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Photographer and blogger and living my life the Philippines Focused on living, learning, relationships, spirituality, photography and writing. The feeling is that the Philippines is a place that would encourage my own spiritual and creative growth is significant. Life doesn't have to make sense. It just needs to be lived, loved and enjoyed.

No Beginning. No End



Life!  It is a journey.  A journey without beginning or end.  Our existence did not begin with our birth into this physical world we call Earth.  Your energy, my energy has been around for … well for a very long time.  In fact our spiritual energy is timeless.  But our consciousness and physical being is something that people tend to try to measure in what the human brain refers to as time.

Your energy is part of creative source (whatever you want to name it) and has always been.  Your associated spiritual awareness is only slightly newer, relatively speaking.   However your soul consciousness within the earth, it may seem to be however many years of age you refer to your body as, but in reality even that is much,  much older.  The human brain/mind begs for reference points, numbers and names of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.  But even those are not quite real.  Just reference points for a linear conscious mind to help it make order out of something it can not understand.

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K.I.S.S. – Spiritual


KISS – Keep it Simple Silly

In your spiritual life, the Answer is always LOVE

In all things spiritual, the path is simple.

  • Love the source, the creator from which you came
  • Love yourself
  • Love all who you meet in your daily life
  • Be loving to the world and environment in which you live, including all the creatures thereof.

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My new Spiritual Blog “David Eaglechild”

I just started up a new personal spiritual blog.   It is simply called “David Eaglechild”.  Going back to my roots from 30 years ago you might say.  It will be very free-form.   Some of my blog posts may be channeled, but not in the typical sense, they will be my own free-form writings as inspired by spirit.

30 years ago I was publishing along with others, a little metaphysical newsletter called “The Eagle’s Cry”.   It seems as though since then I have struggled a lot in life, and in finding balance.   Several days ago I felt guided to start a new personal blog, not related to travel or photography but rather to publish my own spiritual thoughts and adventures.

At first I struggled with what to name it and what I should do with it.  This morning I woke up with clearer sense of identity and will be picking up where I left off so many years ago, but in a different way.

Please feel free to visit if you like.  I will still post here on occasion.   Contra Mary is keeping things going strong here as well.

My blog David Eaglechild

Love, Joy and Peace – David

Do Unto Others…


It is only in the giving that we may receive.  The universe is in constant motion and if we want to experience balance, we must be the balance.   If we want to increase love, we must be the love.   If we want to improve the world, we must improve ourselves.

We are Hue-manity.   While there are many extraterrestrial, angelic and spiritual helpers, the cannot do for us what we do not do for ourselves.  Don’t look to others to make the earth and our lives better.  Look to yourselves.  The helpers will be there to support us, but we must do the work in our own lives.  Judge no one else.  Do not criticise others, for they are but a mirror into your own self.    In every moment of your life ask what can I do now to be caring, loving, nurturing, blessing to others.   Continue reading

Love – Life is simple


Life is simple.  The rules of life are simple.  All the turmoil and troubles of life, all the fears, all the illusions, all the ghosts of darkness,  are a failure to live by the simple rule.  Love!

The world is changing.  Awakening, ascension, uplifting,  is not something that is going to happen, it is happening, all around us and in us.  We are all in a  constant state of ascension, a constant remembering of who we are as children of the creator, creative source, by whatever name you use.  There are no dark powers other then the ones we create in our minds.  There are no ghosts or gollums or monsters lurking.  Their are no devils.  Those are merely shadows of the limitations, that we impose upon ourselves. Illusions created by our forgetting who we truly are.    Continue reading

Nearing the day of Purification

Hopi Prophecy: Nearing the Day of Purification

Wow… thanks to Hatter for this one. Self-explanatory.

The Hopi are here in Arizona and share a rich tapestry of ancestral tales, close encounters, artwork and prophecy.

Love Lost, Love Found, Love Lived Again

Love lost. Love found, Love lived again. Often this is the cycle of life. Look not for beauty, though it may be there. Look not for generosity, though it may be there. Look for the constant and unconditional caring even during the darkest of times. That is the true sign of Love. Look for the love that does not fear and does not judge, and does not give up.


An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

Featured Image -- 15257Greetings my friends

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.

Today I will be addressing the living members of the ancient bloodline families. Those ones who are sometimes called by other names such as, the Illuminati, The Powers That Be, The Ruling Elite, The Cabal and a few other, less charitable, terms that I shan’t mention.

To be clear: I am not now addressing the rich and powerful who regularly appear in the press. Political leaders, religious leaders and the heads of multinational corporations are not the ones who truly run planetary affairs. These are people who come and go with time. And, when required, they always bow to the far greater power wielded by the ones I now speak of.

But, be that as it may. The bloodline family members know who they are. And it is they whom I address today. Though I do suspect that this open letter will be of great interest to many others besides. It is intended, especially, that Starseeds and Lightbringers take note of this communiqué.

So here it begins… an open letter to the members of the ancient bloodline families:

Sunrise or Sunset?

sunrise or sunsetSunrise or Sunset.  Is it a beginning or is it an ending.   All of life is a single experience.  The only difference is where we are when we experience it.  One person’s sunrise is another person’s sunset.   Both are the same experience, just seen from different perspectives and in between the two is someone else’s high noon, and someone’s midnight.    So is every life experience. There are no absolutes only differences in experiences, differences in perspective.   Every experience is valid.  Every perspective has its truth.  It is only when we argue over each other’s perspective that we lose our way.  Live in the moment and know that someone else is experiencing that same moment but in a different way. Don’t judge someone else’s perspective or experience.

Sunrise or Sunset.  Both are the same only our perspective differs.

~Kuya David

Life is a Mystery

Rialto Beach 3

Life is a mystery that can only be lived in the NOW. The past is over and done with. Remember the lessons learned but do not dwell on them. The future is not yet written, and you control it by what you live in the now. Change your now, your way of being NOW and you change the future. Dreams are possibilities but there are always infinite possibilities and they emerge based upon your NOW. This moment sets the tone for the rest of your life. If you don’t like it, change it NOW.

Be NOW that which you wish to see for your future. It is your choice. You are the author of your life’s story. No one else is. As we think in the NOW, so we become. If you want love, then be love. If you want joy, then be joy. If you want prosperity then be prosperity. The way is simple. As we give, so we receive. As we are, so we become.

The errors of our life can only control us, if we let them, if we dwell on them in the Now. The future is ours to create. What we create is a direct result of what we live now, in this moment. Be what you want to be NOW and love this moment unconditionally.


It is a Joyful Day. Word from Eva Marie

Featured Image -- 14000

My dear brothers and sisters of light.  I just this day, after nearly 15 months received word from your beloved Eva Marie (Contramary).   She has had some difficult times but is working to improve.  Please send her love, light and positive thoughts of healing.   This is a Joyful day.  This blog was co-authored by Eva Marie for so long and she is in truth the primary contributor.   I am filled with Joy to have finally heard from her again.

From: Eva Maria Holstein
Date: 12 February 2016 at 20:05:18 GMT+8
To: Dave <lightweaver2@mac.com>



White Eagle on Emergence and Truth

Worthy reading. Enjoy – David

Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness

“Truth doesn’t emerge from words, rather descends from grace.” – White Eagle

A Note from Jonette:

consciousness expanding

Please enjoy the wisdom here as we enter 2016 — The Year of Emergence!

Before White Eagle channeled this, I had been spending a day in meditation. My intention was to become a ‘Nirvana Node.’ To me this means that I am a continuously open and active channel or gateway for the energies of heaven, bliss, Nirvana… whatever you want to call it. This ability to ‘transmit Nirvana’ would be irrespective of any actions…it would happen without my doing anything.

Journey to the Golden Gates

 pearly gates 2

My original journey this weekend took me to the Golden Gates that for me were guarded by… you guessed it… White Eagle. As I went through the gates I passed into an extremely high vibration, like golden plasma. Once I embodied that, I became aware of another set of…

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Sunrise – Sunset


Some people look upon a sunset and see the end of a day.  I see the first rays of a new tomorrow.   Life by its very nature has no endings,  only a continuous change filled with beauty, hope and magical inspiration.

If  you find yourself seeing and ending, look again.  Life is eternal, there is no ending, only change, and with each change there is a new hope,  a new opportunity, a new adventure.   Look not towards what has passed, but embrace the present  moment with hope and love for what is to come.

~ Kuya David

A Message to Humanity.

While this was written for for the movie the great Dictator, it may indeed be one of the greatest messages of all time.   We are in a time of great change.  A time of hope, a time of love,  but it is men that must make it happen.  Spirit will guide and help us, but we, humanity must be the instrument of its manifestation.  Each person has the responsibility to live the change they wish for.   And to stand ready in the defence of hope and love.

Now is the time to live the change. Don’t think about it, don’t wish for it. LIVE IT. BE THE CHANGE. Love, caring, compassion, tolerance and unfettered understanding with an open mind is the way.

Speech by Charlie Chaplin from the film: The Great Dictator
Music is called ‘Time’ from the Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmerhttps://youtu.be/-RYlAPjyNm8