Time and Space in Change of Eternity



When eternity of linear time decreases its space until there is not any more space left we reach a “Point” or better explained a “Full-Stop-Point”.  This is not the Zero-Point as with this cipher there is still some space in it – ” 0 “.

Presently we have arrived here in our “Now” – Time of Zero-Point which is the still stand of time – we are standing in the middle of Zero “0” and are moving in the inner round of it slowly into some ascending spiral – which marking the change of Zero-point-time.
It is upon us if we consent with our Free Will into the awakening of our particular Self. Here right in the middle of present Zero-Point-Time we are protected and safe and from this custody and space we watch the outward great change outside of our shell of Zero-Point-Time, which is a tiny conclave in a transforming and collapsing 3-dimension world.

Here we are waiting, all of us who are in process of waking up, wanting to wake up, and wishing to gain more selfconsciousness, waiting for the great change of ourselves, And as more and more are saving themselves into out tiny conclave because they are awakening to some other consciousness of themselves, the spiralic movement of ascension will be initiated since the space within the Zero will be dissolved slowly. We do rise up and slowly the the Zero-Point will be transformed into a spiral ascending high up. All the newcomers to this conclave will nudge and urge the pacemakers of this new consciousness to rise to the top …and to which point?

And then — it is here – The Big Quantum Leap ! Continue reading