A short update on the energies

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aisha north

As you have perhaps already noticed, you will be subjected to a myriad of different energetic sources now, and they in turn will serve to ignite quite a few conflicting responses within you, both in the physical but also in the emotional sense.

Let us explain. We have touched briefly upon the fact that you are not only carriers of light and information, you have also been dispersing the same for many a lifetime already, and now, as these seeds starts to germinate and come into life, one by one at first, but very soon in a veritable avalanche, these seeds themselves will also start to affect you in so many ways. For even if you have dropped them away from you so to speak on your journeys here on this planet, you still carry the imprint of these signals to the world within your DNA, and this combined with…

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A short update on the energies

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aisha north

Here we are again, ready and eager to impart another message into your being. For here you all stand, ready and poised to take this whole operation to a very new level. For you have all been anointed dear ones, as is only right, for you are indeed the bringers of the dawn and the keepers of the light, and now you are all set to set this world fully ablaze with your very presence in this human body and with your very presence in every corner of this globe. For as you move about, the light is literally following in your footsteps, and as you move about, you are setting off a veritable firestorm of ignitions behind you. And this goes for the entirety of your journey in this mortal coil as the saying goes. For this is indeed a multi-level event, and this encompasses so much more than…

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A message from Mother

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aisha north

Dear family of light!
As I sat down to channel today I could feel something special in the energies as I connected to them. I usually feel a distinct tingle when I start by grounding myself, but this time, it was as if a stream of love floated up through my entire body up to my heart where it connected with the energies coming in. It was such a powerful but loving experience, my body trembled and it brought tears to my eyes.  As usual, I welcomed the CCs and asked them for today’s message, but this time, they told me that they would “give the floor over to someone else”. And this is the message that came through:

Welcome dear ones, it gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate in this way with you all. I am the Serene Mother, the one that gives life, the one…

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The Constant Companions via Aisha North: A Short Update on the Solstice Energies

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LifestylesThe Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Solstice Energies, channeled by Aisha North, Jun. 21, 2014, http:/aishanorth.wordpress.com

Here we are again, at one of those power nodes that serves to enlighten you all even further. As you continue to move across the firmament as passengers on this blue sphere that goes by the name of Planet Earth, you also pass through regions of heightened energetic presence at certain intervals, and one of them occurs today.

Today [June 21st] you will mark the occasion of the Solstice, when the length of the day or the length of the night – according to where you reside on this celestial sphere – will mark its high point.

This day marks another [not only a] high point in your calendar, but also in your energetic cycle, for this day is unlike any others, and as such, you will all be given a reason to take some time to mark the occasion. Again, the date defined in your calendars is not the important one, but what is important, is the opportunity this celestial placement gives us to initiate another collective experience of connectedness.  Read more…

A short update on the energies

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aisha north

As you have perhaps already ascertained, these brand new energetic layers cannot be likened to anything you have been immersed in before, and so the feeling of bewilderment and perhaps even a sense of loss and sadness will be rampant for many of you. You see, you have truly become untethered from all of the old in such a way, it can in many ways be likened to that image of an astronaut floating in space, unhindered by gravity, but also seemingly disconnected from everything that has kept him safe. Well in this, the former is indeed true, but when it comes to the latter, nothing could be more wrong. You see, you have indeed become disconnected from the old, but as you are not yet fully able to savor the full scope of these truly life-enhancing new circuits that you have become so deeply connected to, you may at…

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The manuscript of survival – part 418


aisha north

You have by now surpassed any and all of your predecessors, dear ones, as you have indeed accomplished a feat few would have thought possible. For if it were not for you, none of the imminent changes that are about to start to unfold would be coming about, at least, not in the manner and at the speed that they will be appearing at now. For as you anchored yourself fully into this integrated new level of merged energy, you automatically opened up a new and much faster lane if you will for these energetically charged particles, these small but ever so powerful harbingers of change, and now, you stand before a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities. For you have come to the shores of the sea of potential, and now there is nothing stopping you from taking the plunge and immersing yourselves completely in what lies before you.

For what…

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A short update on the energies

aisha north

As many of you have already attested to, this last Gathering of yours was indeed a resounding success, and even if the outcome of it may not be perceivable to all of you just yet, know that what you accomplished will indeed have far reaching consequences, not just beyond the shores of your little Pond, but in the realms beyond yours. You see, what you did was nothing less than a complete anchoring of a vast field of energetics, and as such, you have in many ways created a cloud of energy that will be permanently based around your globe, much like that electronic “cloud” many of you utilize whenever you access your electronic devices. In other words, you have helped to format a frequential layer that will be utilized not only to store but also to download vast amounts of information, information that hitherto only has been accessible by…

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Aisha North: A short update on the energies •May 24, 2014


•May 24, 2014 • 61 Comments

Let us begin this missive by saying that these alternating currents you are currently being exposed to may cause many of you to falter at the moment. That is only natural, for in this phase of the proceedings, you are not only being reconnected to much of the underlying structures that constitutes your real base, you are also being disconnected from earlier, more temporary measures. And so, you will in many instances be left feeling as if untethered from it all, hanging in a void, or suspended in such a way you will have a hard time finding your bearings. We know this will cause more than a little confusion, anxiety and stress in some of you, but we ask you all not to fall into the old patterns of reactions because of this. You see, this is as always just a temporary thing, and as soon as you move on to the next level, all that seemed to have vanished will be replaced by something that is much more fundamental and complete than what you have been before.

As always, this is a process taken in increments and now, as you have all passed so many of the old markers that used to define you, you can in many ways be described as new and improved, but as you are still going through these changes internally, you will still feel like you hit rock bottom from time to time. And even if what causes these bodily and mental reactions are actually signs of advancement, they can easily be misconstrued as setbacks. For now, as you are being unplugged from many of these old and temporary circuits that served you well during that earlier phase of your enlightenment, you may seem to be left bereft of anything at all that can serve to define YOU in all of this. And so, what used to be the markers from which you used to navigate will no longer be there, and you will feel as if lost in a land devoid of meaning, substance or even life at all.

For this is a place you have spent some brief moments in before, and it can be likened to what many call the void, but this time, the sensation of being in this state will for many be something very different. For this time, it can feel that you have lost it all, that you are no longer the one you used to be, you have become null and void, devoid of anything that seems to hold you together. Not only to the being you used to be, but also to what will become, and so, this is in many ways a challenging place to be. We can liken it to the phase of the development of an embryo, when after a sequence of cell divisions, one after the other in a similar fashion, everything seems to come to a halt, before the whole mass suddenly rearranges itself, forming a very new structure, unlike what it looked like from the beginning. Well, you are in this phase now, as you have followed a sequence much like that of the early stage of an embryo, but what you stand before, is a very different development altogether, and so, where you are at now, is that all important stage of preparation before the big change. And when we say change, we once again refer to that inner process that you are all going through, that alignment within that will serve to align you fully with All of creation, and that will engender some remarkable results, more than what you have been able to perceive so far.

So again we say rest assured that all is well, and that you are not lost nor forgotten, you are simply held within this womb of light, suspended if you will for the time being, while the necessary preparations go on at full speed on all sides. So do not fret, even if you do feel disconnected, for you are anything but. You are fully connected to Source, and you will never be disconnected ever again, but for a while, it may seem that you are out there on your own, as if floating in the vastness of space like an astronaut floating away from his comrades, still ensconced safely within their vehicle. So again we say, all is well, and you are exactly where you are meant to be, and even if you do not see what lies ahead of you in this at times seemingly impenetrable fog, know that the sun is shining on a fertile landscape on every side of you, and even if you cannot detect it at the moment, it is and will always be there, waiting for you to fully arrive. So once again we say stay centered and stay focused on your breath, and keep connecting to that inner core within that is always there, always ready to greet you and welcome you home, even at times like these when you may feel as if you have lost yourself completely on the way. For home is where the heart is, as the saying goes, and so too it is in this. For you will always find the YOU you are searching for there, in your heart, the very center of your being, the one that will never be lost nor locked away beneath any form of imposed limitations ever again.

So keep breathing and keep listening for that voice within, it is always there, no matter how hard you other senses will have to work in order to try to make any sense of what is happening in and around you. For you need not try to fathom it all, you just simply have to BE, and allow this ever flowing river of light to keep carrying you ever onwards towards tomorrow.

The manuscript of survival – part 417

•May 22, 2014 • 195 Comments

As you have perhaps already noted, these incoming energies will once again be churning up quite a few interesting ideas here and there. You see, you have by now been well prepared to start to divert your attention elsewhere, that is, you have passed through so much of your personal preparations on this journey, you have become more than ready to start to shine your light in a very new direction, one that will lead you to seek further into topics and ideas that may seem far removed from your immediate sphere of influence. And what do we mean by that? Simply that as you have allowed yourself to go through this thorough personal process of cleansing and jettisoning all of the old and cumbersome filters that made it difficult for you to do and to be anything but a human, you have also made yourself able to start to step far outside the old comfort zone, and so, you will begin to find yourself seeking out answers to questions you cannot even put into words yet.

Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you each hold a vital part of the construction plan or blueprint if you will of this new world you are already busy putting together, and as such, this first and somewhat prolonged phase of personal clearance was simply a prerequisite, something you had to go through in order for you to become readjusted in such a way you could be able to do what you really came here to do. For you did not just come to lift yourself out of the old drudgery, you came to lift mankind as a whole out of the old and into the new, and so, your role encompasses so much more than what you previously have achieved. Not that this in itself is not a major achievement, far from it. As we have told you again and again, what you have already accomplished is above and beyond what anyone else have been able to do. For your journey towards the stars if you will is truly a journey of discovery for all, for you make this journey while still within a human body, one that may at first glance seem ill-equipped to accomplish such a feat. But as you have already shown us all, it is indeed on that is more than able to stretch and evolve far beyond any old ideas of limitations that have been bred into you. And so, you have all shown us the way to do just that, and now, you stand poised to begin the next phase of this saga, the one that will take you all into brand new waters – in every sense of the word.

You see, what you have already done is nothing short of miraculous, but what you are about to do, will be regarded as even more so. For you have by now opened the doors that will take you back to what you truly are, and not only that, these doors will also take all of mankind to a place they have not been before. For these doors lead to the halls of knowing, the halls of wisdom of such a kind, it will – with your help – rewrite the entire history of mankind. For as you managed to wash away the old grime that stood as a wall between you and these shimmering halls of wisdom, you also enabled all of mankind to become truly connected to this Source yet again. And now, as you begin to truly breathe in this fresh air of opportunity, you will begin to feel something stir within you, and that something is a very defined vibration. For what you will start to feel, is the activation of your part of this grand plan, your part of this blueprint, your part of this great endeavour of turning back all of your brethren from that precipice they have brought themselves and this lovely planet you all inhabit.

For you have come here to spread more than your light, you have also come here to spread something definite in the form of information, and when we say information, we mean that in the widest possible definition. For you are here to help to heal the wounds that has been inflicted, not only on you, but on everyone else, and you have also come here to help heal the deep wounds that scars this wonderful planet of yours. We know that this may seem to be a task far too overwhelming for any of you to even contemplate, but remember, the tools you have at your disposal are not of this world. For as one of your wise old men once said, you cannot solve the problems you have created by going at it in the same way that created them in the first place, for in this, you need tools that no one has even thought of before. For what you will help to bring about, is such a turnaround it cannot be accomplished by the old set of mind, nor by any ideas or instruments or procedures put together by that old set of mind. For what you are about to embark upon, is such a path of discovery, nothing in your history can even come close in comparison. You will start to make progress in such a way, even the most advanced ways of contemporary thinking will seem to become outdated and outmoded in the instance something created by this new way of thinking will see the light – in every sense of the word. For you will begin to find solutions in a very new way, by connecting the dots and by accessing the records that have been off limits to mankind for such a long time. And what you will start to discover, will astound even the astutest amongst you, for it will literally open up a whole new world of creativity that will enable you to find solutions to even the most complex of your problems.

Remember, what ails mankind, indeed what ails this entire word, are problems entirely caused by the ill-advised choices made again and again through the history of mankind. And so, as soon as you start to truly tap into this “outer worldly” source of information you have been granted access to through your willingness to step forward into the light yet again, you will begin to see a very new way of solving these old-fashioned problems. For the problems you see around you, are problems entirely associated with the old energy, that dulling vibration that served to dim down the lights within you all. But now, as you have managed to lift your heads above these murky waters, you will literally see far, far further afield, and you will see what no man has seen before. For you will see through the veil, and you will start to see the potential that awaits you on all sides, and you will realize that all you need to do, is to start to interact with all of this potential in a creative way for you to truly realize this vast and untapped potential. Both within you, but also around you.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to convey, is that now you will all be asked to step up to the plate in the form of allowing your curiosity to lead the way. For what you carry within, can in many ways be likened to a map into uncharted waters, and this map will show you the way you are supposed to take in order to deliver your crucial part to this overall plan of righting the wrongs on this planet. So take some time to tune into this part of your being, the part that knows so well already all the answers to all the questions you have on how, when, why and who. And then, you will see how it starts to come together, and you will find yourself peeking into corners you have overlooked before, initiating conversations with people you did not even think you had anything in common with, looking into topics you did not think was of your interest at all, or you perhaps thought was beyond your scope of ability to even contemplate looking into. Or you may find yourself called to visit a certain place or a certain person, or even get the urge to simply sit down and write something, or sit down and draw something. Not necessarily something that seems to be the answer to any of the aforementioned questions, but still, it will be an important step on this part of your personal journey.

And as you start to pick out these steps into the future, others will also do the same, and you will see how your path will start to converge with some, and perhaps start to diverge from others. For as you know so well by now, even if your journey is unlike anyone else’s it is also intricately woven into this huge web of enlightened beings that you yourself is just one of, and so, you will see how the threads of this magnificent loom will begin to come together in some very new patterns, patterns that again will engender some brand new connections, all pollinating each other in order to make this whole tapestry of light come alive in a very distinctive way.

You see, you are simply one amongst thousands, so even if you may feel the heavy weight of this responsibility to help to make this whole operation come about a little too much at the moment, know that none of you will be overloaded in any way. You also need to remember that even if you are just a small wheel in this whole intricate machinery of global enlightenment, you alone can make a huge difference. But you are never alone in this, and you will never be put to task on something that will be considered as too much for you in any way. For you all come well prepared, but you also come well trained to seek to connect with all of those other people that constitutes a part of your group. For you are all part of a group, or rather, you are always part of one group or another, and sometimes, you will be linked up to more than one of these conglomerations of enlightened beings, some on your side of the veil, others on the other side of the veil, and so, you are all well connected at all times. And do not forget, amongst the members on your side of the veil you can also count a whole host of people who are well trained to carry out much of what you will help to bring in in the form of information. For as we have discussed on many an occasion, many of you will act as transmitters of information, information that you will be guided to share in the right place at the right time to the right person or persons, people fully equipped in all sorts of ways to carry out your instructions and make them come into being.

You see, this is in all aspects a creative endeavour, but also very much a collective one, for that is an intrinsic part of this whole operation. Mankind needs to relearn to reconnect – on all levels. They need to reconnect with all of their own personal aspects, they need to reconnect across any of the old borders and divisions, and they need to relearn to connect with All of creation. So this collective endeavour is what will bring the new world fully into being, and it will do so in a time span that will be deemed as remarkably short – even by human standards. For this will be a change that comes about in leaps and bounds, not in small increments where you need to learn A before you can venture into B and so forth. You have entered the express lane now, in every way, and so, you will all be propelled forward at an ever increasing rate. And you will be propelled forward in a way that will set you all on that path we mentioned earlier, the one that will help you to see your part in this big plan, and where you will be encouraged to seek the answers to those questions you did not even know you have it in you to find, much less make into reality. For now, there is no looking back, there is simply going full speed ahead with all that you are. So take a deep breath, and take a good look within, and we are certain you will all find that first clue that will help you to set the course for that glorious tomorrow that awaits you all.

A short update on the energies

•May 20, 2014 • 224 Comments

As you have perhaps noticed, the incoming flux of energy will start to interact with your own energetic field in all sorts of ways. Some of them may be noticeable in the usual manner, such as physical reactions in varying degrees of discomfort, while others may be more subtle and not so noticeable in your everyday life. But if you take time to tune in – and we do mean that in a very literal sense, we venture to guess that you will all sense a change of tune within.

For these energies bring in a very new set of frequencies, and to a trained ear, they will sing to a very different tune than the ones you have been accustomed to hearing up until now. And when we say ear, we are not referring to that outer aperture, designed to take in those outside noises generated by natural and man made phenomena on your planet. No, in this we are referring to that “inner ear” of yours, that part of your sensory system that overlaps the ones that you use in your capacity as a human. In other words, your inner sensory system, the one that has been lying dormant for such a long time, but has come back on line now, will start to pick up these new signals, and it will start to do so in a way that will first alert you to those less subtle overtones, for then, to lead you deeper into this new world of communicative skills that you have by now started to access, at least to a certain extent.

Remember, you are still very much tuned into everything that goes on outside, and as you all know more than well, these external levels of noise will at times reach fever pitch, as there are still those pockets of resistance to the light that will continue to emit a lot of noise in the hope of diverting your attention from this vital inner conversation that is going on 24/7. We know that for some of you, this conversation may at times be construed as more than a little bit bothersome, for it can seem to be nothing more than an incessant cacophony of illegible noise that leaves you at a loss for meaning and at times, at a loss for sleep. But if you manage to truly tune into it, you will find that your whole body will begin to respond to these noises, by lessening up the tension that it still carries with it. This may sound confusing, but what we are trying to say, is that these tunes of frequential “noise” are also talking to your physical body in ways that will enable you all to complete this process of physical ascension much faster.

For as you all know more than well, this process of enlightenment this time involves the presence of a physical body, and unlike the process many of you have been through in earlier parts of your existence, this physical vehicle needs a lot of maintenance and care in order for it to be able to complete this immense transformation. In many ways, you can look upon this physical vehicle of yours as the golden chariot if you will, for it is indeed this seemingly humble creation that will lift you and all of mankind to new heights in every way as you bring those higher aspects of your being into full harmonics with this amazing physical construction. For this “humble abode” you inhabit is not just a sack of flesh and bones, and now, you have all in some way started to get some glimpses of its grandeur. For this intricate creation, comprised of a vast number of single cells, all connected together through a network of highly intelligent systems of connectivity and communication is what will bring humanity to that place they have dreamed of forever. For through this humble vehicle heaven will once again walk on Earth, for heaven is that energetic vibration that sings to the tune of love, and through your physical vehicle, this frequency will once again be firmly anchored into your Mother Earth.

And now, as these internal frequencies continue to retune you all on a cellular level, this physical vehicle is preparing to become that fully functional energetic hub of love that it has been prepared for for such a long time. Remember, the journey from a lower density human being to one that vibrates at the frequency you have already attained has been a long and arduous one, but also one that has been a necessity in order for your physical body to be able to contain these immense surges of energy it has already taken on. And now, as the floods are increasing once again, you will also start to hear as the gears and cogs within you respond to these new frequential signals coming in, hence, the sense of this inner monologue becoming stronger and stronger. It may at times be bewildering to listen in to these signals, but remember that they are as always signals of progress, both on a personal and on a collective level. For by now, everything you do and everything you accomplish, you do for all.

So again we thank you all, for all that you are and for all that you do. For you are helping to lift yourself in the sense of allowing your physical body to go through this immense task of enlightenment, and you are also allowing those higher aspects of you to connect with those parts of you already accounted for within this physical frame of yours. We know that many of you are starting to get more than a little impatient and you want this process over and done with, and so it will be – at the earliest of opportunities. But again, timing is everything, and so, know that for every step you take, you help all of mankind to get closer to fulfilment in every way.

For you are pushing ahead now, and as the speed increases, the feeling of this onward rush will also manifest itself in many ways. It may at times feel as it you yourself become blurred and difficult to distinguish in all of this, and even if that may cause some anxiety, it is simply a sign of rapid progress. So stay safe in the knowledge that you may be rushing ahead, but you are not doing so in a heedless way. No, every move you take is carefully monitored, and in this, you simply cannot go wrong. For your heart is guiding you now, and it is also more than eager to complete this gap that still separates you from this final completion, and so, your heart will do all it can to speed up this whole process. So just let yourself be swept away by this rush of inspired energy fuelling your journey, and know that from now on, this process will pick up even more speed. So expect to become a little wobbly on your feet now and then, but you can also expect to become light headed from the rush – in the very best way. For we do think you will all in some way find a way to truly enjoy this part of the ride, and we venture to guess many will also start to enjoy it so much you will actually shout for joy and revel in the exhilaration.

The manuscript of survival – part 416

•May 16, 2014 • 191 Comments

As we have touched upon many a time before, mankind has a long history of looking outwards in search for answers. You see, as mankind got severed from the old links that connected them to themselves, they were left as if floating in a vacuum, and it felt as if a void had opened up within. In this void, mankind has tried in vain to insert all sorts of ambitions and intellectual games in order to try to fill in this gaping void within, but to no avail. For what has been brought into this gap between the real you and the you you have been feeling, was only transient and insubstantial substitutes for something that was so fundamental for you all, nothing could take its place. And so, mankind was left to search in vain for anything that could make them feel whole again. For within this gap, even if they could not name it nor set any words to try to describe it, they sensed that a fundamental part of them was missing. And so, a quest to become whole again was set into motion again and again, but each and every time, this quest sent you all searching in the wrong direction.

For this quest would usually take the form of a search for something outside of yourself, something tangible, something that felt so tantalizingly close, but yet so far away. And in this quest for this elusive piece, that final answer that would make it all come together, much of mankind’s false moves have been carried out. So instead of getting closer to the truth they seeked, they instead started to move further and further out from the truth, both in a literal but also in a spiritual sense. For mankind has a long history of seemingly stumbling upon an answer, and they have given what they have found a name, and in some instances even a body and a face, and so, they have constructed a vast belief system around it. Hence, the emergence of compartmentalised belief systems, or religions if you will, all claiming to represent the truth, and all spending a lot of their time and energy in persecuting those adhering to another “truth” than themselves. And so, what was once a unified group became more and more splintered, and as you approached modern age, you became even more so. For at the advent of your modern age, mankind started to seek the answers to this gaping void within in other locales than those where the spiritual messages were shared, and so, they looked in vain for a more material solution to this emptiness within. And so, what they found, was a way to fill that void temporarily by accruing objects of diverse kinds, objects that brought fulfillment for a short time, but then, turned into a prison. For once they started to try to fill that void within with this kind of immaterial materialism, the void seemed to grow larger and larger, and to counteract that, the need to accrue even more started to grow into almost a frenzy. And as the heaps of material objects grew, so the wastelands of this beautiful planet also increased exponentially, and we do mean that both in a literal and figurative way.

For this materialistic dogma was no more successful than the spiritual ones in filling up this void within, and so, the more you begat, the less room you had for love. For love, when it is truly present, will fill any nook and any cranny you could care to think of, and when love is present, there is no need for anything else. Not that this entails a life devoid of any personal effects at all, rather, that this hunger for “something more” will vanish as if it has never been there at all.

We think it is safe to say that many of you can already attest to this, for as you open those doors within wide open to step into the light, you will also feel the sense of finally becoming complete, and then, the suction from that old void will no longer be a factor in your life, for then, there will be no more void within. And then, you will also see the truth in the words we have given you on so many occasions. For you already have everything you need, you are already in possession of the multitude of fragments that constitutes the fullness of your being, and when you see this, you also see that there is nothing external, whether that be a person or an idea or even an object that needs to be added to you in order to make you YOU. For again, what you have been seeking to become, you already are, and no matter how far and wide you travel, there is simply nothing more there that could be described as essential for you to find in order for you to become ONE again.

In other words, you are already whole and complete, and you have no voids to fill nor no missing parts to seek out. For it is already there, within you, but as we have told you again and again, you do have a hard time truly taking that in. And so, you will still feel the need to go on a long and arduous quest to “rediscover yourself”. But all you have to do, is to do the simplest exercise of them all;  just sit down, close your eyes and dare to open that door that beckons you to do so. For there are no locks there, no intricate questions to answer, nor no detailed descriptions to be followed in a perfectly timed sequence. There is simply this, a need to make the commitment to take that last little step, that last little step that may seem to be more than a lifetime’s achievement, but that can be accomplished in the split of a second.

Again, we cannot give you a detailed map, nor a time and date for you to follow, for in this, it is indeed up to each and every one of you. Some have come close to take this simple, but oh so transforming step already, while others still feel uncertain or even unable to do so. But this is not above and beyond anyone’s capabilities, for this is simply what you already ARE, and as such, you cannot go wrong, nor can you miss the mark nor can you lose your way. For all you have to do, is to truly want to BE with you, so you can BE you in every single particle of your being. And remember, this is not something that needs to be achieved, this is simply something you need to allow. For it is already there, YOU are already there, within you, in every single particle, in every single breath and in every single heartbeat. But still you look about for the answer to the questions “Who am I really? Where can I find that missing part of me, who is my alter ego, and where do I belong?”

Again, the answer is simply this: you already are all that you seek, you already know all that you want to know, and you already exist to the fullest of your capabilities. But as yet, few have dared to truly see this, and so, you will all need find the courage and the willingness to truly go beyond the borders you still set around your very core.

Remember, they are not really there at all, they are simply a figment of your imagination, set up by that outer part of you still uncertain about the shimmering, bright light you can sense is there, behind those protective screens you have erected. For as we have told you before, you are all so very close to your own brilliant core by now, the power of the light emanating from it can make your eyes water and your mind decide to back off a bit. It is understandable, for it is a long time since anyone inhabiting a human body also carried the full force of their light in full view, not only for themselves, but also for their surroundings, and so, you will still balk at the thought of taking the plunge and tearing away that last protective covering within.

For you are trying to protect yourself from your own light, and it is as we have told you before, simply a cautionary measure triggered by that old and ingrained fight or flight mechanism that has been your constant companion for eons. But now, it is time to dare to unveil the real you, the full brightness of your light, and to step fully into it, and truly become you to your fullest, brightest and truly magnificent potential. And when you do, no thing and no one will be as before, for when you finally stop trying to extinguish your own light, the full force from your light will in turn lighten up everything around you.

It may still sound too daunting a prospect to many of you, and rightly so, for you have all a long history of being hunted down for the very reason that your inner light became fully visible on the outside, and so, the need to cloak yourselves in anonymity is still very much a gut reaction to so many of you. Again, that is understandable, but this time, it is finally time for the de-cloaking of all. And in this, you will once again be the pioneers, and so it will take an effort for so many of you to truly rip off the old mask and stand there in all of your splendor. But we know you will all do it, for as the first masks come of, it will send out ripples of energy of such a magnitude, it will help to rip asunder those heavy cloaks of light-restricting fabric that still exist, near or far.

So again we say, this small step is perhaps the hardest one for all. Not to complete, but to contemplate, but we know you will all take the plunge, for that is why you came. But we also know that it will take some time and some prodding before this process will be set fully into motion. But have no fear, we are not talking sometime in the distant future, we are talking about your present. For as you get exposed to more and more of these energetic particles being injected into your atmosphere and into your very being, you will be assisted in closing this gap between potential and manifestation, and so, inch by inch, breath by breath you will all get there. And all it takes, is for someone to be the very first to bridge this gap between thinking and BEing, and then, the veils will fall and the borders of self-imposed separation will be no more.

So again we say, sit down, close your eyes and feel you way back into you. The light is powerful but the light is simply YOU. So you will not be turned away, nor will you encounter anything that can be detrimental to you if you dare to approach it again after such a long separation. Remember, this light is not something new and unknown, this is the Source you once came from, that core you have felt missing, lifetime after lifetime, but now, that core is no longer off limits to any of you. For those outer inhibitors that were placed upon you in order to make it unable for you to find that core, and that led you into a labyrinthine search for a substitute, leading you all further and further away from the center of your being, those inhibitors are no longer there, and you are more than welcome back home to you – whenever you feel you are ready to welcome yourself home.

A short update on the energies

•May 14, 2014 • 211 Comments

You have by now started to truly feel into these new undercurrents of transformational energies sweeping on to these shores, and remember, these energies are nothing less than particles of potential, potential that you will have a hand in realizing. For you have by now jettisoned those old cloaks of disbelief, and as such, you stand poised to finally put on the mantle of creators that you so reluctantly left behind when you stepped on to these shores many lifetimes ago. Again, this role as creator gods are not new to any of you, but they will be so in the manifestation as humans. You are all old hands at creating, but your memory serves to mislead you when it comes to your adroitness, for when you look around, you will think yourselves capable of only creating chaos, confusion and despair. Granted, mankind has a long history of pulling the wagon closer and closer to the cliff, but that is history now, and it is one that you have vouched will never be repeated, and so, you have all allowed yourselves to step into full consciousness again.

For as you sought to connect yourself with the true you, you also allowed consciousness to start to fully interact with your human-ness in a very new way, and so, what has been driven by fear and a primitive intellect, will now be driven by another vibration altogether. For as you stepped back into consciousness, you stepped into the frequency of love, and this frequency cannot be distorted in any way. For as you began tuning in to that vibrational channel that only transmits this essence of Creation, you cannot become tainted by that low drone of the old. So even if you at times will find yourself shaking your head, searching for that crystal clear transmission coming your way 24/7, know that you will not and cannot lose connection. It may simply be time for you to step back a little bit and clear your mind the better to see through your heart. For you see, you will still be inundated with visuals trying to derail you, visuals depicting one dire set of circumstances after the other. But again, this is the old concepts of illusion, the old ways of fear’s insistence on putting up a shimmering smokescreen of denial in every direction. But you will see through it, for you will look with your heart, not with those old habitual ways of reacting to the same old worn record of distress and duress, disaster and doom. For you will find that pure and simple tone always present within you, and it will not disappear, no matter how big a surge of automated alarm signals you will encounter.

For make no mistake, there are still some small pockets for resistance, and they will try their hardest to make themselves heard and make themselves seen, and so, they will be strutting their same old stuff. And even if they have all become more than a little frayed around the edges, they will try to display themselves as big and strong and with shining arms at the ready. But you will not fall for these displays of desperation, for you will be there, within that new atmosphere where love reigns, and where you will find yourself stepping up to the challenge of interacting with this shower of energetic particles in a very new way. For now, you will not simply welcome them at the door, you will sit down and have a real conversation with them, and you will find a way to set them into motion that will enable this vast stream of incoming potential to start to coalesce into something tangible.

And no, you cannot create havoc in any way, you can only create love, for only love will be able to interact with these molecules in a way that will enable them to become, and only love can be created from love. So again we say become as if a child again, and learn to play with these ever so eager little companions, there for you to play with. For as you play, you will regain your trust in you, and you will regain your trust in you as a creator. For this can in many ways be compared to learning to ride a bike. At first, you will feel uncertain and wobbly, and you will think the speed will make you fall. But that will not happen, for we can guarantee you that as soon as you start to interact with these particles, something within you will say “I know this, I have mastered this before”, and so, the analogy with the bike will be proven right. For it is just as they say, once learned, it is never forgotten, no matter how long you abstain from doing it.

And so, we ask you all to let yourself go, and try to find a way to let your guard down, for that is still there in some capacity or the other. Remember, you have all been through a period where you were retrained not to seek to become what you were before, and so, that old survival instinct of staying down and not raising your head too much above the sea of humanity will be one that will more probably than not make itself noticed in one way or the other in the time ahead. But you know you can safely ignore that voice now, for you have found the new tune within, the one that is giving you the same message over and over again: it is time to BE what you really are, it is time to act as that creator god you came here to be, it is time to give life to that dream of yours, bit by bit, piece by piece, molecule by molecule, and it is time to do so with ALL that you are. For now, you are no longer separated from yourself, and now, you are no longer divided. For you have become ONE in ways that will be hard for any of you to truly comprehend just yet, but it is something we have been able to witness the birth of, and we can only say it is more spectacular and more ground breaking than anything anyone has seen in All of creation.

So again we say thank you for all that you are and thank you for all that you do, and now, we thank you for what is about to come to life through your hearts, through your hands and through your very essence.

Aisha North: A History of Creation – Part 7

The Constant Companions of Aisha North

big_bang_largeThe Constant Companions: A History of Creation – Part 7, channeled by Aisha North, May 12, 2013 at http://aishanorth.wordpress.com

Dear friends!

Back in October 2013, I channeled a series of messages titled “A History of Creation“. I have posted six of them, but I was given an additional one that was to be part 7, but the CCs told me it was not to be posted at that time. I had more or less forgotten about it until it resurfaced last night. For then, I was once again woken up and guided to go into meditation. But instead of the usual energetic download, I was given this message:

“Now the time has come for you to post that last installment of A history of Creation, and the reason for that, is that now you are ready to receive it. You see, in this as in all things timing is everything, and now, as piece has been connected to another piece, you have finally managed to build a structure that supports this next level of interaction between you and these creational energies.

“For now you stand poised to BE what you truly already are, true Creator Gods in every sense of the word, and now you stand ready to take a far more active part in this ongoing conversation between mind and matter, between energy and consciousness.   Read more…


A short update on the energies

aisha north

As many of you have already ascertained, this season is truly a season for change, and it is happening on multiple layers simultaneously. For as we have already stated in many previous messages, this is not a window dressing in any way, this is a profound and complete change, coming from the very core of your being and emanating further and further out within your sphere of influence. And when we say sphere of influence, we are referring to a much greater area than you perhaps envisage, for we refer to this entire world of yours.

For as your ability to connect has increased manyfold during only this last short period of time, so too has your ability to have a beneficial impact on the world around you increased. And so, you are no longer a solitary island, confined within a small bubble of energetic membrane, there to keep you…

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Aisha North: A History of Creation – Part 2

Aisha North: A History of Creation – Part 2

big_bang_largeA History of Creation – Part 2, channeled by Aisha North, October 9, 2013 at http://aishanorth.wordpress.com

So let us delve further into this mysterious world behind the veil, for we gather you are starting to get more than a little curious about some of those tantalizing details. The last time, we showed you that the essence of it all is in creating, or the energy that has been given the task of creating it all, from big and small, tangible and less so. This in itself can be very difficult to fathom, but let us again try to give you another view and perhaps this will make things percolate even deeper into your being.

For you are indeed an intrinsic part of it all, but the construction of everything is still a mystery to you and to everyone else sharing this little planet with you. You are just a speck of dust in so many ways, but this small speck of dust is also a very complex structure, connected and separated in so many different ways and different levels. For what you see as humanity, we see as just one separate layer of a huge mass of something far more complex than even the complex structure of the human body.   Read more…

A History of Creation …by Aisha North

Aisha North: A History of Creation – Part 1

big_bang_largeA History of Creation – Part 1, channeled by Aisha North, October 8, 2013 at http://aishanorth.wordpress.com

Dear friends!

Last week, I started to receive what the CCs refer to as “double helpings”, extra messages in addition to The Manuscript.

These messages differ from the usual ones, and the first one that I was guided to post, was the “update” to the sixth Gathering. I was told that the rest of this information was to be posted after the Gathering, and here is the first installment of it.

The CCs have given them a title, they call it “A History of Creation”. I do not know how many parts there will be, nor how long The manuscript will continue. All I know is that I will be given “double helpings” for a while. So without further ado, as the CCs like to say, here is Part 1:   Read more…