The Story of the Farmer and the Hat




The Story of the Farmer and the Hat
[Gloria and farmer at the market]

The ways God can appear are limitless. Through other people is one of them. Here’s a true story:

A farmer at our local Farmer’s Market had a blanket laid out on the ground, filled with wonderful vegetables, some in baskets, some just in piles.

I held up a giant zucchini, and I asked him how much.

The man smiled and said, “It’s by the hat. It’s the hat method.” I didn’t know what he was talking about.

He pointed to a big old farmer’s type hat, filled with dollar bills, that sat on the edge of the blanket. “You just put in what feels right to you,” he said.

“Give me an idea,” I said.

“Oh, no,” he said, “then it wouldn’t be by the hat.”

He truly offered his vegetables for what people had in their hearts to pay. He was not attached. He really wasn’t. He didn’t even stay around. And he was so generous with the sweep of his hand that I had such a different feeling. I felt that I had been given a great gift, and, with all my heart, I wanted to pay him enough. It felt like joy to receive, and joy to give. He helped me to feel that these vegetables were the fruits of God and he was simply the deliverer.

He was there to be rewarded for his labors. The vegetables weren’t for free. Only he wasn’t dictating the price. He truly let go. He wanted his vegetables to go to as many good homes as possible and give all the nourishment they were made for.

It is the same with Heaven Letters. The intent of Heaven Letters is to bring as many people as possible as quickly as possible in touch with God. We are happy you are here, and we want to emulate that beautiful farmer. Heaven Letters are the fruits of God, and The International Society of Heavenletters is simply the deliverer. We are putting down a big hat, and with it, laying out our faith in God. We appreciate your support.
[Gloria and farmer at the market]

So, help yourselves to Heaven Letters. Subscribe. Get a good taste. When your heart feels moved, your by-the-hat donation makes all the difference in the world. Financial help from God to support Heaven Letters comes through the commitment, respect, and generosity of readers like you. Thank you for contributing!

Another By-the-Hat (Heart) contribution that we love is when you pass Heaven on to friends and organizations that you value. Please feel encouraged to spread Heaven Letters. It would be wonderful to fill this hat to overflowing too.

Carolyn R. from West Virginia expressed this so very well:

“Martha is the person who told me about Heaven Letters. The important thing is that someone sent me a Heaven Letter as a blessing, and I look forward to Heaven Letters as continued blessings.”

With love and blessings,

The Godwriting International Society of Heaven
703 E. Burlington Avenue
Fairfield, IA 52556
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P.S. When I saw the farmer on another day, I asked him where he got the idea of By the Hat. “From a dream,” he said…

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The Godwriting International Society of Heaven
703 E. Burlington Avenue
Fairfield, IA 52556
(Make checks out to Heaven!)

Contributions via Paypal can be sent to

P.S. When I saw the farmer on another day, I asked him where he got the idea of By the Hat. “From a dream,” he said…

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August 2016 – Turning a Major Historical Corner

August’s Aspects

August and September, with their series of 3 eclipses, will mark a pivotal point in the breakdown of the global oligarchy – in the breakdown of the global political and economic power of the 1%. In this post, I will focus on the first of these eclipses, taking place at the Full Moon of August 18 UT.
The good news is that we are beginning a phase in the transition away from global oligarchy that we have been looking forward to. The bad news is that it will be a long and difficult transition.

The Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on August 18, UT

The North Node gives eclipses their meaning. Presently, the North Node in Virgo is strongly expressing the need for an objective, down-to-earth and selfless approach to resolving numerous and still rapidly increasing global issues.
By all accounts, the forces of oligarchy represent the opposite of the values supported by the Virgo North Node. So, logically, this pivotal battle should and probably will be decided in favor of the 99%. Ultimately.
It just will not be an easy or quick victory and the outcome is not fully guaranteed. The conflicts in the chart will play out in the realm of communication. These conflicts will also be intense.
The communication process itself is seriously afflicted, though. Resulting conflicts are highly likely to overflow into behavior, and not always in a good way.
To understand the astrological source of these difficulties, we need only look at a few of August’s more prominent aspects.

August’s Version of the Mutable T-Square

The dominant aspect in the August 18 eclipse chart is an updated version of the mutable T-Square that has dominated the charts since it took shape in the fall of 2015.
The base of this T-Square sets, as it always has, along the critically important nodal axis, the line connecting the North and South Nodes. There is no more sensitive or powerful axis in the astrology chart.
The energies affecting the nodal axis are powerfully communicated to every region of and aspect in the chart. And in this chart, there is a lot of complicated, difficult and downright dangerous stuff going on along the nodal axis. Or should I say, the most dangerous stuff going on in this chart directly affects the nodal axis.
In the August 18 version, or ‘iteration,’ of this T-Square, its base is formed by an opposition: retrograde Chiron opposes a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. The nodal axis, then, is heavily afflicted by this highly problematic aspect. This same aspect will seriously resist the work of the North Node in Virgo, and vice versa.

The Unusual Power of the Mutable T-Square During August’s Lunar Eclipse

The power of the mutable T-Square is augmented by an unusually powerful Mercury. Mercury has had its muscular little fingers in a lot of pies lately; it is affecting many lines of causality and synchronicity and will continue to do so into the future. This is very clear in August’s eclipse chart.
Mercury transited (eclipsed or occulted) the Sun on May 9th at the time of Jupiter’s return to forward movement. This renewed and foregrounded Mercury’s power. Also, the simple fact that Mercury will be near the North Node during the eclipse will increase its importance.
When everything is taken into account, Mercury is the strongest planet by far in the dispositor chart of the August eclipse. It overrides the importance of strongly placed Sun and Neptune, each in their own home sign.
Mercury also ‘disposes’ of, or channels, the influence of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. It’s complicated, but this lineup in the dispositor chart puts these bodies at a considerable disadvantage.
Their power is subordinated to that of diminutive Mercury. The great energetic river formed by their combined streams must all flow through Mercury’s narrow gate, with considerable complications along the way.
This will create severe bandwidth issues throughout the month. The elements of this potent and complex but tangled stream of energies will struggle mightily to express themselves simultaneously through Mercury’s comparatively narrow and highly specialized modalities.
They will frequently find themselves competing aggressively with each other for passage. Then they will struggle mightily to escape Mercury in Virgo’s many narrow filters.
It is difficult to overstate the scale of Mercury’s influence during the August eclipse. It is equally difficult to overstate the degree of Mercury’s affliction. The astrological handicaps under which it will labor to perform its inordinately difficult task will be numerous and daunting.

A Powerful Mercury, Powerfully Afflicted

There will often be insuperable obstacles to successful communication at all levels in August and beyond. Indeed, simple, seemingly straightforward, routine communication can explode. In August, regardless of the seeming importance or unimportance of the issues, or how casual a conversation might seem to be at the time, it would be best to proceed with caution.
Overreaction is the order of the day. People will be primed to take offense and give offense in return. Sometimes it might just be best to hold your peace, no matter what you think is at risk.
On the micro level, the result of miscommunication might be estrangement, lost friendships, broken agreements and lost partners. On the macro – or national and global levels – the results might be broken alliances, shattered treaties, and failed trade deals. Hostile, unguarded diplomatic exchanges might lead to open warfare.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is opposite Chiron Retrograde

Much of the difficulty will come from retrograde Chiron’s opposition to the Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in Virgo. Retrograde Chiron’s negative potential is strongly enhanced.
Retrograde Chiron’s opposition is likely to draw discussions in the direction of old bitterness, simmering grievance and lingering grudge. It can stir pain in wounds nearly forgotten but not fully healed. It can inflame feelings about real or imagined attacks on personal beliefs. A Chiron opposition is also a prolific source of imagined threat or offense.
The negative potentialities of retrograde Chiron’s opposition are multiplied by its nearness to Neptune, retrograde Nessus, the South Node and the influence of Pisces generally.
Retrograde Nessus will hasten the manifestation of negativity and quickly dredge up guilt and pain. The effect would be to diminish our sense of self-worth and darken our interpretation of other people’s motives.
Neptune will further increase the likelihood of confusion, weak, self-deceptive, even delusional reasoning. The South Node, for its part, will make errors in reasoning and all these other ill-advised seem attractive.
This combination of negative placements makes the odds of failed communication very high indeed.
None of these influences, alone or in combinati0n, would be conducive to successful communication and positive outcomes. Disagreement could arise completely unexpectedly and quickly become heated and even violent.

Mars/Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius – a T-Square + Flint and Steel

Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius at the apex of the mutable T-Square. This fiery, explosive conjunction squares both poles of the Mercury/Jupiter/Chiron opposition during the eclipse.
This will further multiply the already considerable negative potential of the Mercury/Jupiter/Chiron opposition. In sum, it will dramatically raise the likelihood of miscommunication and worsen its consequences.

Retrograde Pluto is exactly conjunct the fixed star Vega, opposite the asteroid Vesta.

During the August eclipse, a Pluto/Vega conjunction is exact to within about 16 minutes of arc – i.e., extremely exact. A Pluto/Vega conjunction is rare.
It occurs roughly every 248 years. It last occurred in about 1767-8 at the dawn of an era of world historical revolution.
Vega dramatically enhances charm, glamour and charisma generally. Pluto is an intensifier of feeling and a powerful motivator of radical, even revolutionary action.
Combined, Pluto and Vega can generate intensely charismatic and thoroughly irrational appeal. This in turn can inspire fierce, unreasoning loyalty. This in its turn can inspire fanaticism and zealotry.
The asteroid Vesta, for its part, governs earnest devotion to a principle or ideal. Opposite the exact Pluto/Vega conjunction, Vesta can easily produce a fiery clash.
This opposition takes place in cardinal signs, along the Capricorn/Cancer axis, its volatile influence will be complicated and compounded by the lingering power of the Uranus/Pluto square.
This Pluto/Vega/Vesta influence, combined with the influence of the Chiron/Mercury/Jupiter opposition and the Saturn/Mars conjunction, is highly conducive to overheated, irrational rhetoric and the violence to which such rhetoric often gives rise.

Outcomes Might Not Be What You Hope

Under the influence of the eclipse, negative tactics, no matter how appealing or even irresistible they seem, could backfire badly, either in the moment or in the future.
This would seem to put the offender at a disadvantage. However, in present circumstances, a penalty on the offender could easily overflow and engulf bystanders, including those offended.
Regardless of whoever has the right of it, social unrest brought on by a violation of the North Node’s mandate, could overflow, translating into misfortune for the righteous too. Violence is contagious and unrest tends to overflow boundaries.

Consider Also The Asteroids – The Pervasiveness of Transformative Process

It is clear from the nature of the mutable T-Square, placed so strongly in August’s eclipse chart, that August’s intense conflicts will largely be rooted in the realm of ideas and beliefs. It will be about the rightness or wrongness of beliefs, the soundness of arguments presented in their defense and the motives behind them.
Ideology will be pitted sharply against ideology, religious belief against religious belief, scientific theory against scientific theory, dogma against dogma, motive against motive, and everything in between.

Where the Asteroids Come Into It

A consideration of the asteroids would give us a very clear idea of the scale of the process supported by the mutable T-Square and the possible scope of the conflict.
As I have tried to show in previous posts, the asteroids have a great deal to do with the ideas by which we govern our lives and our societies. If we add up the areas influenced by the better known asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo, Ixion, Quaoar and Eris) we come up with whole worldviews full of ideas from around the globe.

Quaoar in August

For the present, let’s consider the asteroid Quaoar and its role during the August eclipse.
During the eclipse, retrograde Quaoar will be in all but perfect conjunction with the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. This conjunction is also rare. It occurs once every 286 years, give or take. The last such conjunction occurred during the run up to the historic revolutions at the end of the 19th century.
Quaoar is associated with the creation and maintenance of large belief systems of all kinds. It governs our ability to keep our worldview up to date, and our ability to change it as knowledge and circumstance change.
Quaoar’s influence is all inclusive in this regard. It affects every facet of every existing belief system.
Not to put too fine a point on it, the Galactic Center is a major source, perhaps even the primary source, of transformative sacred energy. The precise conjunction of Quaoar and the Galactic Center sends immeasurably large amounts of transformative and uplifting sacred energy surging through the world’s belief systems. Especially with Quaoar retrograde in Sagittarius, it inspires the vigorous updating and upgrading of the totality of ideas in the totality of global worldviews.
Subjectively, the conjunction would make us feel an urgent need, even a sacred duty, to update and upgrade our beliefs – along with everyone else’s, for that matter.
The transformative energy from the Galactic Center will affect all of our beliefs. Nothing and no one will be excluded. Quaoar’s conjunction with the Galactic Center, then will dramatically augment the transformative effects of the eclipse.

The Other Asteroids

In the interests of brevity, let me just say that the other commonly observed asteroids are centrally involved in the dynamic of the Mutable T-Square. These other asteroids are also strongly placed. Hence, the kind of reasoning applied to Quaoar will apply to the other asteroids.
The forces at work in August and beyond will inundate the totality of our global idea systems. We are slowly emerging from a time when greed was exalted to the level of a virtue. All respect for facts and sound reason was abandoned. Virtually the totality of the ideas that govern the conduct of our individual and collective affairs are now deeply flawed.
I don’t think we want to underestimate the scale of the impact that the upcoming eclipses, including August’s eclipse, will have. When an irresistible demand for truth collides with so many flawed ideas, trouble is sure to follow.
On an individual level, be careful what you say and to whom you say it in August and the weeks and months to follow. Listen carefully to what others say, also.
It will be far too easy to spark animosity, to overreact to an imagined insult, to mistake a lie for the truth, or vice versa. It could be some time, I think, before the fires thus ignited are quenched and the intellectual air is safe to breath unfiltered.
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My heartfelt thanks to all.
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The Oracle Report, Friday, July 4, 2014

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Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Moon in Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Mirrors) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: remain open and flexible

Negative Imprint: strong-willed to control others, willing others to comply

Positive Imprint: strong willed to self-direct, willing to extend to others

Today’s energy stirs great passion.

There is a tremendous amount of energy that can be harnessed today.  Take some time to think about where you are and where you want to be (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.)  The degree of the position of the Earth today is the energy of “a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.”  It is alchemical energy, able to create magic.  It arouses and stokes an inner fire.  What does your heart truly desire?  The Universe hears and responds to this today.  If the thing that is blocking you is you, there is an abundance of energy to push you out of that.  The energy enables us to self-direct more effectively.

Some people will respond negatively to the passion that is incited today.  Anger, inflexibility, manipulation, aggression, and controlling behavior are manifestations of this.  Issues of dependency, appreciation, and recognition also arise.  These are signs that something needs to change or shift.

An interesting feature of today’s energy is the ability to morph space-time.  This means the past and the future are fluid and ripe for re-imprinting.  Changing your view about a perceived loss or failure from the past will change your future.  Can you take hold of the reins of your mind?

The principle of resonance (like attracting like) is also strong today.  We are pulled toward those people, places, things, and ideas that are more akin to our soul’s code and the destiny of our lives.  Psychic-type communications are also heightened.

The theme this month is revolutionary liberation.  Today’s energy goes a long way toward this.  Though we are aware that we are in the midst of a powerful energetic window of time that could be used for nefarious purposes, we also see the opportunity to harness passion for positive expression.  The Spirit of Liberty reigns strong today, no matter where on Gaia Sophia you are.

In celebration of my favorite thing – freedom – I’ve posted the story of my initiation with the Mahavidyas on the About page here  Scroll down to “Initiation with the Kalis.”  Many people have asked me to tell the story of my first encounter with the Wisdom Goddesses.  I am happy to tell it today.

Click here to listen to the July 1 “Galactic Connection” radio show where I was Alexandra Meadors’ guest.  We take an in-depth look at what’s happening right now and how we can navigate it.)

The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report, Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: endeavor to maintain balance in all things

Negative Imprint: lashing out or lashing in from fear, anger, frustration

Positive Imprint: opening up to allow transformation

By the end of the day, some sort of wisdom finds its way to us.  Today’s energy teaches us something we need to know.

Two waves of energy, one produced by the Sun opposing Pluto and one produced by Mars opposing the Eris Point, begin to dominate.  These waves tend to make people grumpy, angry, critical, impatient, depressed, reactionary, and sharp-tongued.

But, with a little work, these waves can also help people be balanced, whole, light, open, self-possessed, and free.

This energy is made primarily by oppositions in astrology, so we notice opposites and differences.  We see how opposite or different we are from someone/others/situations or how opposite things are from the way they should be (or the way we want them to be).  Be aware of the tendency for things to be in sharp contrast.  This energy takes things to extremes and can swing back and forth quickly.

Recall also that all this month, people, places, and things are loosening, breaking, or opening up.   The energy of sharp contrasts enhances this theme.

We navigate all of this acrobatically by being aware of the course.  We see the negative potential, but we understand that underneath all of the presenting issues is the hallmark for change.  We see how, in some way in some part of our lives, we need to shift.  We recognize that we are undergoing a period of transformation, liberation, and re-alignment deeper into the mystic.

Remember, today teaches us something we need to know.

(Note for those readers who follow the Mahavidyas, the Wisdom Goddesses who are aspects of Gaia-Sophia and interface with humanity: Today Dhumavati and Kali are “releasing the Kraken,” so to speak.  [The Kraken is a giant squid-like sea creature that derives from Norse mythology.]  The Archons will attempt to use the power that is available from these potent astrological signatures to imprint reality with fear, chaos, and gloom.  Essentially, protection and buffering from these extremes spreads through the collective like the tentacles of the Kraken.  It is a metaphor.)

Click here and scroll down to listen to the July 1 “Galactic Connection” radio show where I was Alexandra Meadors’ guest.  We take an in-depth look at what’s happening right now and how we can navigate it.)

The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report, Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Mirrors) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: be open to changes and opportunities

Negative Imprint: exaggerated need for attention, masking, foolishness

Positive Imprint: enjoyment of life, ambition, sense of humor

Today is a day for casting lines.  We cast off from people, places, things, beliefs, habits, thoughts that have run dry.  We cast toward new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and new ways of being.  This is part of the shifting/changing that is underway this month.

We can already see aggression and conflict intensifying as we build toward the July 3 – 6 window of time when Mars contacts the Eris Point (favored degree for insertion of chaos) and the Sun contacts Pluto.  These contacts are happening at 180 degrees apart, when these electromagnetic and archetypal energies reach fullest expression.  These energies combine to make dramatic events, aggressive and even warlike behavior, conflict, and anger turned inward in the form of depression.

However, they also bring deep and lasting transformation, revelation of truth, energy for repairing or rectifying things, unification of our inner masculine and feminine, and re-acquisition of personal power that has eluded us.

People are responding and reacting to these energies in various ways.  Resistance to change makes it harder to handle.  The way to open to changes is to recognize that they just may, in fact, liberate you from what is causing distress or dissatisfaction in the first place.

Many things are on display today.  They stand out.  We can easily see the brilliance in others.  We see where abundance may lie.  We see where we want to aim.  These are things we want to focus on.  We want to turn away from things from the past that haunt us – especially perceived mistakes.  Along with this, there is a strong push to cover up, mask, or hide what we do not want others to see.

Everything casts us in a new direction today as a shift in consciousness takes place.  Be open to those opportunities.  Be on the lookout for them.  As a reminder, today’s photo from wise owl Marie is from Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado.

(Note: Click here and scroll down to listen to yesterday’s “Galactic Connection” radio show where I was Alexandra Meadors’ guest.  We take an in-depth look at what’s happening right now and how we can navigate it.)

The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, Monday, June 30, 2014

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From Wise Owl Deb

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: maintain composure

Negative Imprint: recklessness, disharmony

Positive Imprint: consideration, harmony

Today we remain composed in all things.  Doing so keeps the grid of the collective consciousness firmly in place.  We think before taking action or rushing into anything.  We take the time to prepare for things that are important instead of winging it.  By maintaining our composure, our point is made, our voice is heard, our destiny is aligned.

When we are composed, we generate a strong force.

In general, people are responding from fear and from instinct with today’s conjunction of the Moon and the Black Moon.  If you missed yesterday’s report, you can read more about this conjunction in the Archives at  Since people will be lashing out, we know to keep our shields of protection in place and will consider matters before responding, even if we only have a moment.

Mercury will station direct tomorrow and will unlock all of the energy that has been building up and pressure-releasing since June 7,  Recall that communications of all types (personal, electronic, professional, etc.) have been under the influence of energy that is like a cat arguing with a mouse.  As we build to this, the cat or the mouse is likely to take action.  The proper action is to just turn and walk away from it.  Leave it behind.

Additionally, a process of winnowing is underway, which is one of the Wisdom Goddess Dhumavati’s specialties.  She winnows through things, separating them.  What does not belong together moves apart.  Vibrationally, situations and circumstances (including relationships) that are no longer in harmony are being drawn apart.  Situations and circumstances (including relationships) that are in harmony are coming together.  This is part of the great shift that is happening this month.  Some things have to change.  Trust in the process.  Let Dhumavati rearrange things for you so that you are in better alignment with what is in your soul’s highest and best interests.

(Note: Be aware that at the highest view of what is going on right now, we are holding a field of consciousness that is now stronger than the one created and perpetuated for centuries by the new world order/Archons.  The field of consciousness aligned with natural world order is under heavy attack through the Full Moon phase of this lunar month.  By focusing on the “Positive Imprint” listed above, you are actively participating in the maintenance of the field of consciousness [the grid] that indigenous people have held while the Archons have dominated.  Endeavoring to harmonize and radiate the positive imprint each day is the most important thing that we do no matter what transpires in our individual lives.)

The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, Saturday, June 21, and Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Please Note: 
For the next three days, I think it would be good for us all as much as possible to take a break from comments. If you come across an interesting article and want to provide a link, I think we will all appreciate it, but better still if you can is to get outside and connect. Also, be creative in some way. . . and keep your vibrations as high as possible. Try to stay in your hearts!


Third Quarter Moon Phase: complete

Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: accept personal responsibility

Negative Imprint: recklessness, carelessness

Positive Imprint: attention, renewal

Saturday brings the energy of the entire cycle to a head.  We accept or assume personal responsibility for where we are in the process of our growth and development.  It’s the Solstice, the longest or shortest day, depending where on Gaia Sophia you are, and we reach a turning point in how we see and understand things – particularly ourselves.

This energy enables us to take charge and rise to the occasion.  What have you wanted to stand up and change, like an aroused striker around a factory?  What is your standard now?  What is being reborn in you?  What have you wanted to find?

All of the newness and change sometimes has us overlooking or rejecting “the old” too quickly.  We build the new from the old, so honor the contribution of what has been meaningful in the past as it morphs into the future.

Power issues and power struggles are inherent in this energy.  This happens when there are dramatic shifts and turning points.  When people feel like they are losing their place, losing their value, or losing the familiar, they can become fearful and reactionary.  Anger ensures.

If the struggle is within yourself, accept responsibility for it.  See it for what it is and then stand up to it.  The power to end the internal struggle is strong today, and you can call on this month’s Wisdom Goddess, Bagala, to paralyze or end the struggle.

Sunday brings the ability to get “unstuck” or out of limbo.  We rise above the challenges we’ve faced over the past month with a larger perspective.  This energy is intense.  It can feel relentless with one thing after another.  The pummeling of energy serves to strengthen us on the last day of this lunar cycle.  (Sunday is the last full day of the Third Quarter Moon phase, the energetic ending of the cycle.)  Whatever has been welling up inside us has a strong push on Sunday.

Enjoy the Solstice and I will see you back on Monday as we move in between the veils of the worlds for the Balsamic Moon phase.

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The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Photo of a Bumble Bee on a Mandara Blossom from Wise Owl, Greenman

Disseminating Moon Phase: share

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: look at things a different way; what’s the true value?

Negative Imprint: breaking connections; feeling abandoned; invading privacy

Positive Imprint: making connections; feeling supported; giving space

Many thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s group meditation.  It is an honor to file out on the field of consciousness and join in with galactic frequencies.  Energetically, it was a bombardment.  Definite marks were made and will ripple out to influence our experience of life, personally and collectively.  It is game-changing.

Today, links, connections, and bridges are made – links between people, links between projects, links between ideas, links between thoughts, links between the past and the present, links between feelings.

The refreshment, revitalization, and reorientation that has been happening is enabling these links to be made.

Another major catalyst for this is the shift in what we value.  Today we discover what people, places, and things are truly worth to us.  We shift toward revering these things.  Great comfort comes from this realization.  But there may also be feelings of guilt for not seeing the value sooner.  Accept the reality and the responsibility of this, but focus on the link that has been made.  Learn the lesson and endeavor to always see what is truly of value to you.

The theme of “appearance” is also dominant today.  The appearance of things is easily manipulated because it is based on a plethora of perceptions.  It is subjective.  And it is creative.  The appearance of something, someone, or some situation changes today.  The change you perceive may be monumental.  It serves to bring expansion and growth.

The common denominator today is about second chances and relief from pressure and burdens.  We are freed to get on with something.

As a child, one of my favorite books was James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  (My favorite teacher read Dahl’s books aloud to the class every day after lunch.  There is much value in reading to children; it is almost a lost art.)  The book is about looking at things a different way.  What looks like a peach to some is actually home and vehicle for others.  The shift in perception requires an openness to imagination.  Dare to engage your imagination today.  Dare to look at things a different way.

Check back later today for another audio update and elaboration on how the energies are playing out.  There is much more happening than I can capture in the daily Oracle Report, so the audio updates provide much more information.  I will also be looking ahead to the next lunar month, the Cancer cycle, which begins June 27, 2014, and is a firecracker for sure.

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 16 to 22, 2014 By Pam Younghans

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Astrology Journal

Today’s photo: Auroras over Lake Minnewanka, Alberta, Canada, on June 8, 2014 (photo by William Lefort, posted on
MANY THANKS to everyone who signed up for last week’s teleclass! We had record numbers attending, and from all over the world, which was both fun and very exciting. I hope all who participated gained some insights that will assist you in the months ahead. 

If you missed the class and would like to purchase the audio replay and a copy of the slideshow, that window is still open! Just send me an email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line, and we’ll make arrangements. (


LIFE CONTINUES to feel a bit blurry around the edges this week. Neptune has just begun its retrograde (backward) phase, so the planet’s dreamlike effects are still strong. And retrograde Mercury is a focal point of the coming week as well, adding to the sense that nothing is quite real in the way that we normally expect it to be.


Mercury re-enters Gemini on Tuesday, and then passes by the Sun on Thursday, right before the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. This emphasis on the themes of Gemini tell us that it’s an important week to rethink our usual ways of communicating. We will want to pay especially close attention to being clear in our intentions and in our words. Miscommunications at this time are likely to reflect a lack of clarity we’re feeling internally about the subject at hand.


By the time Mercury turns direct again on July 1, it will be back at the degree it originally crossed on May 22. This means we may also benefit from reviewing the past three weeks of our experience (as much as we can remember!) and see if there are some things we would change, given the chance for a “re-do.”


CHIRON joins the group of retrograde planets this week, scheduled to station on Friday and then go backward in Pisces until November 23. Chiron’s retrograde phase is an opportunity for us to go more deeply into a spiritual healing process, especially with regards to our ability to trust the universe and to accept the unfolding of our lives even when our choices or outcomes are not yet defined.


The issues of boundaries and control are also a part of Chiron’s work in Pisces. The twelfth sign is known for compassion, understanding, and receptivity — qualities which, when taken too far, can become martyrdom, servitude, and a need to bring everything into alignment with one’s personal vision of what would be ideal. With Chiron’s station this week, we are working with these polarities, and starting to release unhealthy patterns in these areas.


THE MOST CELEBRATED planetary event this week is, of course, the June Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer. This solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning of winter in the Southern.


A chart drawn for the exact time of the solstice is said to be the “birth chart” for the next three months in our experience, until the next season is born on the September Equinox. The solstice chart shows the Sun aligned with retrograde Mercury, so we will have opportunities over the next three months to do some important realigning of our goals and intentions, based on the inner work we will do.


THE SOLSTICE CHART also shows Mars, Pluto and Uranus forming a cardinal “T-square” configuration. Our grand cross that was strongest in April has lost one of its cornerstones, now that Jupiter has moved out of range.


A T-square is an unstable relationship formed between three planets, one that requires self-awareness and a good attention to staying in balance. Here’s a slightly abridged version of astrologer Bil Tierney’s writings on the effects of a cardinal T-square with Pluto at the apex (90 degrees away from Uranus and Mars):

“Apex Pluto indicates we are intensely self-driven, and may not easily integrate with others. We may reject assistance and support out of fear of losing control of the situation. We are able to quickly gather and activate our power reserves as needed in situations that demand immediate, decisive reactions.”

THERE IS GREAT POWER in this configuration, but we will need to be very aware of ways in which we carry a chip on our shoulders, or resist cooperating with others. Any patterns that we carry of resentment and resistance will likely be very clearly reflected to us in the mirror of our experience.


In other words, this coming season is an exceptionally powerful time to do release work on those patterns of fear that manifest in power struggles and confrontations. And just think how sparkly clean  — and ready for new beginnings — we will be after this release process!






NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read recent posts, please visit I look forward to your comments!

The Oracle Report, Friday, June 13, 2014 . . . as always, the Report is right on! ~J

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Marie sky 2-1
Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: be like the wise owl who jumps higher in the tree for a larger view

Negative Imprint: inflexibility

Positive Imprint: flexibilty

A frenzied storm is being conjured on the chessboard of world events at the exact time a sparkling wave of dancing light beams its way from the Galactic Center to the world.

You could consider it a battle between swords and torches.

The frenzied storm that is much ado this Friday the 13th Full Moon is arousing change and reorientation.  Behaviors, actions, and feelings tend to be erratic, impulsive, and bizarre.  The energy has been intense, to say the least.  It’s radical.  It’s a lot to manage.  I will discuss the frenzied storm of the chessboard  and where that is leading us through July in an audio that will be posted later today.

But, for the purposes of today’s report, which is to present a guide for navigation through the energy, we will jump above the chessboard and focus on a larger picture.  We view it from a higher vantage point.  Wise owls jump higher in the tree when needed.

From a higher vantage point, we see that the field of possibilities is rearranging, reorienting, and resetting.  Opportunities are opening.  Sparks of energy are raining down us in volumes.  It’s an inundation of light.

With this comes turning points in our lives.  New ways are shown – new ways of thinking, in particular.  It’s a good idea to not dismiss too much right now.  Open up your boundaries and take on board information you may not have been as open to in the past or new information that is coming to you.  (Blow out your own mind space by opening up room for new ideas so something doesn’t have to do it for you.  Doing this is a high expression of this “radical” energy.)

To navigate today’s energy, stay open and flexible.  Recognize that circumstances in people’s lives and in the world at large are changing rapidly under this energy.  Don’t judge things too soon or take impulsive action.  Maintain a firm connection with the Earth by spending even just a minute outdoors several times today.  The frenzied storm is waging everywhere and it’s easy for people to “lose it.”  The cure is simple:  Spend time outside.  Repeat as needed.  Do this and you will experience this supermassive solar, galactic, earthly Full Moon phase in a very enlightening way.

As always, let’s keep things real and find beauty as the field of possibilities changes shape.

(P.S. Bagalamukhi is the aspect of Gaia-Sophia that paralyzes “enemies” – things that are not in alignment with our highest and best.  If you are in need of such service, have a conversation with her and ask for assistance.  She will then engage you in instruction, via the circumstances of your life, to rectify the matter.)

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The Oracle Report, Thursday, June 12, 2014


Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: find joy

Negative Imprint: heaviness; turning from nature; not participating

Positive Imprint: lightness; turning to nature; participating

A lovely event is underway.  As the Moon waxes Full and the Winds of Change rage and as people become more unbalanced, waves of soothing energy come to us straight from the Galactic Center.

Tonight’s Full Moon (00:11 am ET/ 04:11 am UT) is in range of the degree of the Galactic Center, flooding us with frequencies that will reorient us.  The energy reinforces the energy set in motion back at the New Moon on May 28th that unfolds all month (the energy of building inner strength and coming forward with ourselves).  Now, with the Full Moon comes the fullest expression of the New Moon energy.

This soothing wave will be in effect during the entire Full Moon phase.  It will help to moderate the super-intense energies we’ve had this week, but it is also going to repair many things.  We get “straightened up.”  The wave stabilizes our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  The chaos that is being pushed within the human collective by outside forces meets energy from none other than the Galactic Center – the Gnostic Pleroma – the home of life.

This energy will only strengthen those working for light and natural world order – the Lightworkers, the Wise Owls.

In the world around us, anyone who is not grounded with the planet will be inclined to be taken deeper into the insanity of the matrix.  People’s actions and reactions are likely to continue to be intense and dramatic.  Even bigger headlines may be made.  But the outcome of these things will not be what is intended because a wild card is introduced with this wave from the Galactic Center.  Full Moons bring a fever.  The wild wave gifts us with breaking the fever.

By all means, go outside and reinforce your link with the planet today.  This will enhance your reception of the wave’s energies.

This report leans on the mystical side, but there are mundane energies in effect as always.  Today’s energy tries to bring people together to further goals and projects.  The highest expression of the energy invokes a “party-like” atmosphere to celebrate the simple things in life.  The other octave is not feeling good enough to join in or to enjoy simplicity.  There is a tendency to stereotype or not take people or things seriously.

Today also tries to bring some air and light to things.  It frees up clutter of the body, mind, and soul.  We evaluate whether certain things (beliefs, thoughts, projects, relationships) remain relevant, useful, and advantageous to see what needs to be discarded.

If you feel like you are stuck with something, this energy will try to move things to some degree.  It’s hard to get forward momentum during Mercury retrograde, so don’t be too hard on yourself or try to push.

Happy Full Moon!

(Another X-flare was released yesterday.  If anyone is able to find the time of this event, please email me.

Also, I will be recording an audio update to accompany this wave of energy and how the Sabian symbol of the Full Moon – “immigrants entering a new country” – is in play.  If you don’t follow alternative news, the borders of the US have essentially and not coincidentally been taken down in the last several days and people are flooding in.  No matter where you stand on this issue, the timing is most interesting and indicative of a larger plan.)

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The Oracle Report

Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 9 to 15, 2014 By Pam Younghans

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Astrology Journal

Today’s photo: Auroras near Gleichen, Alberta, Canada on June 7, 2014 (photo by Alan Dyer, posted on


TEASER WARNING! My teleclass covering the rest of 2014 is this Thursday! We’ll talk about what the planets will be doing each month for July through December, paying close attention to times of specific opportunity and challenge.


While this weekly NorthPoint Journal provides information to help us navigate the energies for the next seven days, having a trail map for a longer time frame helps us align our long-term intentions with the plan of the Universe. The class will also provide specifics about when the trail will be smooth and when it is likely to be rocky, and offer insights to help us take best advantage of the each condition.


My thanks to the many of you who have already signed up for the class! I look forward to sharing this time with you.


If you’re ready to register, or if you’d like to read a more complete class description, just click here: Finding the Trail Home. I’m also including a bit more about the class at the end of today’s journal. Remember that you can either participate live or use your registration to access the audio replay and slideshow after the class airs.


Now, on to this week’s astrology news:


WE SPOKE last week about Neptune starting its retrograde (backward) phase on Monday — but it bears repeating that this week may feel especially foggy due to Neptune’s strengthened influence. It may also be a time of of either heightened idealism or disillusionment, depending on how Neptune is working with your natal chart and what spiritual growth you are most needing right now.


We may see strongest manifestation of either side of that idealism-disillusionment spectrum on Wednesday, when Neptune and Jupiter have a bit of an energy clash. Jupiter in Cancer expands our sensitivity to others, but tends to see reality from the context of our human need for emotional soothing. Neptune in Pisces is dissolving old concepts of what it means to be “spiritual” — and, in particular, is refining our understanding of love.


PISCES AND CANCER can work well together, both being based in caring for others. But the aspect between Jupiter and Neptune on Wednesday tells us that for the moment, the two perspectives are not in sync.


Perhaps it is the redefinition of love that Neptune is bringing forward, that Jupiter may have a hard time adjusting to. Our definition of love has often been equated with self-sacrifice and rescuing, and we think we are being the most caring when we feel ourselves what the other person is feeling.


The problem with these ideas is that self-sacrifice and rescuing are predicated on the need for the other person to be different. If we feel someone needs rescuing or we need to sacrifice something for them to be happy, we are actually telling them that they are not OK as they are, and that we don’t trust them to be able to handle their situation.


AND, given what we know about energy and the law of attraction, if we take on a difficult emotion that another person is feeling, we do not help them to find their way out of that challenging place. It sounds uncaring to say “don’t empathize” when someone is hurting, and we know from personal experience that it feels good when someone joins us in our anger or our opinions. We feel validated and are comforted that we are not alone.


But I think about the highly evolved humans that have lived or are living on the planet, and my guess is that none of them (at least on their better days!) spent much time trading stories about bad bosses, bad partners, or bad traffic.


A NEW DEFINITION of unconditional love tells us that “loving in all conditions” means we don’t need others to to change for us to maintain our own well-being. It means that we do not try to rescue others from their situation, but that we expand our feeling of love and confidence about their ability to overcome their own challenges.


When we love unconditionally, we pay more attention to our loved one’s shining ability to make their lives work than we do to fixing the problem for them. And, we shift our support from commiserating to holding our own thoughts and energy at as high a vibration as we can — knowing that being in alignment ourselves is the greatest gift we can offer, and that diminishing our light does not help others expand theirs.


SATURN AND VENUS are on opposite sides of the zodiac on Thursday. Venus in Taurus would prefer to see only the beauty in our relationships, while Saturn in Scorpio makes sure we look honestly and openly at what may not be so pleasant to observe.


This tension is eased by Chiron, who forms flowing aspects with both Saturn and Venus during their stand-off. Chiron in Pisces provides the awareness that no matter what the conflict, we can trust in the unfolding of the issue, and that whatever comes to the surface now will ultimately provide an opportunity for healing.


THE FULL MOON, also on Thursday, is in Sagittarius, providing the insights and wisdom that will allow new directions and adventures to unfold in our lives. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Full Moon echoes that theme:

“A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into a new country: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present.”

Most of us feel that the experiences of this year have brought us to a “new country” in some respect. This Full Moon appears to be confirming that truth, and sheds light on this new stage of our lives so that we can more consciously participate in our next steps.


WE WILL REVISIT some of the themes from April’s Cardinal Grand Cross next weekend, when Mars is once again square (90 degrees away from) Pluto. You may recall that Mars was actually retrograde during the exact grand cross — a fact that may have altered or delayed some outcomes and new beginnings.


Now that Mars is moving forward and interacting with Pluto again, we are more supported in also going forward with the changes we have been anticipating. One caution, however: Remember that Mercury is now retrograde, and will be for the rest of June. This does not mean we can’t take steps forward, but it does require plenty of deliberate, conscious thought so that we do not miss important details that could affect the success of our endeavors.


The Oracle Report, Friday, June 6, 2014



The Oracle Report, June 5, 2014


First Quarter Moon Phase: take action, break away, step out

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: look at the details but also the bigger picture of things

Negative Imprint: settling for less, taking scraps; aggression, arguments

Positive Imprint: independence, creativity, speaking one’s mind peacefully

The First Quarter Moon phase begins today, bringing the energy to link things together with the intricacy of a fine lace handkerchief.  We see how things from our past, present, and future are threaded together.  Details are important today, and taking care of small details is encouraged, but seeing the big picture of all the details is more important.  We want to make sure we are looking at the totality of things, not just one aspect.

The Sun is now in the middle of Gemini.  Gemini energy always involves others in various ways; it is the sign of The Twins.  The concept of “the other” is fused with Gemini.  It is concerned with “me vs others” and can have difficulty standing on its own.  You could also say it is about our inner world and what we show the outer world.  Today’s energy highlights the Gemini theme of others through strong support of activities, projects, and ideas undertaken with others.

Further, the notion of “self and others” comes into play today in other ways.  In keeping with this month’s theme of “aroused strikers around a factory,” we are inclined to stand up and lay out our position in support of something important.  To minimize resistance, make sure you are coming from the highest level of intention and do not become aggressive or pushy.  Stand in your center and radiate your power.  Communicate your emotions, but don’t get carried away or overdramatic.  Be clear and don’t waver.  And if you don’t get the support or outcome that you want, don’t despair.  Enormous inner strength will be built and clarity about what is not in line with your highest, best, happiest life will be revealed.  Wisdom is gained.

The “intricate lacework” today includes potential for being misunderstood or disadvantaged.  This manifests if you are focusing too much of your energy on others at the expense of taking care of yourself.  What need is this satisfying in you?  Do you need to become more independent, self-contained, or creative?  Remember that inner strength is the aim this month.  Don’t lose sight of alternatives or other possibilities.

Finally, a word about the impending Mercury retrograde.  Mercury will station retrograde on Saturday, but today it has moved to the degree in the sky where it will appear to stop and move backwards.  Simply stated, the retrograde energy is foreshadowed today.  Here’s the thing: the degree of Mercury’s retrograde is “a cat arguing with a mouse.”  Take a breath and let’s begin to reframe this.  Yes, this means the Mercury retrograde will be intense.  Things will come to somewhat of a standstill and communications will have conflicts.  People will argue about things.  But the fact that the cat is arguing with the mouse, when it could easily overpower and devour it, tells us that some sort of balance will come to situations – possibly for the first time.  Old values, ideas, and systems are reconsidered.  You could say the underdog (or “undermouse”) takes a stand and gains power.  What was once overpowering is now open for discourse.  While Mercury is retrograde, the balance of power is transformed in all things.  Let’s work the Mercury retrograde from this angle, starting today.

Since the day is like intricate lacework, I could go on and on about the energetic signatures, but this is the big picture.  Dive in to look at details, but come back to see things as a whole.  Keep building your inner strength.

(P.S.  Good job making it through double Crescent energy, wise owls! – For more information about the double Crescent energy, refer to the audio recording for this month, the Gemini Moon, here at the top of the Homepage at

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The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 Crescent Moon Phase: grow, expand, challenge

Moon in Leo/Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: look forward to something that is happy

Negative Imprint: blaming others; unsophisticated views forced upon others

Positive Imprint: spontaneity; imaginative views shared with others

On this last day of the Crescent Moon phase, the energy that formed over the past two days as the Moon came together with the Black Moon is fully discharged by 10:20 am ET/ 2:20 pm UT.  It certainly has been interesting to see what transpires when shadow sides are triggered during month-long energy for standing up and coming forward.  The Wisdom Goddess Bagalamukhi, the aspect of Gaia-Sophia who paralyzes ugly behavior and calms emotional storms, will be hard at work with all that transpired.

Today, signs about the future show up.  Signs come in many forms – synchronicities, messages, information, animal sightings, and conversations.  The past may come back in some way to show us the need for a new way or to reinforce something we have already learned.  We also see where we need to make adjustments or improvisations.

It is important to know that our personal levels of energy are somewhat lower today, so we do not want to push things.  We want to work with the nature of the day’s energy, not against it.  We are building inner strength all month long, but much of our energy has been focused on handling the outer world over the last two days.  Today is the day to refuel.  Take some time to engage your imagination and your sense of fun.  Anticipate a brighter future.  Keep things simple.

The nature of this month’s energy was determined back at the New Moon in Gemini, which was 8 degrees of Gemini – the energy of “aroused strikers around a factory.”  The strength to come forward and stand up for ourselves is building inside each of us.  From this we are freeing ourselves from outer circumstances and conditions that limit or enslave us.  We are over-riding past tendencies.  The potential of this energy is limitless.  It is powerful enough to paralyze all things acting against natural world order.  We are adding to the imprint of this energy now.  One day in the future, when the Sun reaches 8 degrees of Gemini again, we as the aroused strikers will close out “the matrix.”  The inner strength that is built now ripples out into the fabric of time.  Be aware of what is happening.  The Second Renaissance is underway.

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The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report, Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Crescent Moon Phase: grow, expand

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: be like a sturdy old oak tree

Negative Imprint: division, disharmony, disrespect

Positive Imprint: unity, harmony, respect

With the growing light of the Crescent Moon, our inner strength also grows today.

Today’s energy involves bonds between people being forged/reinforced or being pulled apart/revoked.  Monumental things can be established and “monuments” of the past can be removed (so that they no longer block or restrict us).

Situations and circumstances may develop where you need to stand beside or be clear about what is acceptable to you.  Your inner wisdom is your guide.  Hold your line with renewed self-respect. These situations and circumstances may be prompted by someone else –  someone needing help.

We are in the midst of a “stampede” of spiritual assistance and communication.  Many things are resulting from this.  Our spiritual and earthly connections are becoming hardier and more steadfast (hard-wired with the planet, Gaia-Sophia).  The magnetic pull toward people, places, and things of like-mind that began last month is energized today.  These things go to the next level.  They are drawing power from the ancient past as if the bounds of space-time never existed.

All of the energy today serves to produce better flow – flow of emotions, flow of thought, flow of creativity, flow of communication, flow of spirit.  There is a push to release anything that is clogged.

Keep in mind that everyone’s shadow sides continue to show up for integration today.  Shadow sides may be what drives the tendency today to stand up or make a show of things.  We project onto others that which we cannot face in ourselves.  The Moon will remain in Leo with the Black Moon until tomorrow around 11:00 am ET/ 3:00 pm UT.  Issues related to status, order, hierarchy, or place and potential changes to those things are prominent.  Power issues and power struggles are also heightened.  All of this serves to put things where they can grow.

To facilitate the inner-strengthening that is going on today, you can think of yourself as a sturdy old oak tree with deep roots within the earth.  This is also handy to draw up in your mind’s eye if you begin to fear, struggle, or worry.

Let’s be “Herculean” today, keeping things real and keeping things flowing as inner strength builds.

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The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report, Monday, June 2, 2014


Crescent Moon Phase: expansion

Moon in Leo along with the Black Moon – conjunction around 6:00 pm ET/ 10:00 pm UT

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: believe

Negative Imprint: losing faith and hope; fear of the future

Positive Imprint:  maintaining faith and hope; enthusiasm for the future

Today is one of the most powerful days of the month to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and strength.  This will happen in various ways.

Interests, talents, skills, aptitudes, and creativity that have become dormant or untapped in our lives come to the forefront.  The situations and circumstances that develop in your life today conspire to expand these parts that lie deep inside.

The inner strength of others teaches us something.  Our ability to maintain even a glimmer of light today goes a long way in the collective of humanity.  Think about how effective a roaring fire blazing out from your heart would be.  How do you stoke that fire?  Go outside for a moment, breathe in the air (no matter the “quality”), and reconnect with nature (no matter how little nature there is where you are at the time).  In that moment, open up to the knowledge that a renaissance is happening on Earth.  Dare to be enthusiastic.

New perspectives are offered from those who are new to something.  You may be the one with more experience or you may be the novice.  If prompted to speak your opinion or ask a question about something that is meaningful to you, voice it.  This is especially true for collaborations today.  The addition of different perspectives will enrich it for everyone.

There is much to be positive about today, but it may become harder to remember this because the Moon will move into the same energetic area as the Black Moon (exact conjunction at 6:06 pm ET/ 10:06 pm UT).  As we go through the day, the Moon will get closer and closer to the Black Moon, which means the potential for encounters with our shadow sides and the shadow sides of others grows.  This signals and opportunity to learn something – not something to fear.  (If you are new to the Oracle Report, you can look up the sign of your own Black Moon in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon available for free download on the Books tab.  Then refer to Chapter 2 for an explanation of the Black Moon in that sign.  This will give you insight into the core fear that holds you back in life.  It shows you how you tend to project your shadow side onto others if you are not aware.)

Shadow sides are strong today and tomorrow, but this is especially true for Leos or Aquarians and those who have the Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius.  Remember that you are undergoing a significant death and rebirth process.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Pace yourself and give yourself time for answers to appear.

Since everyone’s shadow sides are triggered to some degree today, we want to give people space.  Mercury’s impending retrograde is already producing flare-ups in how people are communicating with each other.  Though the energy is prompting us to stand up for ourselves, we want to keep things respectful.  Also, be patient when driving and traveling.

If you find yourself struggling today, re-read yesterday’s report in the Archives to understand the double power of Crescent Moon phase energy that we are under through Wednesday.

Bagalamukhi, the aspect of the Wisdom Goddess Gaia-Sophia who is known as The Paralyzer, works with us to teach us how to stop, disengage, or relieve things.  If there is something you want to stop doing, disengage from, or get relief with, ask her to facilitate this.  She calms any storms that are brewing or have been raging.

But let’s circle back now to the main message for today’s report:  Today is one of the most powerful days of the month to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and strength.

Click here for the link to interview on “Galactic Connection” with Alexandra Meadors – May 27, 2014.   (2:08 pm ET 5-29-14: Link repaired.  Listen to the interview and you will understand the reason for the interference.)

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The Oracle Report, Sunday, June 1, 2014

From Wise Owl, Mitch

Crescent Moon Phase: challenges

Moon in Cancer/Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: perseverance

Negative Imprint: hopelessness; loss; domination; blaming others

Positive Imprint: protecting and upholding one’s rights, ideals, hopes, wishes, and dreams

In a lunar month when the energy builds our inner strength and prompts us to come forward and stand up for ourselves like “aroused strikers around a factory,” the beginning of the Crescent Moon phase today strongly reinforces this effort.

As I discussed in detail in the audio recording for this month, Crescent phase is the time when the Universe asks if we are serious with what we have envisioned for our future and if we are willing to stick to it through challenges.  Will we give up or see things through?

We are wise owls and will, of course, see things through because what we envision is meaningful to us.  This whole month is like a long Crescent Moon phase, but during the actual Crescent phase of the Moon, we face double the energy for challenges and double the need to persevere.  Knowing that Crescent Moon phases tend to bring challenges (which often feel like struggles), we can hold tight and ride it out.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun today is “a slave girl demands rights of her mistress.”  This strongly enhances this month’s theme of standing up for ourselves.  With this we want situations in our lives to improve.  We want to rise above situations and conditions that are limiting or unsatisfying.  If we don’t already know what these are, they will most likely become evident today.  Whatever we are a “slave” to comes up for us to recognize.

A key theme underlying this energy is the tendency to focus on what think we have lost or are losing.  The energy almost beckons us to gaze at our “losses.”  We are tempted to throw everything away, feeling like things will never be better.  We are tempted to lose ourselves.

We can work this energy in the positive by “losing” something that needs to go – a belief, habit, thought, duty, relationship, feeling, etc.  The thing that is causing any hopelessness or limitation is what needs to go, not our hopes, wishes, and dreams.  We can call upon the Wisdom Goddess Bagalamukhi, the Paralyzer, to render these things powerless.  She helps us eliminate from our lives whatever sabotages us.

Leave the past in the past today and face forward with a persevering spirit.  Let the words of legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano become your mantra: “Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.”

Click here for the link to interview on “Galactic Connection” with Alexandra Meadors – May 27, 2014.   (2:08 pm ET 5-29-14: Link repaired.  Listen to the interview and you will understand the reason for the interference.)

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The Oracle Report

Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 2 to 8, 2014


Astrology Journal

By Pam Younghans

Tody’s photo: Sun halo over Vancouver, BC, Canada on May 31, 2014 (photo by Kevin Lam, posted on




ONLY 10 DAYS until our teleclass! I’m getting excited for the event as I’m working on the monthly calendars for the rest of 2014. I hope you can join us!


If you haven’t yet registered, just click here: Finding the Trail Home. Or, if you need more information, I’m including a brief description of the class at the end of today’s journal.


MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE (backward) this week. The actual station (moment of standstill) is not until Saturday — but, as always when a planet is preparing to change direction, Mercury is now moving very slowly.


Since Mercury represents our communication and thinking processes, this slowing can mean that our logical minds are less adept than usual this week and next. It’s best, given these circumstances, to give yourself plenty of time to think through anything, and extra time to get anywhere if you’re traveling.


REMEMBER that Mercury retrograde supports our doing more internal processing and less external implementation. Mercury will be retrograde until July 1, giving us the rest of June to work with this energy.


It’s not that we can’t make successful decisions during Mercury’s retrograde phase, but it is very important not to rush into anything. And, if you sense yourself doubting your actions, it may be an important indicator from your inner knowing that it is either not the right action, or not the right timing.


The fable of the Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind — “slow and steady” wins most races during Mercury retrograde.


NEPTUNE’S INFLUENCE is also heightened right now, since the watery planet will go retrograde next Monday (June 9). This may increase the fogginess around our thinking, but can also activate our intuition and spiritual perspective. In tandem with Mercury going retrograde, it will be interesting to watch how our minds work (or don’t work) this week and next.


Neptune will be retrograde until November 15. Here’s what one of my favorite astrologers, Bil Tierney, says about Neptune retrograde:

“This retrograde period is an opportune time to review hidden undercurrents of feeling with more depth and understanding. We can and should become more reflective. By being more contemplative, we are better able to receive inner guidance in regard to how we can best get in touch with inner feelings that normally escape our conscious attention.


“When Neptune turns retrograde, unhealthy structures in our lives are brought to our attention. We are given a chance to review our blind spots and uncover the deeper reasons for our vague discomfort [in the area of our lives represented by the house Neptune is transiting].


“We may now take the time to explore the fertile world of our untapped imaginations, allowing inspiration to lead us to greater awareness. It can be an excellent time to further strengthen our powers of visualization and imagery. Self-discipline is needed if we hope to receive this emotional and spiritual enrichment.”

OTHER PLANETARY ACTIVITY this week calls us to make adjustments in our usual ways of communicating and to be more aware of the power of words to support or undermine — intentionally or not. The challenges related to this theme are most likely on Tuesday (Pluto-Sun aspect) and Sunday (Chiron-Sun and Saturn-Sun aspects).


With respect to relationships, a Neptune-Venus aspect on Wednesday should help us connect with others from a place of compassion, but without requiring us to revert to self-sacrifice. There’s a slight bump in the road on Friday that requires us to adjust how we usually approach confrontation and to find new ways to work together. And, a Pluto-Venus aspect next Sunday provides the energy for us to successfully restructure existing relationships, and to deepen our connections with significant others.


And now, here’s the teleclass info — please note that you can participate even if you can’t join us at airtime:



Finding the Trail Home

Your guide to planetary influences

for July through December 2014


There are two ways to participate:


1. Attend live on Thursday, June 12, either online or by phone, at these times:

4 to 5:30pm PDT  |  5 to 6:30pm MDT

6 to 7:30pm CDT  |  7 to 8:30pm EDT


The Oracle Report, Saturday, May 31, 2014

From  Wise Owl, Kahlil

New Moon Phase: begin

Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Skill: regard your body as your temple

Negative Imprint: shutting down through self-sabotage

Positive Imprint: embracing change with a pioneering spirit

Click Here
to listen to Laura’s interesting analysis for the coming month:
Gemini New Moon 2014 – May 30, 2014  

Saturday’s energy brings the feeling of wanting to strike out off the beaten path and change things up.  A pioneering spirit is kindled.

Internal conflict can arise, however, if we are clinging to something that is not the way we want it (but is familiar and comfortable), clinging to the past, or clinging to what is worn out.  The energy is pushing us to seek a more satisfying experience, but fear of change and fear of the unknown are impediments.  If internal conflict embroils you today, moderate the feeling by doing something new – not necessarily making a drastic change, but taking a step in the direction of taking care of your needs.  This energy contributes to the overall energy this month that has us standing up for ourselves and becoming stronger inside.

Chiron’s themes of wounding and healing are strong this weekend, as Venus transits the Chiron Point.  This brings, on one end, enhanced potential for self-sabotaging behavior and feelings of being victimized.  We tend to go digging in the dirt to find the places we were hurt.  It is important to ground ourselves in the present and not fall away or become lost in the past.  Unless the trauma is happening right now, it is in the past.  Don’t get it twisted.  Don’t be tricked into dredging up scars from the past.  This is self-sabotage and it wastes the present moment.  If the issue is current and is affecting you, your spirit is calling you to remedy it.  It is letting you know what you need to do if you listen.

The other end of Chiron brings a salve of healing and unlocked creativity.  Any efforts to strengthen or care for your temple – your body and psyche – yield stronger results.  Chiron rules reiki, acupuncture, massage – all types of therapies.  But walks in nature are miraculous healers.  It’s wise to reconnect yourself with the natural world and her creatures today.  Link up and feel your inner strength build.

I will post separately tomorrow, as we enter the Crescent Moon phase.  Double the amount of “Crescent” energy is on tap through June 4.  As I discussed in detail in the audio recording for this cycle (available above), Crescent energy challenges us to not give up on things – especially the wishes, goals, and intentions that were set with the New Moon in Aries.

For today, however, go off the beaten path and see what you find.

Click here for the link to interview on “Galactic Connection” with Alexandra Meadors – May 27, 2014.   (2:08 pm ET 5-29-14: Link repaired.  Listen to the interview and you will understand the reason for the interference.)

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The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report, Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From Wise Owl, Jen During her travels through Thailand

Balsamic Moon Phase: release and transform

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: practice opening the lotus blossom of your heart

Negative Imprint: mistrust, rejection of information

Positive Imprint: trust, acceptance of information

Today is the last day before a new lunar cycle (new energetic month) begins – the New Moon in Gemini.  It’s important to look at the last month’s energy in its totality before we move into the next cycle.  We want to release whatever we do not want to carry into the next month.  In one way or another, each of us has been carrying some sort of load.  To remind everyone, here is the nature of the energy that has been in place for us during the past month:

As a whole, this month we are crossing new boundaries with a heavy load, using different lenses of perception.  After we hear a wake-up call, a call to action, or a call to devotion, we observe the patterns and themes of the energy and ultimately unite with our spiritual comrades.  The entire month’s energy intends a “nexusing” of people – putting people together, putting people in the places they need to be, and connecting/reconnecting people who have work to do together (including work at the level of the soul).

Think back to when this was written – the New Moon in Taurus on April 29.  Where do you stand at the last day of this energy?  By the end of the day, you may have a much better idea because today’s energy invokes the “”music of the spheres” to bring things into alignment, understanding, and direction.  Paths are visible.  Wisdom is delivered to us.

Energetic signatures like the ones in effect today come along only once in a while.  The energy is lofty and spiritually-charged.  Messages are in the air.  Something is knocking at the door to our hearts, asking to be let in.  Guidance and protection from “on high” is so close we can touch it.  It’s a very special day.

The lower octave of the energy involves themes of waiting instead of taking initiative, fear of commitment, not trusting new information and ideas, not seeing depth, and fear of loss of independence.

As we release the past month and prepare for the infusion of new energy tomorrow, there are a few things we can do to facilitate the process.

  • Listen to or play music.  Data travels along acoustics.  Musical compositions and random lyrics that we are drawn to carry information to help us gain wisdom.
  • Listen to others.  Active listening is a skill that can be developed.  Listen intently when others are speaking.  You may catch something you have not previously understood.  This includes listening to conversations, podcasts, radio shows.
  • Practice the skill of opening and closing the lotus blossom of your heart so that whatever is knocking can enter.  Trust it.
  • Understand that beliefs are more important than thoughts today.

The Mahavidyas Bhuvaneshvari and Tara, aspects of the goddess Gaia Sophia who are The World Nurse and The Rescuer respectively, are preparing to turn over the reins to Bagalamukhi tomorrow.  Let’s give them a standing ovation of gratitude today.  They worked hard to help us as “red cross nurses” this month.  And we are stronger for it.  Tomorrow, a month of increasing inner strength and coming forward for ourselves begins.

For now, we revel in the sublime energies of a precious day.

Note: I am Alexandra Meadors’ guest on “Galactic Connection” recorded over the weekend.  Many thanks to Alexandra for inviting me.  It was a wonderful time.  You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

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The Oracle Report

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May 26 to June 1, 2014 NorthPoint Astrology Journal by Pam Junghans

May 19 to 25, 2014

By Pam Younghans

star love


THE FINAL WEEK of May brings remnants of the past into the present. Venus, Mercury and the Moon’s nodes are working together for the first three days of the week to reconnect us with old friends and lovers.


Venus conjunct the South Node (Tuesday) is the energy of remembering the relationships of the past — either from this lifetime or from other lifetimes. Mercury’s trine to the North Node (Monday) and sextile to Venus (Wednesday) indicate that these relationships will, at the very least, reach our conscious awareness. At the most, we may have direct interaction with certain people from our past, in particular those with whom we share karmic connections or unresolved issues.


IT APPEARS, since the South Node is in Aries, that the reconnections and rememberings that occur early in the week are our opportunity for a “do-over.” Perhaps we ended things in anger, or we acted from the belief that the other person was like us in some regard, instead of seeing them (and accepting them) for who they really are.


This convergence of Venus, Mercury, and the nodes this week provides a view into our relationship history and offers new roads for us to travel. The North Node in Libra tells us that we can now resolve and more fully let go of what was, both by communicating clearly from a place of truth and by being able to see reality through the other’s eyes.


OUR NEW MOON on Wednesday is in Gemini. Usually, a New Moon in the sign of the Twins emphasizes the logical, intellectual, and communicative aspects of our personalities. However, Neptune strongly squares (is 90 degrees away from) the Sun and the Moon at the time of the lunation — so, instead of our brains being fully “in gear,” we may find our thinking to be foggy and our perspective more imaginative than realistic.


In other words, although Mercury does not go retrograde (backward) until next week (on June 7), we’re probably getting a head start on some of that influence as soon as this new lunar cycle begins. In response to the groans I just heard, let’s take a look at the positive potentials of this Neptune square (and the upcoming Mercury retro phase).


MOST OF US spend two-thirds of our lives in conscious mode, consumed with processing the events of daily life, and one-third of our time asleep and unconscious. We are aware of variations in those states of consciousness primarily in times of meditation, heightened creativity, or lucid dreaming.


Neptune, being the planet most associated with the creative process and spiritual growth, always reminds us of the importance of those states of altered awareness for our physical, emotional, and mental health — and for our spiritual evolution. Mercury’s retrograde phase, occurring for about three times a year or about 24 days, steps in and helps with those reminders as well.


IT OCCURS to me that the Universe is being very compassionate by scheduling a Neptunian New Moon and Mercury’s retrograde phase at this time. We’ve just been through a LOT. The recent Cardinal Grand Cross brought great change to many lives. And, for those less obviously affected, the intensity of the energy waves required, at the very least, each of us to adapt and find new ways to stay in balance.


In other words, we need the healing allowed by those altered states of consciousness. We need to let go of the worries and concerns, and to drift for a while. For most of June, we will benefit from being less attached to concrete, external reality and being more in a place of expectant listening, waiting for the whispers of our higher minds and intuition to come into our awareness.


It would be great if we could all put the “Gone Hiking” sign up on the door, and take a break from our usual schedules for the coming month. Since that isn’t a realistic goal for most of us, we will at least benefit from using the coming weeks for more creative and meditative activities, and do our best to let go of needing everything to make sense for a while.


The Oracle Report, May 23, 2014



From Wise Owl, Emily Taken in County Clare, Ireland

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Pisces/Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and (The Rescuer)

Skill: wise owls fly with the currents of the wind

Negative Imprint: dullness

Positive Imprint: refreshment

What blows into your world today?  If an opportunity arises, take advantage of it, particularly if it is unusual.  These new opportunities lead to abundance and self-sustenance.  A reward for a job well done is implicit.

Today’s energy also removes things that are non-essential or are blocking us from moving toward what is in our highest and best interests.  This “cutting away” makes for an overall better situation.

An underlying motivator today is the desire to connect with like-minded people or whatever makes us feel at home.  Cooperation with others, even those who are not like-minded, is necessary.  This energy is about groups and bringing people together to achieve something that is needed.  Along with this is the tendency for some to become bossy or hold themselves separate and above the rest.

Today’s energy also has us drawn toward beauty and the appearance of things, particularly our work.  We tend to want things to look their best or be the best representation they can be.  This can become overblown and accomplish the exact opposite.  What is most important is the basis of things.  If you stripped something bare, what would remain?

Dull routines just don’t cut it for us today.  As the Third Quarter Moon moves into Aries, we become revitalized and take a different perspective on things.  It’s refreshing!  We want to make sure we are open to new options.

As the lunar cycle of Taurus comes to an end, where are you with the energy that was put in motion for the month?  Here’s a refresher.

This month we are crossing new boundaries with a heavy load, using different lenses of perception.  After we hear a wake-up call, a call to action, or a call to devotion, we observe the patterns and themes of the energy and ultimately unite with our spiritual comrades.  The entire month’s energy intends a “nexusing” of people – putting people together, putting people in the places they need to be, and connecting/reconnecting people who have work to do together (including work at the level of the soul).

Happy Friday! The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, Thursday, May 22, 2014



Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, reorient

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: be like calm water

Negative Imprint: division; deception

Positive Imprint: unity; truth

Things that have been bubbling under the surface are whipped up today.  People’s reactions may be disproportionate to the actual circumstances.  We tend to make a bigger deal out of something than it really is.  The question to ask is what is really going on?  What is behind all of it?  Is a secret trying to be revealed?

Venus conjuncts the planet Eris today, highlighting financial issues (particularly global financial issues), truth, freedom, and commitments.  This conjunction also brings a new beginning or renewal of something existing within relationships.  When these two planets harmonize, the end result is always good.

Today is one of the days when the illusions of the matrix are further dissolved.  Unconsciously, this brings feelings of nervousness because we are a traumatized species and changes to the status quo make us edgy.  The thing to remember is that the real solidity and the real security is a framework that is already in place and has been since the beginning of the Earth because the Earth is the framework! As the parameters of the matrix dissolve, we understand more and more how the Earth is a divine being.  This divine being is directly engaged in helping us actualize our potential.  She provides the most beautiful setting for this – the wild mind of a goddess.

When Venus and Eris meet up in the sky, unity ensues.  Thus, the enemies of humanity push situations that will divide and conquer.  “Divide and conquer” is the number one strategy of the Archons.  When we are busy opposing one another, we forget that we are all One.  We forget that there is a force behind the division.  We are not each other’s enemies.  The Archons are our enemies.  Within the collective of humanity, there is room for all sorts of different views, ideas, beliefs, creations, and personalities.  There is no need to reject or delineate.  If you find yourself in some sort of division or conflict, step back and take in a new breath.  Is there any need for division?  Would it result in strife?  Are you being “played” by forces that reinforce separation?

The tenor of emotions reaches maximum between noon – 4:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm UT.  While the waves whip up in the world around us, we endeavor toward calm, placid water like the water that wise owl Savannah captured in today’s photograph.  Maintaining this mindset, we work together today to reinforce the unity of humanity.

The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From Wise Owl Savannah

Disseminating Moon Phase:  opening, sharing, communication

Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: honey bee (find the sweetness in life)

Negative Imprint: putting up barriers

Positive Imprint: opening to bounty

The energetic slingshot of Mars’ release back to forward motion puts us in new territory today.  No matter where we find ourselves mentally, emotionally, or physically, we will practice the shamanic skill of being like the honey bee and finding the sweetness of life.

More than likely, the shamanic skill of being like a honey bee will require hardy spiritual warriors since today is also a Black Moon Day.  The Moon remains in Aquarius, affecting the Black Moon in Leo.  Our shadow sides continue to present themselves (and this means other people’s shadow sides present themselves, too).  Black Moon days can feel dark and heavy, but we know that they are about regeneration and rebirth.  We remember that we grow stronger from the cycles of the Black Moon.  We seek the light and find it all around us in nature.

The energy challenges us not to put up barriers or shut down, especially if we are reeling from changes that are happening in our lives.  If we are not letting go of the past, it makes today harder.

Reunions are trying to occur.  This includes all kinds of reunions between people, places, and things.  We have the vantage point of seeing these things in a new way.  Unusual clarity is provided.  Remember that the whole time Mars has been retrograde we have had the opportunity to see where we put our energy, time, and resources and the ways we want to change this so that it is more sustainable and nurturing.  We are often tested with this when a planet stations direct.  Stand up or show up for yourself.

As mentioned, the day a planet stations direct is like a slingshot effect.  Things tend to be chaotic.  When the planet Mars stations direct, aggression and quick tempers can result.  Patience is necessary.  Being like the honey bee and maintaining the singular mission of finding and experiencing the sweetness in life (finding beauty and fun) keeps us centered and sane in the midst of the chaos.

This is the end of today’s report.  An addendum is offered for readers who wish to delve further.

Recall that the energetics in place for this lunar month (the month that began with the New Moon in Taurus on April 29) indicated that:

“As a whole, this month we are crossing new boundaries with a heavy load, using different lenses of perception.  After we hear a wake-up call, a call to action, or a call to devotion, we observe the patterns and themes of the energy and ultimately unite with our spiritual comrades.  The entire month’s energy intends a “nexusing” of people – putting people together, putting people in the places they need to be, and connecting/reconnecting people who have work to do together (including work at the level of the soul).”

Recall also the opening lines for that day’s Oracle Report:

“The New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse begins today at the degree of ‘a red cross nurse.’  Pause for a moment and take time to check how you respond to this image.  What is the first thing you think of with ‘a red cross nurse?’  What kind of imagery accompanies it in your mind’s eye?  Our individual response to the symbol says a great deal about what this energy will be like for us over the next month.”

Consider how you thought about the red cross nurse then and how you do now.  It seems like it was a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Now we have “crossed into new territory.”  We are at new places in our lives and we see things with “new lenses of perception.”  Be gentle with yourself as you acclimate.  Be gentle with others as they try to acclimate.  It will take some time to take in the full panorama.

If needed, continue the conversation with Bhuvaneshvari and/or Tara, who are right alongside us all month long.

The Oracle Report

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