838  for problems with the sciatic nerve

78 78 833  for prolapsed intervertebral disc

89 87 438  for a bulge of an intervertebral disc

81 74 311  for eczema in general

38 37 684  for feeling of fullness

86 66 431  for flatulence

18 19 811  for first aid in heatstroke together with other measures

33 14 993  for sunstroke

By now you know that these numerical orders work very well. You are more trained now with their use.

My scribe uses them very often although they don’t work for her personally not so well anymore but this has other reasons. Her body was damaged too much in the last years and she knows now also, that all the illnesses that you have, my beloved child and my other children too, do affect her body. She is very close to me and One with all that is and this awareness let her feel these things on her own body. As she will soon ascend a last time  she can already rejoice that her further existence will be much more enjoyable.

My beloved child, I don’t like to make prophecies or to give dates, but in this case I can tell you with a heart full of joy, that the end of the illusion in which you live is near. I can’t tell you when the veil of forgetfulness and illusion will eventually raise, there are still some things that must all play together first.

Your call for changes has been heard and much that has been prepared until now can now get under way. I don’t want to reveal too much because it shall be a big surprise for you. A wonderful surprise. Until then and forever I embrace you with my inifinite and limitless love for you. ~

Your Divine Mother



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In Resonance to our hearts ….How to handle applying Code Nos.


Resonance in the Valley of the Golden Crystal Mountains

(see Link :  The Valley in Crystal-Golden Mountains

I am standing on a mountain  at last ..

it is the mountain of I AM

calling to some other ones – standing on their very hills so remotely vast

I am calling out to them and listen inwardly – what I receive in return from them

and cherish echos they may give me in return –

recouncing it and anchor it in what is my inner core

confluent echos of all resonance here in my inner part !

Contramary April 26, 2014


How to handle the application of folllwing Code-Nos. and in Resonance to our Hearts !

Re:  Message of AA Raphael through Marc Gama with Healing Code-Nos.

Link:(Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma –


This is a download from AARaphael scribbled hastily down after he nudged me out of afternoon rest so urgently …. and it all pertains still to the message of yesterday (link see above) where he gave us the Ancient Code-Numbers as signal of relief for us to cope well with our daily issues at this Time of Now. As this Time has arrived Now that the flood of downloaded energy has risen our frequency level of energy so high that these ancient codes may start to be applicable for us too just like in that very time when Atlantis was gifted with them.

Now there have been some queries one day after these codes have been published how to precisely apply these code-Numbers with effective success ? .. Reading again through  the Message of Yesterday I want to accummulate here what I found there and what has been downloaded to me by AARaphael on my request.

Since I conveyed these queries right away to him and Marc G. who is his German channel. I am merely the translator of such messages into English in order to enable the spreading on of those message carrying such prescious new information.

According to the response of AARaphael precise introduction of use was very intentionally not given in that particular message for the very reason that we are all asked to go very thoroughly through the text of this message and not just peruse it superficially.

Some hints are given there .. e.g. in one case: viz. to write the resp. Code-Number into the air beyond the afflicted wound.  In the lower part dealing with the Codes for nutritional foodstuff once is mentioned that the respective Code-No. is to be written on the tin or can/package of the specific food.

But what I found most intriguing is that more than once is mentioned that when very consciously handling these Code-Nos. we shall be guided into resonance with these special Code-Numbers.

And this appears to be the most essential clue to me … :

Subsequent application of these prescious Code-Numbers – since they will turn out to be one of the new treasures for human mankind here on Nova Earth – will evoke its particular resonance in our inner hearts (the appertaining effect of it is not known in the Moment of Now) but I assume this effect will lead to some convergence or sort of assimilation in us with these Codes with surprising new effects.

Comparing with ancient tales of miraculous healings in old legends and fairy tales and with Healing-Reiki-Gestures overall it is considered quite normal to write or draw the prevalent gestures into the air or to visualize them too – I presume that such measures will be quite adequate too when applying these newly given Code-Nos.

These Codes were given to us so that we may devote our thorough thoughts on them and already before applying them ponder about them and study them very intensely … in order to establish some sort of resonance in your inner heart with them and to anchor them more deeply into your inner core – your Divine I AM.

As it is the Resonance of the Code-Nos. with your Heart and your HS – your Divine I AM – that is what is the first requirement and pre-requisite for all successfull practice and handling them.

So just start practicing  them … think of all parables when “Hands were laid on” ,,listen attentively to what your intuition and heart will tell you …. but utmost essential is that at first you connect yourself to your consciousness when in such practice. These are the items which you have to observe diligently.

Rely on to your very own link from your inner heart to the Divine Source of All-there-Is.

I do hope I could have given you here some valuable hints in connection to AA-Raphael’s Message of yesterday since from what I heard of him … there will be more details to come with subsequent messages to us too.

Until then – try to practice the new Code-Numbers as often as possible – it is only some part of what we still have to learn in times to come ….. and be grateful for it … as this message is only one part among of all  the other small paths leading to the great road into the Golden Age of Nova Terra !