Walpurgis – die Nacht der Nächte

once written ro Halloween and warmed up for 30.th April when the witches go dancing here in Germany.Walpurgis, das  ist unsere Nacht – die Nacht, in der alle, die sich ihrer dunklein

Seite bewusst geworden sind – die sich nicht dem Schlaf als Retter hingebend  suchen,

und wir wissen, wir allein können uns nur erlösen und das ist unsere Nacht, in der wir alles

lostanzen und zur Reinigung darbieten wissend, dass uns die Liebe Gottes führt. Wir suchen

und wir finden uns im Tanz durch diese Nacht, erneuern unseren Schwur, nur wir selbst im

BIN zu sein…………………………………ich bin – du bist …..unauslöschlich ist der Liebe Band…



und dann singen wir das Walpurgislied :

Die Sonne flirrt,  ich greif den Strahl –  zieh mich hinauf zum Himmelsgral…

und zischend fährt der Sonnenstrahl –  durch mich hindurch, zu enden alle Qual.

Mein Herz erbebt, ein Quell schiesst hoch – ergiesst sich als ein lichrer Sog…

und fliessr als reissend Flut vill Glanz – durch Leib und Seel in lichtem Glanz.

Ich spüre schon das Drängen in der Tiefe, es ist , als ob mich alles riefe.

..versuch zu lauschen, zu erfahren, was tief in mir die Helfer sagen

kann ich die Botschaft nicht verstehn, muss ruhig sein, weitergehn, als wäre nichts geschehn…

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Geduldig sein, wenn Sinne schrei`n und zerr`n an festen Bändern,

es lässt sich noch nichts ändern. es kommt von selbst, wenn reif dieZeit,

warte nur die kleine Weile, dann bist du in der heil´gen Meile.

Ersr dann begreif ich die Welt und seh` , was sie zusmmenhält.

Es wühlt in mir und drängt ans Licht, ich werd´s erschau`n, wenn Tag anbricht.

Geduld, Geduld, mein liebes Herz, was kümmert dich die Weile, lauf`nicht davon in Eile.Die

Sonne flirrt, der Mond scheint silber ind gibt im Traum die wahren Bilder.


Und kommt heut`Nacht die Vollmondnacht …wird es vollbracht mit aller Macht

du reitest dann im Mondenglanz hoch hinauf zum Silbertanz in funkelnden Kristallen.

…..und Sternenschein von deinem Sein streust du in alle Träume ein.

Der Mond, der Mond, er kommt heut Nacht und magisch Tun wird dann vollbracht.

Wir fliegen hoch im Lichterschwarm und seh`n uns an dann Arm in Arm.

“Einmal um des Lichtes Rund, einmal um den dunklein Schlund!”

denn was hier licht ist, wird dort dunkel, dort sind wir nur ein Sterngefunkel.

truth is the door


Wir werfen von dem lichten Mond den Funken vor die Nacht,

damit im Dunkel Licht erscheint und Sehnsucht hell sie macht.

Ein wenig Tränenglanz in Silber, ein Quentchen hoffnungsvolle Bilder,

ein Zweig vom Schattenland der  Seele, ein Blick ins Feuer eigner Holle.


Das ist das Leben – unser Spiegel – heut`Nacht erlöst sich unser Siegel!

Evamaria Holstein – Contramary – Havah   1992 – 30. April 2016

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Heavenletter #5630 A Prevalent Idea in the World, April 24, 2016

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The prevalent idea seems to be that it is a terrible thing to die, that death, in common parlance and in good conscience, has to be postponed until the last possible moment because of an idea that death is in flagrant disrespect of Life, as if death is the worst thing that can happen to you or anyone.

Death is simply the other side of the coin. The death of your current body is not the end of the world. It is not even the end of your Life.

The purpose of your present life is not – I repeat – is not avoidance of death. There is much more to life than that.

C’mon, guys, by now you must have a clue that leaving the body behind you is a part of Life, and an excellent part of Life as well. To lighten your fear, I will say that death is the best idea since Coca Cola, and I am a Genius.

Dear Ones, all the lengths you will go to justify attachment. The case is that you are attached to your body, and you may consider letting go of it a crime.

The death of a body is no more nor less than Life. Death can be likened to a graduation or an initiation into Eternity. Heaven can be considered another name for Infinity. In any case, death, as is everything else in Life, is a passing thing. Life is ordained to pass into death which simply means Life on another plane. What’s wrong with that?

Beloved, you do not have to pine over death any more than you have to call it to you. Death is a transit. It is no kind of failing whatsoever.

The main ambition of your Life is not to forestall death as long as you possibly can. The current idea seems to be that you are good to live and in the wrong to die, that it is honorable to live, and it is honorable to let your body go. In Truth, there is no death. Death is a misnomer. Death does not exist. There is no absence of Life.

Who can say when your time is to die, as the world would have it? Live your Life well until you wrap up your Life in the world and put it away for another day.

Death is okay. Death is not something to be ashamed of. Nor are you to look at death as a battle you must fight against and win. Life on Earth is a kind of dress rehearsal for what is to come anyway.

Through it all, the Truth is that you cannot die. You have Eternal Life. Your body can excuse itself, however. You might feel that your body fails when your body follows its purpose of getting out of the way. What a judgment about death the world makes.

You are alive on Earth for good reason, and you depart the Earth for good reason. Aha, there is a season for everything. What mortal is to decide that Life is a blessing and death is not?

The cause of death is not an illness or an accident despite what a coroner might say.

Never mind what the world says. Death is as much a blessing as is Life. You may think of Life as using the front door, and you may think of death as using the back door. All the doors are equal in value. One is not more worthy than another. Hello and good-bye are both part of Life.

In any case, I welcome you and pour My Love upon you.

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Inspiration for the Week from Shanta Gabriel


You are Always Wrapped in Wings of Pure Love

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week’s issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is reminding us that there is never a time when we are not cared for and loved beyond our capacity to understand.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

There is never a time when you are not wrapped in the wings of Pure Love.

Shanta GabrielI remember receiving this message from Archangel Gabriel at a time when I felt very lost and alone. It soothed my heart in a deep and comforting way.

So many people feel alone right now, and they don’t have a sense of connection to the God Source or the Angels who have supported them throughout lifetimes. It takes intention and some effort to retrain your thoughts to create a focus on this Divine Presence within you.

That is why I loved the beautiful visual image of being surrounded in Wings of Pure Love. I could sense with my imagination the feeling of being wrapped in feathers of white light that were imbued with the sweet feeling of Love. I could even imagine that these feathers were brushing away any sadness or pain. I could also taste Divine Love in that little sweetness I sensed at the back of my tongue.

Einstein said our imagination is more important than knowledge. We have a powerful tool that will allow us to become creative and open to new levels of our being. These images raise our vibrational frequencies and create empowered connections to our Source energy and guidance system. Even though it may not seem very sophisticated, this visualization practice inspires our heart’s intelligence.

Within our heart is the greatest level of guidance and power that we have ever known. It is more intelligent than our brain, or that part of us that judges these practices as childlike. In fact, our spirits respond to the magical way in which our inner child is filled with the devotion of the heart. The magic of synchronicity has become the way of the 5th Dimension. When these deep feelings of love and wonder raise our frequency, we become capable of creation at a level we have never before experienced. Devotion becomes a powerful tool to manifest the life we have dreamed of.

Allow a little sweetness to enter your very practical, grounded world. Allow the wonder of a child to become your new open-minded approach to life. In Buddhism it is called the Child Mind and is a requirement for allowing yourself to be trained by a wise and enlightened master.

Divine Presence,

I ask for a sign that I am being guided and blessed in every moment. I want to have such a powerful experience within my heart that I know that I am always being wrapped in Wings of Pure Love.

Please help me to open my mind and heart to the universal flow of energy that allows me to have a full experience of the Divine working in my life.

In turn, I dedicate my life and all my actions to bringing more Peace into my heart, and into the hearts of all humanity. Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
April 24, 2016

The Gabriel Messages #12

There is never a time when you are not wrapped in the Wings of Pure Love.

Dear One,

This is a time when the forces of Light and Love are very close to your daily consciousness and you are blessed in a way you have never before known. You have only to turn your attention away from what does not work in your life, and turn toward that which is positive and worthwhile. This may sound simplistic and too good to be true, especially when you have such overwhelming problems in your world today. However, you are not alone. In fact, there is never a time when you are not wrapped in the Wings of Pure Love.

Turn your attention to the feeling of love that is hovering around you. With a little imagination, you can even feel the presence of the angelic beings who are working closely with your earth at this time. The Angels carry a vibration very different from your normal world. It is a powerful force of love and light.  Imagine being enfolded in this light, with an incredible sense of Divine Love flowing into your heart. Let this love spread throughout your entire body. As this love fills you and surrounds you, your fears begin to drop away, and beauty becomes a greater part of your life.


Imagine what it would feel like to be filled with so much beauty and love that it would not matter where you were, or what your physical eyes could see at any moment. You would be basking in the warmth and goodness of the loving presence of the Angels, and this would transform your perception of reality. When you can continue to remember that you are wrapped in Wings of Pure Love, and that you are filled with loving light, you will begin to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness and this in turn will create change in your immediate world, on a physical level. Just this small shift in your awareness can create miracles.

To have a “miracle” consciousness is to have an awareness that this is your true state of being. To be in that miraculous glow of love, to trust in the universal flow of your life, and to receive a new level of goodness — this is the way you were meant to live. To actually live this way, however, you must turn the focus of your attention away from problems and troubles toward the essence of God within all things. Sometimes this means that you must close your physical eyes and really feel the Wings of Pure Love surrounding you. So take time every day to turn within yourself to the presence of God and the Angels. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Ask yourself if you are giving more attention to the challenges of your world or to your miraculous link with the Universal Power of good that exists in all things.

You are not alone. You have powerful forces available to you in order to begin this transformational work in your life. You have a guardian Angel whose job it is to assist you, and you have the benevolent force of the Divine that is the One Presence within all things. These gifts exist within you, and within all situations occurring in your life. At times it may be difficult to see the gift in your present situation. But there is a gift, and asking to see it will help to bring this awareness to your consciousness.

So as you go through your day, keep remembering that you are incredibly loved. Not only by the Divine Presence within all things, but the Angels are with you, blessing you in every moment. Remember also:

There is never a time when you are not wrapped in wings of Pure Love.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
April 24, 2016

Awakening the Heart of Devotion

Awakening the Heart of Devotion

New Dates and Times!
Starts May 5 at 5:00 pm PDT

Join us to receive Transmissions of Light Energy from the Archangels and Align with your Highest Destiny!

Learn the simple yet powerful ways to align with Source energy flowing through your physical body, so you can manifest all you need to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Some are asking how long these spiritual practices take and wondering how to fit them into their already busy and overwhelming lives. No worries! Everything that I offer will be simplified and, of course, optional. One example is to spiritualize your walking by adding a simple mantra to every step you take, such as saying in your mind: Peace On Earth.

Using an empowering phrase for daily activities connects you more deeply to the Heart of Devotion, which you already have within. This allows your vibrational frequencies to be uplifted, so you feel more deeply aligned with the Divine Presence working in every area of your life. The wonderful side benefit is that while doing this simple practice, not only do you feel more peaceful, you are radiating the empowerment for true Peace on Earth with every step you take!

One of the gifts I’ve been given by Archangels is the transmission of energy frequencies that can anchor this Alignment with your Highest Destiny — and bring divinity into your daily life. Archangel Gabriel says that manifesting Peace on Earth is an inside job. First, it is finding new levels of compassion and harmony within yourself, and then anchoring this vibration within your body. As you do this, you will be creating the container for a field of Light that radiates Peace through you into the world.

And when you join with others who hold these higher frequencies within their beings, new creativity is born. Life then responds by providing new perspectives, solutions and opportunities to create new structures that serve all humanity, as well as you personally.

The power of intentional creation through the presence of a like-minded group is unlimited and can shift your present reality in ways that you never imagined. When the Archangels say that Peace is created on Earth one person at a time, that energy force supports the expansive connection to those Beings of Light who await your command. The Peace in your heart provides a resting place for divinity to work through you.

Together in our class, we will welcome Unity with the Divine into our human forms and shift our reality into one that manifests Abundance, Well-being and Love. And I couldn’t be more excited about joining with co-hearts like you to create a new reality of Peace on Earth!


To make this class accessible to more people, the times and dates have been changed. This empowering class series begins May 5 at 5:00 pm PDT. To allow time for an optional devotional practice, we will continue on May 19 and May 26.

Learn more about Awakening the Heart of Devotion here.

I would love to have you join us! If you have any questions about the class, please don’t hesitate to contact me at shanta@shantagabriel.com.

Many blessings to you,


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Revival Old Stuff freshly laundered Tidbits of Time Now and Then

green hearts bar

Rain Forest Path

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old pic





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den Nullpunkt haben wir immer noch nicht erreicht, aber wir leben jetzt in der “Time of Ascension” und haben Einiges in der Zwischenzeit geschafft…….

We have not achieved the Zero Point in the meantime since I posted this first in 2014 but we have done at least something meanwhile.

Wir sind noch immer auf dem Weg zum Grossen Quantensprung der Verwerfung nach dem weisen Spruch:” Der Weg ist das Ziel – das Ziel ist der Weg !”  23.April 2016

And we are still on our path to the quantum leap of default according the sage saying :”The path is the special target – the special target is the path to it !”

Scroll down to my Fitzelfatzel Tidbits-Comment:

And this is my very comment to it (its an Abracadabra-Comment … term derives from Aramaic ” While I am speaking I create):


There is not a real one at all only what I had in mind to do – did not work out properly” I just set down to write down in some sort of brainstorming what of the ideas had been downloaded to me in some luzid dream – or was it the conditioning of Alpha in my mind ? – just to put down some sparkles or glittering of ideas concerning my thoughts about issues of Time changing in the Now. So I got up from bed and titled this workpiece ““Gesammelte FitzelFatzel über die Zeit im Jetztpunkt‏”! translated here into : Continue reading

Message to Lightworkers – Apr 21, 2016


The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

And we would say, that things are greatly shifting in your world, even if at times, it appears that all is “business as usual.”

The “business” has changed from that of the third dimension to the fifth, and the “usual” is not at all what you are used to.

We will speak briefly of those who look into or as you might say, “look down upon” your planet “from above”—those of Galactic origin, some of whom equal the Angelic and other higher beings of this Universe, in terms of their own Ascension paths, and some of whom are barely above your own station.

These are not, as they say, your garden-variety ETs.

They do not come merely to “test or do experiments” such as your governments have led you to believe is their interest.

That is in fact mainly the work of the dark hats, disguising themselves as ETs, or working with those of a lower density vibration, and great was the cheer on our side of things, when the truth of this was explained quite clearly on a recent telecast of your resurrected television series, The X Files.

You have indeed been reduced and shackled by experimentation and negative ET influence, but those are actions that were taken many, many thousands of years ago by those who have since taken up the role of your overlords.

Where you stand now is in the place of Ascension, very far beyond what they, in a darker era, consigned you to.

You stand now in a Light that they saw coming but hoped would never arrive.

Yet it has arrived. 

And the waves coming to your planet now, ushering in ever-higher levels of that Light, have not only rattled them down to their teeth, but have shown them what they had assumed could never occur, which has occurred: humankind, rising to the next level of consciousness—and no method or technology can stop it.

We have spoken of planetary souls, and what one might call whole “movements,” similar to your social and spiritual movements—a joint decision involving large hosts of higher beings and Galactics, agreeing to aid certain planets and star systems that have, on a higher level, called out for help due to some oppressive force or difficult evolutionary stage.

Such was the case of your Earth—She called, and we came, all of us here in the Ashtar Command, and many others besides, who support Lord Admiral Sananda and all serving below him.

We came forward in part to aid Lady Gaia as She cried out for support for Her own Ascension, Her own liberation.


And we came forward to witness and assist your own astounding development and evolvement from being made to serve as mere “cogs in a wheel”—individual souls and soul groups caught in the karmic wheel, and used physically and etherically to serve the machine of a corrupt planetary system.

We have watched with both amazement and admiration—can anything be braver than drawing oneself up and out of the third dimension, and while still in a body?—as you took the decision to return to Earth to experience Ascension in the physical, while aiding Earth in Her own Ascension.

Two very powerful and complex undertakings, taken on with the extremely limited understanding available to humans—the heavy veil over the third eye, experienced by all who come to third dimensional Earth.

And what we have seen, in regards to beliefs about the existence of Galactics and any help they might offer Earth and her people, is a mixture of hope and disbelief, in terms of how humankind feels Galactics ought to behave.

We have said previously that we are not here to “rescue,” and that is so.

Even if that level of intervention were allowed by Universal Law, you do not require rescuing.

You are in fact freeing yourselves from unjust tyranny, from technological systems and social and mental programming that has disarmed your consciousness, denied you your rightful 12-strand DNA, and trained you to believe you are powerless, when in fact, you are utterly powerful beings, as you are increasingly aware.

You did not, and Earth did not, ask to be rescued.

You asked that should the actions of the dark hats break Universal Law, in the sense of denying free will and denying Earth’s basic rights, beyond a clear and certain point, that we intervene in the level of no longer allowing those actions.


We have and are fulfilling this role.

For example: You do not see significant nuclear arsenal being deployed. 

You do not see a repeat of the events of September 11.

You do not see that World War III has broken out in the Middle East.

You do not see a continuation of certain levels of mass programming, to the extent that no one dares think beyond what church or temple or synagogue tells them is the nature of life or God.

You do not see the old forms of cover-up continuing in ways it did for centuries—if Edward Snowden’s and Julian Assange’s revelations have not shown you this, look at the Panama Papers “leak” as they are being called.

You do not see the poisoning of citizens from air, water, and food going without notice, with only small isolated protests, quickly covered up or ignored.

None of this is due to lack of trying—the dark hats have attempted to enact these and many other forms of oppression over the past few decades.

But the energies of higher awareness, the growing Light in human consciousness, the growing evolvement around the planet, have not permitted it.

When your own resources have not been enough, we have stepped in to remind those in “charge” what the Laws of this Universe are.

Whether it was a government meeting, an industrial meeting, or a private closed discussion, we are there—St Germain is there, Mother Sekhmet is there, Lord Sananda is there, among others—and the dark hats are not capable of facing down any one of these, let alone all of them, and all Whom they represent.

This brings us back to the fact that there has been a powerful shift on the planet over these past few months.

You are barely aware of it, except in your etheric state, so we will remind you of what you already feel, of what certain white-haired gentleman running for president in the US reminds you of, though he can only say so much, without uttering the word “NESARA.”


And that is, that the dark hats are no longer in control of the planet.

All of you, as part of the Forces of Light, and every newborn child entering this world, every tree and flower, every beautiful animal grazing on the land or caught in a tiny pen—you are all in charge now.

Claim and fully realize your independence, which grows daily!

Claim and fully realize your beautiful soul power to create and recreate whatever you need for your soul path in this life, for your communities, for your own joyful expression on this New Earth.

Claim and fully realize your place in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds!

Stop looking to the skies as if ships landing were your only recourse. Yes, of course, we are here—we are your soul families, your guardian Angels, your guides, your own higher selves and twin flames.

We are not incidental, or unimportant.

But you are our brave captains, who volunteered to come forth—do you suppose it was the weakest or least capable of us who would do so?

We assure you, you are our bravest and most powerful.

Remember your Divinity!

Claim your ability to create worlds, for you are recreating this one, to new and nearly unrecognizable heights.

Believe us! And yes, “Expect us”—but know that the ones you are “expecting” arrived at the moment of your births.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.


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Heavenletter #5629 A Little Voice within You Contradicts Your Higher Self, April 23, 2016

God Would Do a Song and Dance (Heavenletter # 2745)

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Heavenletter #5629 A Little Voice within You Contradicts Your Higher Self, April 23, 2016

God said:
You would love, above all, if many of the thoughts that run through your mind would leave you alone.

You want to be pure and true, yet your mind hassles you. It won’t leave you alone. You yearn for freedom of thought, yet you too often have thoughts that you wish you would not have.

Beloveds, you want to leap over your errant mind and rise high.

You do believe that I have made you something great, and, with all your might, you want to be great and reveal the Truth of Who you are and so bless the world. You are tired of riff-raff thoughts about others – and yourself – thoughts that plague you and won’t leave you alone. You no longer want to badger others in your weary mind. You deeply desire to go beyond the petty demeaning of yourself and others in your life.

You wonder how you can know as much as you do and, seemingly, be unable to live the fullness of what you know. You want the way of peace. Sometimes all you want is peace and to get beyond the remarks in your mind.

You want to be real and, certainly not merely a good show you put on. Where do your errant thoughts come from, and how can you quell them once and for all?

Tell your mind to be quiet, to stop the remarks that pop into your head. You would vanquish these thoughts if only your mind would desist. Your mind does not desist. Your mind rattles on and snipes at this one and that one. Would that your mind would give you some peace and quiet and not keep panning the world and those struggling souls in it.

You want to be filled with goodness and mercy, and yet your mind makes untoward remarks right and left. A little voice within you contradicts your Higher Self time and time again. You parody yourself. You taunt yourself with the jibes you make that would offend others and make mince pie of all that you yearn to be, and, still, the thoughts go on.

Two lines of conversation seem to go along in your mind almost at the same time. You tell yourself that you are good and kind, yet the refrain you hear says:

“You think so? You play so.”

Beloveds, an undercurrent runs through your mind. It’s like you set up bowling pins only then to knock them down. You are Aeschylus of Greek mythology who must roll the log up the mountain only for it to roll down again. You keep having to start over day after day. This is how it is with your accumulated dismay at yourself. You lament the bickering that your mind seems to full of.”

You call out to Me:

“Please, God. Make me of one mind. Keep my ungainly thoughts out of my mind. Make my mind one of grace. Get me out of this mental chaos I seem to be in. Help me to be one way, not two. Give me One mind. Give me One heart. Keep contradiction away from me. What is all this stuttering that my mind jabbers? I weep at the incessant verbiage that is parked in my mind. Keep out these arguments from my heart and mind. I want to be a good soul. I want, and I want, and sometimes I don’t get anywhere. I find myself back where I don’t want to be. Would that I could have mercy on myself and stop my mind from its nit-picking.

“God, please free me from what keeps me back from the Glory You would have me reveal. Pull out all the chaff from the wheat that I harbor within me. I am so tired of not being all or even half of what I long to be and that You wish me to be.”

All right, then. I declare you free from the past and all the contradictions housed within you. I claim peace for you now. No more tyranny from the past. Starting right now, I tell you that you have nothing to do with any remnants of uncharitableness. I clear your mind of them.

From your side, if unwanted thoughts appear, go over their heads and supersede them with the thoughts you want to have. Your will is even more powerful than random unwanted thoughts that come from out of the Dark Ages of the Past.

So be it.

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HEAVEN #5629 Eine kleine Stimme in dir widerspricht deinem Höheren Selbst


Gott sagt:
Vor allem hättest du gerne wenn viele Gedanken, die durch deinen Kopf laufen, dich in Ruhe lassen würden.

Du möchtest rein und wahrhaftig sein, doch deine Gedanken bedrängen dich. Sie wollen dich nicht allein lassen. Du sehnst dich nach Gedankenfreiheit, doch allzu oft bekommst du Gedanken, die du lieber nicht hättest.

Geliebte, ihr wollt euch über eure fehlgeleiteten Gedanken hinwegsetzen und emporsteigen.

Ihr glaubt, dass Ich euch zu etwas Großem erschuf, und mit ganzem Herzen und all eurer Kraft möchtet ihr groß sein und offenbaren, wer ihr in Wirklichkeit seid, um so die Welt zu segnen. Ihr seid ermüdet von all dem unerwünschten, zwielichtigen und unseriösen Denken über andere – und euch selbst -, Gedanken die euch plagen und nicht in Ruhe lassen wollen. Ihr wollt anderen nicht länger mit eurem ermatteten Geist zusetzen. Ihr wünscht euch zutiefst, diese erniedrigende Beschämung in eurem Leben von euch und anderen seinzulassen.

Ihr fragt euch wie es möglich ist so viel zu wissen wie ihr, und scheinbar unfähig zu sein, die Fülle dieses Wissens in die Tat umzusetzen. Ihr möchtet den Weg des Friedens gehen. Manchmal ist alles was ihr wollt Frieden, und ihr wollt alle Bemerkungen eures Verstandes hinter euch lassen.

Ihr möchtet echt sein und nicht nur eine gute Show präsentieren. Woher kommen deine verirrten Gedanken, und wie könnt ihr sie ein für alle Mal beenden?

Sagt eurem Gemüt, dass es sich beruhigen möge, um die in eurem Kopf auftauchenden Äußerungen zu stoppen. Ihr würdet diese Gedanken bezwingen, wenn nur euer Verstand davon absehen möchte. Euer Verstand lässt nicht davon ab. Euer Verstand rüttelt daran und schießt aus dem Hinterhalt auf dies oder das. Möchte doch dein Verstand dir ein bisschen Frieden und Ruhe gönnen und sich nicht mit der Welt und mit jenen sich in ihr abmühenden Seelen befassen.

Ihr möchtet, dass eure Herzen voller Güte und Barmherzigkeit sind, und dennoch macht euer Verstand darum herum unpassende Bemerkungen. Etwas in euch widerspricht eurem Höheren Selbst immer und immer wieder. Ihr verulkt euch selbst. Ihr verspottet euch selbst mit euren Sticheleien, die andere verletzen würden und alles wonach ihr euch sehnt auseinanderbringen, und nach wie vor hören die Gedanken nicht auf.

Zwei Stimmen spielen sich anscheinend fast gleichzeitig in euren Denken ab. Ihr sagt zu euch selbst, dass ihr gut und freundlich seid, jedoch sagt der Refrain, den ihr hört:

„Glaubt ihr das wirklich? Ihr tut nur so.”

Geliebte, eine Unterströmung verläuft durch euren Sinn. Es ist ungefähr so, als ob ihr Kegel nur deshalb aufstellt um sie umzuwerfen. Ihr gleicht dem Sisyphus der griechischen Mythologie, der einen Felsblock auf ewig einen Berg hinaufwälzen muss, welcher, fast am Gipfel, jedes Mal wieder ins Tal rollt. Ihr beginnt fortwährend Tag für Tag von Neuem. Der Grund ist eure angehäufte Bestürzung über euch selbst. Ihr beklagt das Hickhack, von dem euer Gemüt scheinbar voll ist.

Ihr ruft zu Mir:

„Bitte, Gott, mache mich eines Sinnes. Halte meine unbeholfenen Gedanken von mir fern. Lasse meinen Geist ein Geist der Gnade sein. Hole mich heraus aus dem geistigen Chaos, in dem ich anscheinend stecke. Hilf mir, in eine Richtung zu gehen, nicht in zwei. Gib mir Einen Sinn. Gib mir Ein Herz. Schütze mich vor Widersprüchlichkeiten. Was soll all das Gestammel, was mein Kopf daherplappert? Ich weine über den unaufhörlichen Wortschwall, der sich in meinem Kopf abspielt. Halte diese Debatten von meinem Herzen und meinem Kopf fern. Ich möchte eine frohe Seele sein. Ich will, und ich will, und manchmal komme ich nirgendwohin. Ich finde mich dorthin zurückgekehrt wo ich nicht sein möchte. Wollte es doch so sein, das ich Erbarmen mit mir hätte und meinen Verstand von seinen Spitzfindigkeiten befreien könnte.

Gott, bitte befreie mich davon was mich von der Herrlichkeit zurückhält, die Du mir gezeigt hättest. Nimm all die Spreu vom Weizen heraus, die ich in mir beherberge. Ich bin es leid, nicht alles zu sein, was Du für mich wünschst, oder selbst nicht die Hälfte von dem zu sein, was ich mir herbeisehne.”

Also gut. Ich erkläre, dass du frei von der Vergangenheit und allen in dir beherbergten Widersprüche bist. Der Friede ist nun mit dir. Keine Tyrannei mehr aus der Vergangenheit. Ab jetzt sage Ich dir, dass du mit irgendwelchen Überbleibseln von Lieblosigkeit nichts zu tun hast. Ich befreie dein Gemüt davon.

Wenn unerwünschte Gedanken bei dir auftreten, gehe über sie hinweg und setze an ihre Stelle die Gedanken, nach denen du dich sehnst. Dein Wille ist ja mächtiger als willkürliche unerwünschte Gedanken, die von den dunklen Zeiten der Vergangenheit herrühren.

So sei es.

übersetzt von: Axel Ehrich

Mike Quinsey: A Message from My Higher Self.

Surrendering by Lisa Renée

by Lisa Renée

We have multiple planets in the Solar System moving into a retrograde position, which adds to the intensified sensations of the amplified polarities that are surging in the collective consciousness fields of the planet, during this cycle. Many of us that are sensitive to the collective miasma rising can feel this purge of imbalanced energies surfacing as a type of energetic pressure that gains its chaotic momentum in the environment.

These accumulated misqualified or imbalanced energies in the collective consciousness have to find a point of release in order to clear out from the planetary grid. We may have noticed over the past few days several strong earthquakes and volcanoes have erupted in the Pacific Ring of Fire, a direct result of tectonic plate shifting through the massive amounts of accumulated collective energies, both natural and unnatural, attempting to find pressure points to release. When there are multiple planets in retrograde simultaneously, there is a tendency in the planetary field to generate intersections between multiple timelines where people, places and things of the past, present and future, energetically bleed through into the current moment of reality. This can bring surreal and unexpected circumstances that may feel disorienting and strange, where things feel out of whack and we feel that we are out of sync with our daily schedule in life.

With all of the retrograde influx of multiple planets in reversal energies, it can feel frustrating, as it may seem we keep bumping up against roadblocks or knocking on closed doors which are not opening to allow us any progressive forward movement. Retrogrades at this level of intensity will force us to slow down, and change our schedule or routines, it will make us take careful, deliberate and well thought out steps before we commit to anything in the future direction of our life. If there are circumstances that are not moving with us in the next new cycle, they tend to fall apart, breakdown and be completely dismantled. As challenging as this can be, it gives us more opportunities to resolve karmic issues where we have been stuck in a loop or we have felt stuck in a pattern through the imposing nature of things operating in our periphery.

When we undergo such prolific and rapid change, our energy body (lightbody) and our emotional state can be more vulnerable to feeling weaker and more exposed to negative emotions.
We may feel that negative emotional state in other people, and catch the low vibration which amplifies the voices of our own inner fears.
Thus, it is essential to maintain spiritual center and energetic balance as possible, taking very good care of our emotional body, as we undergo a series of rapid, life altering transformations. This is the time to discipline and observe our thoughts, while being especially careful of where we place our mental focus and invest ourselves emotionally. We will have challenges to meet inside ourselves, while the people and things around us will reflect back to us, the same kinds of mental and emotional challenges for us to master. This is the inner to outer, and outer to inner challenge of seeing the collective consciousness mirror and maintaining grace while under pressure!

When we undergo such intense and rapid changes, it may also mean that we will experience both endings and beginnings in many areas of our life. When involved in these types of intense changes, we will want to know that we can create a sense of personal freedom while enduring rapid growth, and simultaneously, decrease any entanglements, dramas, and the forces of chaos that tend to be generated in the dismantling phases.

The art of Surrender is especially useful when enduring these chaotic phases of transformational growth, where it may seem that things are backfiring and going in the wrong direction. The art of Surrender requires increasing degrees of trust and self-reliance that we develop inside ourselves, and it is the process of learning to let go in order to reach beyond our limitations. We cannot be codependent or involved in circumstances that are harmful to our emotional and spiritual growth, and this will be transformed into situations that involve greater self-reliance in order to develop inner strength.
We get constantly stretched beyond the parameter of our inner resistances, that are based on our unresolved fears. As we surrender to the process of transformation and let go, we learn how to trust ourselves more, in order to confidently navigate in these new circumstances.

Surrender does not mean being passive, helpless or powerless when being confronted with conflict. It is about discerning the correct balance needed between action and non-action, and surrendering the end result or outcome to your highest purpose and highest self, even if you cannot fathom what that looks like right now. Growing compassion for ourselves helps us to surrender to accept these changes with composure, centering and level headedness. We remove the negative self-talk and stop mentally torturing ourselves with the anxiety and fear of not knowing what’s coming next.

The power inherent in Surrendering will help you to let go and accept that not knowing what will happen is just fine. Sometimes, it gives us the opportunity to re-examine strong inner desires we have had in manifesting something, and coming to the deeper realization that this was just not meant to be. This is a testing of the contents of our heart, to deeply discern the difference between personality or instinctual desires versus the deeper motivations and prompting that comes directly from our inner spirit.

When we surrender to the process of intense or rapid transformation, it helps us to attune to the natural flow, the synchronistic alignment of energies. When we are feeling into the natural flow, and we are listening to follow the energetic synchronicities, we are honoring divine right timing and divine right order.
There is no way to think our way towards Surrendering to the natural flow, we must feel into it. Surrender cultivates the power of the heart, develops higher sensory perception, and helps us to find and listen to the inner stillness. All of these practices will strengthen the energetic harmonizing effects in every area of your life, which will guide you to the highest outcome and choice that is designed for your personal spiritual growth and ultimately, fulfilling your highest expression.

Applying the intuitive art of Surrendering to all aspects of ourselves will support restoring energetic balance and thus, increasing harmony in all areas of our life.

Physical Surrender: Every day feel into our physical self and sense our current physical wellness, while regularly moving our body intermittently throughout the day, helps to release stored tension and blockages.
We can also apply breathwork, in short breaks in the day, to refocus our mind to help release mental and emotional tension stored in the body. As you keep your body as relaxed as possible throughout the day, it increases the surrender potential of the body to let go of held tensions immediately, when exposed to different stressors. We do not want the body to hold onto stress or tension.

Emotional Surrender: Observe feelings and when you clench or tighten up from instinctual reactions. Work on resolving emotional conflicts that lead to resentments, blaming or generating unloving thoughts towards yourself. Recognize when you are emotionally carrying tension or feeling upset, and work on letting that go, in that moment, do what you can to find peace, acceptance and tranquility with whatever had been bothering you.

Mental Surrender: Most of the time our ego mind wants to understand the end result or outcome of events, and will try to control the outcome to our favor. On the spiritual path, one learns that this controlling behavior will backfire and many times creates obsessive looping thoughts. Refocusing our mind to maintain peace, and asserting that it is not up to you to know everything, helps to let it go and give the circumstances to flow with higher purpose. Mindful meditation, and the ability to still the mind, can shift obsessive thoughts, and allow the mental body to surrender to the natural flow. This is deferring personal will to divine will, in knowing there is a blueprint and plan for all things in our life.

Spiritual Surrender: When we surrender to spirit, we are giving over control to the God forces, while we release ourselves from the need to exert control. We realize that we are not alone, and that this burden is not ours to carry by ourselves. We have the love, power and compassion from Gods spirit to guide us, and as we trust in the divine right order, we become more comfortable with life’s uncertainty. Developing trust with our inner spirit and relationship with God, makes letting go much easier.

Take good care of yourself at this time, give yourself plenty of loving kindness, and patience as you are learning the art of Surrender.


Image ~ www.spiritualriver.net

Illuminations Now shortlink : http://wp.me/p2wHrN-41U

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: April 19, 2016

Sheldan-Nicle-PAO7 Men, 8 Kank’in, 12 Manik

Dratzo! Your world is slowly moving toward the divine resolution of the inevitable bankruptcy of USA, Inc. The American regime has managed to forestall the inevitable.

Nevertheless, the time has come for the world’s major governmental change to manifest. The amount of guile and plain outright lying has finally run its course. The continued obstinacy to change of the American regime can no longer be maintained. Too many governments have left its side. Too many major economies have abandoned its cause.

This de facto government is now alone and becoming more isolated by the day from its former friends and long-time allies. The world sincerely intends that it gracefully collapse and be replaced by governance more congenial to the changing nature of a new, growing, and more prosperous economy. This is the hope and intent of a number of possible solutions given freely to this suddenly desperate regime.

America now requires a major housecleaning. The old ways are no longer even conceivable. Only a whole new outlook will do. The present American administration is beginning to realize this truth and is seeking a means to achieve this noble end.

As the former might of America fades into the sunrise of a new day, a whole new realm full of excitement and prosperity is currently ready to manifest. Count Saint Germain knew that a major set of events was needed to establish the required foundations for this new realm.

At the opening of this millennium, America was to achieve its greatest false flag and call it ‘9/11.’ America turned on its own people and wiped out many more lives than reported to create a false sense of security for its ruling oligarchy. This security was shattered by the rise in this world of a relentless force that turned America’s ‘victory’ into the object that was to be the main cause for its ultimate undoing.

This set of events led to the ‘RV’ and the start of a global currency reset. These things were the heart of a new financial system. This alone signaled that America’s days as a god-like super power were over. It was to be replaced with a NESARA-born new governance and an unlimited prosperity. These elements were to embody a new realm filled with ETs, Agarthans and a new sense of purpose.

This growth in consciousness was inspired by the arcane work of Heaven. Since the middle of your 1970s, every body guardian was dedicated to the slow but steady growth of consciousness within the heart and soul of surface humanity. This accelerated movement had been inspired by the near collapse of the Sun in the early 1970s.

Heaven saw this astrological event as the necessary harbinger for the mission to return its limited consciousness chelas into physical Angels. This operation was to start when a prescribed near-disastrous event occurred. This event was prevented by the sudden and massive intervention of the Federation.

Heaven then ordered us to begin an intervention that was to slowly build up till a massive fleet was in place by the beginning of the 1990s. It is this fleet that is to arrive en masse on Gaia’s surface at a set date in the very near future. While all this was happening, your Ascended Masters had commissioned a set of secret sacred societies to complete a process that had been started in the early 1800s.

These secret sacred societies encountered us when we started to explore the lay of the land in the early 1990s. During this decade we developed camaraderie with several of these groups and began a close relationship, which has presently flowered into a close friendship. Through them we were able to begin to plan a ‘big picture’ scenario to be introduced over the next two decades (1990s to 2010s).

Our plan was, with our expertise, to simply support what the Masters and the Agarthans intended. This plan has now led us to the brink of success. The dark cabal is essentially defeated and all that remains is to carefully work out those procedures that can ensure that all is successfully implemented.

Once this is done, and the Masters’ lessons given, we can set a date for the landings upon your beautiful shores. At that time, we can introduce you to our mentors and begin the final steps to lead you to your personal Crystal Light Chambers! Then, you are to be swiftly trained to successfully live as fully conscious Beings of Light! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!

A special time has been reached in our long and arduous journey through the dark period of our lives. A new dawn is coming that was prophesied by Heaven. The Anunnaki are gone and their immoral minions are on the verge of extinction. Only by the grace and mercy of AEON is there to be a glorious era of the Light.

The theme of this moment is the divine progression of the Light as it moves through this divine rhythm of a grand transformation. This transformation brings liberation and a prosperity long hinted at by those who feel the eternal flow of these new rhythms of life.

We ask that you remain positive and use these divine moments to plan and ready yourselves for what is to come. We Masters waited millennia for this sacred time. Our plans are now being implemented by our sacred societies of Light. It is the moment for you to climb out of the darkness and be seen. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

This sacred time is a most special one for you. The key is to remain positive and highly supportive of your vision. This realm is now changing in its own divine time. This is in its ever-expanding natural rhythm. Do not let the rate of this expansion frustrate you. Change is actually taking place!

Be aware of this and know in your heart that a new world of freedom and prosperity is opening to you. This new period is taking shape and is being aided by those who have taken your many positive visions and are manifesting them. Hence, it is important that you strengthen these visions by continuing to support them.

We Masters start every day with a series of prayers designed to bolster your efforts. Our combined strength is making a difference. Together, let us walk into this new time and do it by knowing that we are aiding to strengthen the rhythms of this new time!

This process of change is really a process of massive transformation. This operation is, in reality, a change in how you sincerely perceive this realm. It is for this reason that one is profoundly affected by your vision. Our part in this massive operation is to create and hold positive visions of the new world that we are entering together.

This is truly a collective effort. Each of us comprises this magnificent collective. It is our way to positively hold this grand vision. Our sacred associates are taking this spiritual vision and forging its manifestation. You can say that we are holding together the divine blueprint for this objective.

Piece by piece this vision is becoming real. Nevertheless it is being done using the new rhythms that we have created and continue to hold together. Hence, we can only thank you for your marvelous energies and ask that you carry on until this great goal is reached. Namaste!

Today, we continued to give our weekly report on the construction of the new reality. It has been a long and hard road to travel. However, you have all persisted. This road is now largely paved and we expect to hear some wonderful news shortly. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle, April 19, 2016, at http://www.paoweb.com/sn041916.htm

Source link: Sheldan Nidle PAO Update for April 19, 2016

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Heavenly Blessings ~ On Guardian Angels and Guides, with Archangel Gabrielle

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

April 19, 2016 ~ Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon came together to discuss our Guardian Angels and Guides, how all of that works and some of our experience around their presence in our own lives.

Archangel Gabrielle came for a surprise visit after Linda’s extended meditation for meeting our guides and angels. Our teams are quite large, and some of our angels have been with us from the time we issued forth from Source.

There are many helpful ideas and suggestions in this show for connecting with the guidance and higher perspective that’s available to all of us.

Heavenly Blessings is a show in which we join with the Council of Love to share gifts, blessings, stories and insights through meditation, channeling and conversation. This show aims to assist individuals on their individual journey and also to build support and mutuality with the inhabitants of earth, the higher realms, and with our star brothers and sisters. Paul Backes producing.

Music: Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun

Linda’s website ~ http://counciloflove.com/

For those who wish to support our efforts with a donation ~ http://hopeche.st

Heavenly Blessings airs on alternate Tuesdays no later than Noon E.T.


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Archangel Michael on the Tapestry of Balance

arch angel michaelFolks, I apologize. The Hour with an Angel promo failed to post. Here that notice is.

This week Archangel Michael discussed the divine quality of balance with us.

He explained that balance gives us clarity and focus. From there we can create. Balance also opens the door to higher states of consciousness such as love and bliss.

Whether called equanimity, detachment, centeredness, or quietude, balance opens the door to the higher realms.

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET


There is no call-in number


AAM said:

“What we are waiting for so eagerly is when every single of your thoughts, actions, interactions, and relationships are simply a mirroring or an alternate expression of when you are in bliss with us. That is where you are headed. That’s the New You. That is when you know that Ascension is completed.”

How do we get there? It’s not just practice, he tells us. It’s also an act of will. Let me end with a snippet of what AAM tells us about the impact of balance.

“It’s the ability to be in the quietude, the certitude, the connection while operating freely, joyously, expansively, in the entire planet.

“When you are in this state, when you are in that tapestry of balance, connectedness, love, your field – not just what you think of as your physical body, which is the smallest part of you but your entire field – is vibrating at an extraordinarily high frequency. …

“Your positivity, your balance, your kindness, your loving thoughts, your knowingness, think of them as travelling out as electrical/magnetic waves and it can travel around your globe very rapidly and you can accelerate that transmission by simply declaring it so.

“So not only then does your day and your interactions, your mission and your purpose in the personal sense become very enriched and fulfilling. You also have just affected the entire collective.

“You are a light being. Do you not think that your transmission does not travel far and wide? Of course it does.”

Come join us for a deeper look at the notion of balance.

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Sunrise or Sunset?

sunrise or sunsetSunrise or Sunset.  Is it a beginning or is it an ending.   All of life is a single experience.  The only difference is where we are when we experience it.  One person’s sunrise is another person’s sunset.   Both are the same experience, just seen from different perspectives and in between the two is someone else’s high noon, and someone’s midnight.    So is every life experience. There are no absolutes only differences in experiences, differences in perspective.   Every experience is valid.  Every perspective has its truth.  It is only when we argue over each other’s perspective that we lose our way.  Live in the moment and know that someone else is experiencing that same moment but in a different way. Don’t judge someone else’s perspective or experience.

Sunrise or Sunset.  Both are the same only our perspective differs.

~Kuya David

[etfirstcontact@et.treeofthegoldenlight.com] Mike Quinsey Higher Self Message, April 08, 2016‏

 8th. April 2016. Mike Quinsey.

Chaos continues to happen all around you, yet it would have been so much worse had it not been for the Galactic Forces. The dark Ones are in disarray and losing their power to dictate the way your lives are working out, and If they had their way you would have been plunged into global wars to which there would be no end. However, they have been stopped in their tracks and a world war has been prevented. In time a halt will be called to such atrocities and eventually there will be no armed confrontations at all. Peace is approaching and it will be of a lasting nature, allowing the Earth to eventually be fully restored to its pristine beauty. This period will be one of great growth in your evolution as the new Earth emerges, and a great Galactic Age begins destined to speedily carry you forward giving you many exciting opportunities.

Many souls still have closed minds and will be unable to grasp the many opportunities coming their way. Naturally there will be a degree of waking up, but to go forward at this time requires that souls have made suitable preparations. However, at all times help is given to you and is always available, so remember to call upon the higher forces when you need it. By doing so it allows your Guides to ensure that you are following your Life Plan that is important to your evolution. Many souls have come to the Earth for this special occasion that will not be repeated again for a very long time. As it becomes safe new inventions will be introduced that will lift up the quality of your life, and you will find that the changes come faster than ever.
Your Universe is teeming with life at levels mostly in advance of your own. You will therefore be given a great welcome for your achievements, and will meet many different civilisations. It means that you will need to develop a completely different mind-set to your present one, and be ready to acknowledge the many changes needed for your understanding of Life. The sooner you can open your mind to a different way of seeing things the quicker you will spiritually progress and evolve. Many souls have been brainwashed to believe teachings that have deliberately held you back, using fear and chaos as their tools. However, the truth will come out as nothing can hold it back indefinitely, and by being discerning will “feel” what is right and can be believed. Find a source of Light and stick with it so that it can be used as a measure of any information that you receive. Usually a soul will instinctively know what is truthful and your feelings can in this way be relied upon. Most of you will have progressed sufficiently to go all the way to experience Ascension. It is certainly worth whatever effort you make to ensure you keep on the right path.

There is a time approaching when you will be able to openly converse with your Guides, so do not forget that in the meantime you can mentally contact them. They oversee your activities and try to you keep you on your spiritual path. They can help ensure that you follow your life plan and keep you out of trouble, even to the point of saving your life when it is not part of it. So do not forget your Guides are willing and loving Beings that serve the Light. They probably know you better than you know yourself which is why you are well advised to follow their promptings. Listen to the voice inside your head that often warns of the dangers in actions you are about to take.

This particular time you are in is a most important period, as you of the Light are now sufficiently empowered to be able to prevent interference in the process of enlightenment, and the introduction of changes that have long been promised. So it is now only a matter of a final period of tying up loose ends and everything should be ready for the next stage. This year is still looked upon as one of many revelations and changes that will truly signal the arrival of the New Age. You the Light Workers are undoubtedly fully prepared having lived with your expectations for quite a long time. Delays have been unavoidable as the emphasis has been on ensuring that the right time is chosen to bring the changes in.

The vibrations are as ever continuing to speed up and more souls are sensing an awakening within. It means that they will be more receptive to the changes that are coming out. Once the truth is known of the benefits to be made, even more souls will respond. After many lives on Earth you are somewhat conditioned where your expectations are concerned, and the promise of far reaching benefits that lift you out of poverty and lack, will change your outlook. They are for Humanity as a whole and will bring all up to a level that assures you happy and fulfilling lives free from want.

In your present circumstances you are not yet expected to be able to grasp the full significance of what is happening, but in the near future you will be enlightened to the truth about your journey through the lower dimension. Most importantly you need to remember that you volunteered for such experiences in the lower vibrations, knowing that they would speed up your evolution. You will not remember it at present but will do so when your vibrations are uplifted again. Then all will become clear and you will be grateful that you were able to have the opportunity to evolve more quickly. Regardless of what people may think their purpose is for being on Earth, life is infinite and you are ever seeking growth and your return to the Light.

At times it must in fact seem that there is no purpose to life, but that is largely down to the dark Ones who have continually confused the truth and kept you in a state of “lack”. It includes the truth of your being from a spiritual perspective, as even that has been distorted to keep you under their control. All that will change in the near future and eventually only the truth will remain. So keep calm and know that each one of you is playing a crucial part in the changes taking place that are all important to the whole.

The events that are waiting to manifest are so important to your future that the Earth is being monitored and guarded by Galactic Forces that are far more evolved than those of you on Earth. You can therefore live without fear as to the outcome of present events both on and off Earth. The future has already been written and the Light is victorious and the dark Ones removed to ensure that there is no further interference with your lives. You may feel that matters are so out of control that there will be no end to the worldwide problems, but be assured that they are fully monitored. Chaotic times will gradually cease as their actions are curtailed and total peace will return to Earth.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,
for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Some Words to the Present Time of Transformation


loveismyreligion.jpgThese days are fully loaded with energy coming from the unconditional love of all our Creator so that all prophecies of all times of three dimensional duality will now come true.   All we, waiting so long for our transformation, bear with secret joy our hurting  physical bodies knowing these are the signals of the godlike love transforming us totally into our truely first born and given virtues of higher dimensions  These thoughts are moving through my inner heart at present and when meditating some verses came to my mind which I wtote in 1992 telling about my feelings of those years when I was an earnest searcher but did not not as much asIdo now. And looking up some scribbled paper I found these verses. Reading over them I got aware that my feelings pg those past time totally well fit into nowadays – it is true,. we all feel the same way I believe and therefore you will supposedly enjoy these verses like I still do:

Invocation to the Bearers or Federation of Light

The light from above fill all my soul –

and from the inner planes where all knowledge is taught,

the light of wisdom may come to my heart.


The Light of Love and Companion of Man

may give me the srength to fulfill the Great Plan –

The light in my heart gets rid of old bricks

and towers of fear will be vanishing quick.


I call for your help, you bearers of light

to brighten the path into lands of your sight –

to enflame my heart wirh furthering glow

in burning like flames in body and soul.


The brilliance of Spirit in fire above

is coming to me – my thirst calls for your shaft,

the burning desire is flame in my heart,

I serve in the choir with my lightening art.


You Bearers of Light – acknowledge this heart

accept your sibling in doing her part,

to serve here on Gaia with serious a mind

with a heart full of love for every kind.


I call on you Mighties for all which you see,

I`m still one of your kin, I strive for the light and thee,

for the plane  I live in –

for the motion of thought – new knowledge of sight –

to work in the plan – spread on Gaia the Light.


Eva Maria Holstein – Contramary  1992









Der Kontakt zum Unterbewusstsein bzw. zu eurem Höheren Selbst ist nun freigeschaltet

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/der-kontakt-zum-…n-freigeschaltet/

Shortlink. http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3Vv

Einfache Meditationen 2

Gaia Mutter Erde durch Marc Gamma ~ 05.04.2014


Liebe Menschen,

hier spricht Mutter Erde und ich komme heute mit einer aussergewöhnlich frohen Botschaft zu euch. Ich möchte euch mittels dieses Skript einen Weg zeigen, wie ihr schnellst möglich zu eurem Unterbewusstsein, resp. zu eurem Höheren Selbst einen schnellen und direkten Zugang finden könnt.


Wenn der Zahn der Zeit an euch nagt‘…ja, dann wird es euch klar, dass es Zeit wird weiterzugehen. Nun, was soll diese Aussage, diese beliebte Redewendung euch sagen? Sie bezieht sich auf etwas, welche für euch Menschen so klar und so deutlich ist. Es ist der Tod, der physische Tod, welcher euch daran erinnert, dass ihr, das heisst euer Körper sterblich ist. Es ist tatsächlich nur euer physischer Körper der zurück bleibt, eure Seele jedoch lebt weiter und weiter und weiter.


Nun, über die Existenz euer Seele und über euer Unterbewusstseins resp. euer Höheres Selbst…

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Life is a Mystery

Rialto Beach 3

Life is a mystery that can only be lived in the NOW. The past is over and done with. Remember the lessons learned but do not dwell on them. The future is not yet written, and you control it by what you live in the now. Change your now, your way of being NOW and you change the future. Dreams are possibilities but there are always infinite possibilities and they emerge based upon your NOW. This moment sets the tone for the rest of your life. If you don’t like it, change it NOW.

Be NOW that which you wish to see for your future. It is your choice. You are the author of your life’s story. No one else is. As we think in the NOW, so we become. If you want love, then be love. If you want joy, then be joy. If you want prosperity then be prosperity. The way is simple. As we give, so we receive. As we are, so we become.

The errors of our life can only control us, if we let them, if we dwell on them in the Now. The future is ours to create. What we create is a direct result of what we live now, in this moment. Be what you want to be NOW and love this moment unconditionally.


Hilarion’s Weekly Message through Marlene Swetlishoff ~ April 3-10, 2016


Beloved Ones,

The new beginning that everyone has been waiting for has quietly arrived, without bells, whistles or trumpet blares. It comes as a quiet, peaceful feeling within the depths of one’s being and gently takes root within the garden of one’s soul. Peace within, at last! Let it slowly and gently unfold and blossom, allowing its gifts to be seen and felt. The stillness of the universe waits poignantly for the petals within each soul to unfurl, the radiance within to shine through to work its magic in the world!

The cup of Life in all its glory and majesty beckons one to partake of the elixir of knowingness, in full participation of the celebration of its diverse creation. What glory exuberantly makes its presence known! The beauty of the world waits for each soul to discover in moments of peaceful stillness. Each is a miracle and a blessing to the one who beholds it if they but pause to recognize and savour it. As the sacred scriptures of the last era recorded in psalms 46:10, “be still and know that I am God”, this is what is now required of humanity, to connect with the sacred divinity within them.


Inner reflections will continue to bring forth revelations that aid in moving you forward on your path through Earthly life. It is a time of inner growth and transformation on a more profound and more manifest visible level. All that was in your life to the present moment is coming back once more for you to reflect on how much you have grown in your perceptions and understanding, your sense of empathy and compassion, your innate goodness and innocence and in your experience of wielding your power to choose your response to all of it. No matter how painful, you were willing to face the truths revealed to you with a loving and caring heart.

Now, as these things pass through you, you see the value that each experience has brought to you. You learned the value of courage and bravery in the face of the risk of losing all that was dear to you and was willing to let it all go, if that was what was required in your soul plan. You learned to look beyond the appearance of a situation and see the bigger picture. You tried to step into the shoes of the ‘other’, to feel what they felt. You learned the value to yourself of observing yourself in all kinds of situations. This, Dear Ones, was for the purpose of adding these spiritual qualities and attributes to your eternal soul’s empowerment, understanding and experience of life in the physical dimension while there was yet the opportunity.


You also learned that honouring and acknowledging self was a priority to your ongoing soul progression. You learned the best ways to nurture not only your spirit, but your human self. You learned when this nurturance was required and you now follow through as a natural course of action. Now a new horizon appears, a new and fresh start is presenting itself to you as you salute and wave goodbye to the past and set sail on a new course of becoming the conscious wielder and manifestor, always seeking the most effortless path to your destiny in a natural, effortless unfolding of your life in a way that moves you toward wholeness and harmony in all things. Focus each day on doing the things that bring you joy; live an inspired life where every day opens the door to a new exciting adventure.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

You are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

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Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Thursday March 31st

Humanity is awakening.  There are signs and evidence of it everywhere, there is nowhere on the planet where the Tsunami of Love remains unfelt.  Do not concern yourselves with the depressing and unhappy news that the mainstream media focuses on almost exclusively because, although it brings to your attention the enormous scale of human suffering, the good news of humanity’s spiritual awakening, which is having a far greater effect worldwide than you can possibly imagine, can only be found on independent news sites.  The fact that it is not being widely reported does not mean that it is not happening, and you know that.  Each of you in your own personal lives are aware, at a deep intuitive level, that something massive is occurring.  Do not dismiss those intuitive knowings as wishful thinking or unreal imaginary hopes, because what you intuit is…

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This is an urgent message about an upcoming event that is going to have global implications on the side of massive paradigm shifts. There are some important things to know. We’d like to start off by saying that it is only Ego that would resist or condemn this message and we know we have nothing to defend. This message will reach and be received by all who are meant to receive it and the rest will experience what is to come, regardless.

A massive energetic shift is coming and we are here to make you aware that as of April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT and for the following 3 hours, a massive energetic message is being remotely communicated and shown to an innumerable amount of people on Earth. This message is one of love, peace, surrender, forgiveness, healing and powerful vibrations being sent through directly to individuals through their energetic field. This means that large amounts of energy will be moving through you during this time. It will come through you as an amplification system. All individuals in your field of awareness, without realizing how or why, will be receiving this through you. There’s nothing to fear. They won’t know who it’s coming from. If you are surrendered enough, and awake while it’s happening, all you will feel is blissful love, peace, an urge to celebrate.

While there are some things we are choosing to keep close to the vest, please be aware that this will be the first of these blasts that will be going out. Certain points in this process have to be very specific and particular but, all those who have already been able to tap into the collective are invited to send your energy also. This is important. Just your emotion, no message attached, no sender needs to be named. Getting yourself into the fullest trance like, meditative and/or psychedelic state possible is important for this to be as effective as possible. Adding powerful music (free of lyrics) is helpful to the process. Once you are in this state, bring yourself to the highest vibrations of positive emotions possible. Forgiveness, peace, love, bliss, laughter, whatever comes up. Laugh, cry, release. Whatever positive emotion comes up must be expressed to the masses. Blast out those feelings and send all that goodness to whomever you can envision. Allow your mind to move swiftly through faces you are directing it to whether you know who they are or not. Please be sure to send it to those who need it the most and remember that this means FORGIVENESS without fear or judgment. Again… FORGIVENESS WITHOUT FEAR OR JUDGMENT.

For everyone reading this that understands, resonates and remembers that this was the time we chose for a reason, between now and April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT, RELEASE ALL FEARS. RELEASE ALL JUDGMENT. FORGIVE EVERYONE. LOVE EVERYONE. REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ONE. This is so important. We cannot stress to you enough the importance of doing this NOW. You are either working with us or we are healing you. There’s no judgment from us as to which side you stand on but just know that as of that moment in time, you are either one of the healers here completely ready to do this OR you are one of those being healed. It is of no consequence to us. Do not even judge yourself. If you find you are unable to be a part of the healing, you will be able to join us during one of the next waves and we are just as joyful, no matter what. You are already forgiven and loved.

Beforehand, this is a great time to express love and forgiveness to everyone in your life that you have not done so yet. Remember, it is only your ego that is resisting this or believes that it is not you that needs to apologize and communicate love. It does not matter how the other responds or how they receive the message. Fear no consequence. Remember, once truth is spoken it continues to work through all. This is it. Go out and fearlessly send your apologies, love, forgiveness and gratitude. Ho’oponopono. The simplest message that can be emailed, texted, messaged to or spoken to anyone on your list of challenging relationships is:

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

We can all send that and just leave it at that. Any positive response received, flow with it and any negative response received, surrender and release it.

Equally important is your vision. Please spend time truly imagining life with no limitations and what that looks like for you. Speak it with positive verbiage. In other words “we live in a resources based economy” as opposed to “we live in a world without money”… “we live in a peaceful and safe world” as opposed to “we live in a world with no war or crime”, etc. Find the most empowering way to envision this world that you would like to live in. Visualize it and connect with the energy of it now. Imagine your life with zero limitations, zero resistance, zero conflict, zero lack, zero pain. Visualize and feel your life filled with peace, love, abundance, laughter and the perfect experience. Do you want to live in a hut on the beach? See it, feel it, connect with it. Do you want a mansion? See it, feel it, connect with it. Do you want a cabin in the woods or a farmhouse or to live in an intentional community? See it, feel it, connect with it.
Some will be in disbelief about what is happening. There’s no need to convince them. Those of you that agreed upon this moment, this timeline and this event, just surrender and trust. It’s happening and we are ready.

Humanity, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you. Mother Earth, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you. To the animal kingdom, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you. To all of the plants and trees, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you. To all sentient beings we have not mentioned, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you. To the benevolent beings of all reaches of the universe, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you. Please join us Now. We are ready and receive you with peace and gratitude.

Brothers and sisters, please share this message far and wide. This is the good news prophesied in many books. It does not matter what religion or path you are on. We are One. All perspectives are True and Correct and now, love and unity is the only law. This is the good news that was said would be shared before the end times would come. The end times are transformative, not destructive. There is nothing to fear. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Those of us that knew it in our hearts all along are being redeemed. The moment of prophecy has arrived and believers and non-believes alike will see it. We assure you.

Brothers and sisters, it is time for this message to be shared, spoken, recorded and spread with no author needing credit. This message is humanity’s message. Love and Unity is all there is now. Everything else is a quickly disintegrating illusion. Surrender and allow the Truth to manifest here on Earth.

Amen. Amun. Amin. A’ho. So mote it be. And so it is. Your will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Blessed be. Namaste. Ho’oponopono. Ubuntu. Honor and gratitude to each and every One of you.

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Dringende Nachricht an die Sternensaat, Lichtbringer, Zwillingsflammen, 144tausend, Heiler, Ältesten, Hüter der Weisheit und alle anderen … ob weiblich oder männlich.

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26. März 201


Dies ist eine dringende Nachricht über ein kommendes Ereignis, welches – durch massive Paradigmaverschiebungen – globale Auswirkungen haben wird. Hierüber gibt es einige wichtige Dinge zu wissen. Wir würden gerne anfangen, indem wir sagen, dass es nur das Ego ist, das diese Nachricht ablehnen und verurteilen würde und wir hätten dem nichts entgegenzusetzen. Doch diese Nachricht wird all’ jene erreichen, für die diese Informationen bestimmt sind und der Rest wird sowieso erfahren, was kommen soll – wenn es soweit ist.

Eine massive energetische Verschiebung kommt, und wir sollen euch hier und heute darauf aufmerksam machen … dass am Samstag, den 9. April 2016 um 23:00 Uhr PDT (Pacific Daylight Time = http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/pdt = in Europa demnach am 10. April 2016 um 8:00 Uhr morgens) und den darauf folgenden 3 Stunden eine massive energetische Informationsübertragung unzähligen Menschen auf der Erde mitgeteilt und gezeigt werden wird. Die Kernbotschaft dieser Nachricht ist Liebe, Frieden, Aufgabe/Übergabe/LOSLASSEN, Vergebung, während heilende und kraftvolle Schwingungen direkt durch das Energiefeld dieser Personen geschickt werden. Das bedeutet, dass sich während des genannten Zeitraums enorme Energien durch dich hindurch bewegen werden. Es wird durch dich strömen und dein gesamtes System erweitern (Amplifikation = Erweiterungssystem – der DNA – und gleichzeitig Verstärker deines bestehenden Systems). Alle Menschen in deinem Bewusstseinsfeld werden diese Energien durch dich erhalten – ohne zu wissen wie oder warum. Es gibt nichts, wovor du dich fürchten musst. Die Personen werden nicht wissen, von wem diese Energien kommen. Wenn du ausreichend geklärt und hellwach bist, wenn dies geschieht, ist alles was du fühlen wirst … Glück, Liebe, Friede und den Drang zu FEIERN.

Zwar gibt es in diesem Zusammenhang weitere Informationen, aber wir haben beschlossen uns auf diese erste Druckwelle, die ausgesandt werden wird, zu konzentrieren. Bestimmte Punkte in diesem Prozess müssen spezifisch genau und sehr detailliert sein, aber … alle, die bereits Energien für das Kollektiv erschlossen haben, sind herzlich dazu eingeladen ihre Energien auch hier beizutragen. Das ist wichtig. Nur dein Gefühl, ohne Botschaft, ohne Intention, es muss kein Absender genannt werden. Desto intensiver dein meditativer und / oder psychedelischer Zustand ist, desto effektiver sind deine Energien und desto wirkungsvoller ist dein Aufnahmepotenzial für die eingehenden Schwingungen.

Auch das Hinzufügen kraft- und stimmungsvoller Musik (ohne Text) ist diesem Prozess dienlich. Sobald du in diesem kontemplativen Zustand bist, bringe dich selbst in die höchstmögliche Schwingung positiver Gefühle. Vergebung, Frieden, Liebe, Glück, Seligkeit, Lachen, was auch immer auftaucht – an guten, an wundervollen, glückseligen Gefühlen. Lache, schreie, lass los. Welche positiven Gefühle auch immer aufkommen werden, sie müssen den Menschen mitgeteilt – und mit den Menschen geteilt – werden. Posaune diese Gefühle heraus … und sende diese guten Schwingungen und Gefühle an alle, die dir einfallen. Erlaube deiner Vorstellungskraft sich im Zeitraffertempo durch alle Gesichter hindurch zu bewegen, die sich dir zeigen – ob du weißt wer das ist oder nicht. Sende diese Gefühle bitte auch unbedingt an diejenigen, die es am meisten brauchen und erinnere dich daran, dass das VERGEBUNG ohne Angst oder Urteil bedeutet. Noch einmal … VERGEBUNG OHNE ANGST ODER URTEIL.

Für jeden, die / der dies liest, versteht, mitschwingt und sich erinnert … die Zeit zwischen diesen Zeilen und dem Ereignis am Samstag, den 9. April 2016 um 23:00 Uhr PDT (Pacific Daylight Time = http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/pdt = in Europa demnach am 10. April 2016 um 8:00 Uhr morgens) wurde absichtlich so gewählt, damit ihr folgendes beherzigt:

LASST ALLE ÄNGSTE LOS. „Ich lasse alle Ängste los“

URTEILT und WERTET NICHT. „Ich urteile nicht und ich werte nicht“

VERGEBT und VERZEIHT ALLEN. „Ich vergebe und verzeihe allen“

LIEBT JEDEN. „Ich liebe“

Erinnert euch daran: WIR SIND ALLE GLEICH / EINS. „Ich bin du und du bist ich“

Das ist so wichtig.

Wir können gar nicht oft genug betonen, wie wichtig es ist, dies JETZT zu tun. Entweder ihr arbeitet mit uns, oder wir mit euch:-) Von unserer Seite aus gibt es keine Wertung, denn entweder stehst du in diesem besagten Moment auf der Seite der Heiler – und bist bestens darauf vorbereitet – ODER du gehörst zu jenen, die durch die eintreffenden Energien geheilt werden. Für uns hat eine Seite nicht mehr Gewichtung als die andere. Be-urTEILT euch selbst auch nicht.

Wenn du findest, dass du an dieser Heilung nicht teilnehmen wirst, dann nimmst du eben an einer der nächsten Wellen teil … wir freuen uns trotzdem für dich, egal wie du dich entscheidest. Dir wurde bereits vergeben, verziehen und du bist geliebt.

Diese Zeit jetzt – im Vorfeld des besagten Ereignisses – ist eine gute Zeit, um jeder / jedem in deinem Leben deine Liebe und deine Vergebung zum Ausdruck zu bringen – wenn du es nicht schon getan hast. Denke daran, es ist nur dein Ego, das sich hier widersetzen und / oder dich zurückhalten mag, oder glaubt, dass nicht du es bist, der sich entschuldigen und lieben sollte. Dabei ist es ohne Bedeutung, ob und wie der andere darauf antwortet, und es ist auch nicht wichtig, wie er oder sie die Botschaft erhalten. Befürchte keine Folgen, keine Konsequenzen aus deinem Verhalten … der Vergebung und deiner Liebe. Bedenke, sobald die Wahrheit einmal ausgesprochen ist, wirkt sie weiter – durch alle und alles hindurch.

Das ist es. Geh’ und entschuldige dich, liebe, vergebe und sei dankbar.


Die einfachste Nachricht, die formuliert, geschrieben, geschickt, gemailt oder ausgesprochen werden kann … adressiert an jeden, der auf deiner Liste der herausfordernden, schwierigen Beziehungen vermerkt ist, lautet.

Es tut mir leid. Verzeih’ mir bitte. Ich liebe dich. Danke.”

Wir können uns einfach mitteilen und es dann dabei belassen. Jede erhaltene positive Antwort – sei damit, fließ’ mit ihr … und jede erhaltene negative Antwort – gib’ sie frei und lass’ sie los.

Ebenso wichtig ist deine Vision. Nutze die Zeit und stelle dir aufrichtig und wahrhaftig (d)ein Leben ohne Beschränkungen, ohne Konditionierungen, ohne Limitierungen vor und vergegenwärtige dir wie dieses Leben für dich aussieht. Fasse es in Worte, schmücke es aus. Mit anderen Worten “wir leben in einer Wirtschaft, die auf Mittel und Ressourcen basiert“, im Gegensatz zu „wir leben in einer Welt ohne Geld“ … oder „wir leben in einer friedlichen und sicheren Welt” im Vergleich zu „wir leben in einer Welt ohne Kriege und Verbrechen“, und so weiter. Finde die beste Weise für dich heraus, wie du dir die Welt vorstellst, in der du leben möchtest.

Vergegenwärtige dir diese Welt und verbinde dich mit dieser / ihrer Energie. Stelle dir dein Leben vor, ohne Beschränkungen, ohne Widerstand, ohne Konflikte, ohne Entbehrungen, ohne Mangel, ohne Schmerz [Anmerkung der Übersetzerin: Der Autor des Textes verwendet hier die NULL … Nullbeschränkung, Nullwiderstand, Nullstreitpotenzial, Nullmangel, Nullleid]. Stelle dir vor wie dein Leben angefüllt ist mit Frieden, Liebe, Fülle, Lachen und der vollkommenen Erfahrung.

Möchtest du in einer Hütte am Strand leben? Sieh’ es, fühle es, verbinde dich mit diesem (inneren) Bild. Willst du eine Villa? Stell’ sie dir vor, fühle sie, verbinde dich mit ihr. Möchtest du ein Jagdhaus im Wald, oder einen Bauernhof, oder willst du lieber in einer Zweckgemeinschaft leben? Sehe es, fühle es, verbinde dich mit deinem inneren Bild und diesen Energien.

Einige werden im Unglauben darüber sein, was hier geschieht. Es gibt keine Notwendigkeit, sie zu überzeugen. Diejenigen unter euch, die mit diesem Moment, dieser Zeitachse und diesem Ereignis einverstanden gewesen sind, ergeben sich / geben sich alledem hin und vertrauen. Es geschieht, und wir sind bereit.

Menschheit, es tut uns leid. Bitte verzeiht uns. Wir lieben euch. Danke.

Mutter Erde, es tut uns leid. Bitte vergib’ uns. Wir lieben dich. Danke dir – für alles.

An die Fauna – an alle Tiere, es tut uns leid. Bitte verzeiht uns. Wir lieben euch. Danke für alles.

An die Flora – an die Pflanzenwelt und an alle Bäume. Es tut uns leid. Bitte verzeiht uns. Wir lieben euch. Danke.

An alle (empfindungsfähigen) Wesen, die wir nicht erwähnt haben, es tut uns leid. Bitte verzeiht uns. Wir lieben dich / euch. Danke.

An alle wohlwollenden Wesen aus allen Teilen dieses Weltalls, es tut uns leid. Bitte verzeiht uns. Wir lieben dich / euch. Danke.

Ihr alle, die wir genannt haben … und ihr alle, die uns zugeneigt sind und die wir nicht genannt haben, schließt euch uns an – jetzt! Wir sind bereit und wir empfangen dich / euch in Frieden und Dankbarkeit.

Liebe Brüder und Schwestern, verteilt bitte diese Nachricht in nah und fern und weit und breit. Dies ist die gute Nachricht, die in vielen Büchern prophezeit wurde. Es ist nicht von Bedeutung, welcher Religion du dich zugehörig fühlst, oder welchen Pfad du eingeschlagen hast. Wir sind EINS. Alle Ansichten / und Perspektiven sind WAHR und RICHTIG, und jetzt sind LIEBE und EINHEIT das einzige Gesetz. Das ist die gute Nachricht, von der vorausgesagt wurde, dass sie kund getan würde / und wird, bevor die Zeit des Abschlusses gekommen ist. Die Endzeiten sind transformativ – umformend, verändernd, Gestalt wandelnd, nicht destruktiv – zerstörerisch. Es gibt nichts zu fürchten. Das ist der Moment, auf den wir alle gewartet haben. Diejenigen von uns, die wir es in unseren Herzen die ganze Zeit über gewusst haben, werden erlöst. Der Moment der Vorhersage ist gekommen und Gläubige oder Ungläubige werden es sehen. Das versichern wir dir … sei dir sicher.

Liebe Geschwister, es ist Zeit für diese Nachricht, dass sie ausgesprochen, aufgeschrieben, aufgezeichnet, geteilt und versandt wird. Der Autor muss nicht genannt und nicht gewürdigt werden. Diese Nachricht ist eine Botschaft der Menschheit. Es gibt nur noch LIEBE und EINHEIT. Alles andere ist ein sich sehr schnell auflösendes Trugbild. Ergebe dich und erlaube der Wahrheit sich hier auf Erden niederzulassen – und sich zu manifestieren.

Amen. Amun. Amin. A’ho. So sei es. Und so ist es. Wie im Himmel so auf Erden. Segen. Gesegnet seist du. Namaste. Ho’oponopono. Ubuntu [Zulu = Menschlichkeit]. Ehre und Dankbarkeit für alle und jeden.

Quelle: http://starseedandjb.com/urgent-message-to-all-readers/

Übersetzung: Roswitha


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  1. Liebste Rosi,ich danke dir wie immer von ganzem Herzen und Gott möge dich und alle (die wir eins sind), segnen, ehren und unermesslich lieben❤❤

    Gefällt mir

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Everything is Synchronicity Because Everything is One.

syncAll information in the universe is instantly cross-referenced. One region communicates with another through frequency attunement. Both the causes and effects are occurring within our physical reality simultaneously, yet, it appears that they are manifesting in a sequence.


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Everything is synchronicity because everything is one. We love its presence because it is a flow of energy that is multi-dimensional, living outside of the time and outside of the mainstream concept of cause and effect. It cannot be rationalized because it does not operate along linear continuity.Synchronic occurrences help us to understand the idea that everything that occurs actually exists, all at once, simultaneously. Any idea of the past and the future as existing along a continuity timeline becomes invalid. We are left with the conclusion that there is some kind of wholeness that is forever present underlying all existence.

Synchronicities can be explained by the notion that all information in the universe is instantly cross-referenced. One region communicates with another through frequency attunement. Both the causes and effects are occurring within our physical reality simultaneously, yet, it appears that they are manifesting in a sequence.

This means that not only can two apparently separate events be interconnected, but also, if the whole is truly dictating to the parts it will span both space and time, enabling any events to be selected to satisfy the synchronic moment.

Let’s bring this back to our self. We exist as multidimensional beings. We are the human self, the soul self, the group self, and so many more aspects that we cannot even fathom. The totality of our self, is actually having many experiences on many different levels and dimensions.

As the Greater Self, you project aspects of your consciousness into many different timeframes, simultaneously. You, at the human level, receive information from your other selves, in different amounts and at different moments, as you need them. There is much more influencing us than what we can recognize.

Always remember, your consciousness does not reside inside the body. The physical body is held within your vast awareness! You are a multidimensional being and the human is a mere aspect of your totality.

As the human aspect, the vibrational frequency that you choose to exist upon at the physical level, determines the sequence of events in your physical life. Events come into your life because you are tuned into the belief structure that represents that sequence. You have been programmed to perceive things from causes and effects that live along a linear sequence.

Yet, all things are actually occurring simultaneously, co-existing in a big pool of potential. Every possible idea that you could have and every decision that you could make already exists. There is already a “probable you,” thinking it and moving in that direction.

Every thought or idea that you have previously made or were thinking has spun off and now exists in another parallel version of reality. All of these timeliness are moving together, as one. All reality exists now. In considering the totality of your consciousness, you are experiencing many potentials, simultaneously.

What is important to grasp here is that if you can recognize that all of the ideas about yourself are occurring simultaneously, then, at the human level, you can choose the more preferred pattern of those simultaneous events. You have an infinite number of patterns to choose from, since they are all overlapping and occurring at the same time. It is your vibrational resonance that determines what timeline and what dimension you will experience.

By adjusting your thinking to this idea of a ‘simultaneous reality’, you can begin to match the vibrational frequency of whichever reality you chose to experience at any given time.


This is an excerpt from MORPHOGENESIS:
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
Enrollment is complimentary with more than 60 podcast episodes.



presented by Tiara Kumara
Spiritual Teacher
Founding Producer, I AM Avatar Education
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation

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Every Day Sacred

sacred-union-flowersMy energy for the sacred is building and building these days, partly under the influence of the rising energies, partly under the influence of recent experiences.

Of course I’ve always described myself as an urban monk anyways so this draw or attraction is amenable to me.

In an earlier article, we heard the Arcturian Group telling us that “man, woman, child are material, third-dimensional interpretations of the higher truths of the sacred Trinity.” (1)

These relationships are therefore (or can be) in every way sacred. Conception is sacred. Parenting is sacred. Education is sacred. The family is sacred.

“Sacred” and “bliss” are indistinguishable. If I feel into “sacred,” I find myself in bliss. When I’m in bliss, life becomes sacred.

If I look back on all the times I’ve entered into the blissful state, many of the techniques I used dealt with the sacred: reading the lives of saints, chanting my mantra, thinking of my then sacred partner, serving the Mother, etc.

We need a new interpretation of sacred because right now the word conjures up “covered in dust” and “uttering nonsense.”  Financial corruption, manipulative dogma, pedophilia, and satanic rituals have induced many people to turn away from churches, ministries, and the (so-called) sacred.

What I mean by sacred is a life lived by the divine qualities, pure and simple. The divine qualities that love leads to include compassion, generosity, joy, persistence, humility, honesty, etc.

What I mean by sacred is a life lived deeply explored and fully expressed, all of it harmlessly.  Even seamlessly if our balance is in.

Deeply explored. Plumbed to its depth. Seen below the murk. Seen to the gold, the treasure, the heart of the matter.

Fully expressed. Expressed at no matter what the cost, known, utterly revealed. Standing forth, emerging, breaking through. Yes.

Perhaps I should call it “everyday sacred” because it isn’t separate from everyday life.

It’s easy to do by one’s self. It’s not so easy to do with another.

Therein lies the challenge because, working together, we’re tasked with building Nova Earth. And, if that work is not sacred, it won’t last. We have to build the New World on a foundation of the sacred.

We’re one day closer to having the tools.  Will we have the interactive skills?

Saul reassures us that “the inflowing energies will uplift and inspire humanity to move forward collectively to establish a harmoniously balanced way of life that honors all on the planet, without exception” – that is, a world that works for everyone. (2) Archangel Michael’s question then looms for us to answer, individually and collectively:

“What does this new world look like? How do we wish to construct it? How do you translate the values and essence of love, of freedom, of equality into a community that  is tangible but not restrictive?

“Supportive of the spirit, supportive of the love, supportive of one another, supportive of balance and nurturing and the freedom to explore, to build, to renew.” (3)

Will we make the work sacred? Will we remain with the vision of sacredness long enough to create this sacred reality – together?

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