The Oracle Report, Saturday, June 28, 2014

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New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Smoke) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: uncomplicate things, aim for simplicity

Negative Imprint: disguise; stagnation

Positive Imprint: sincerity; progress

Instincts, impulses, and desires reach heightened proportions today as the New Moon phase continues.

But we want to be smart about this because Mercury remains retrograde with the energy of “a cat arguing with a mouse.”  Many things, especially our thoughts about ourselves, are locked in a loop – a circuit – of self-defeat and negativity.  The energy is deeply imprinted with the tendency to look at things and feel deeply unsatisfied.

The feeling of dissatisfaction is one of the things from which this month’s energy tries to liberate us.

Inherent also in today’s energetic signature is the polarity of disguise versus sincerity.  In other words hiding/faking or being real.

When walls come down, we see what’s real.  We see who or what is trying to push forward, advancing, or pretending to be more than they are.  We also see the beauty and value of simplicity.  We see what truly matters in life.

Aiming for simplicity takes us out of the space-time pace that is too busy to see simplicity, and therefore draws us off course.

Along this line, it is very important to integrate fun today.  We are coming upon a very intense astrological window of time (July 1 – July 12) so we want to really work on grounding ourselves in nature and getting in good alignment now.  Spend some time doing something that you enjoy.  Recapture something that was fun for you as a child (or something that you wanted to do but couldn’t).  Return to something you love.

I will post a separate report tomorrow, as the Moon will move into Leo, joining the Black Moon for a couple of days, and putting new energetic elements in play.

Instincts and impulses are strong today, but remember to slow down, uncomplicate matters, aim for simplicity, and keep it real.  Though it may appear that we are putting less energy into things, in reality, tremendous progress will be made.

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