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Shining Oneness | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

In England, you can hear a common expression: “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” This is My advice to you, My Darlings.

Frankly, you do get upset. You tend to aggravate over situations and over possible incoming situations, aggravate over what might be, not in a sense of what lovely happenings might occur, but rather in the sense of all the direness that could.

A common expression in the U.S. is: “Don’t yell until you are hit.”

In every country in the world, there is an expression that addresses the practical point: “Don’t borrow trouble ahead of time.”

The world does happen to include some good solid advice for My children to listen to.

Of course, the world also holds advice that is contrary.

What I say is: Refrain from culturing worry. This is incumbent upon you.

Only in the world is there this and is there

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World Peace Prayer/Meditation

Rainbow Wave of Light

“If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, There must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart.” ~Lao Tse

A beautiful, light-filled peace meditation fitting for us today.

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World Peace Prayer/Meditation

Rainbow Wave of Light

“If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, There must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart.” ~Lao Tse

A beautiful, light-filled peace meditation fitting for us today.

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All Heaven Is Bursting Open | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

From the crevices of your heart comes Love, Love Beautiful, Love to beat the band, Love indistinguishable from Joy, Love on Its Own, Love from Where All Love Comes, and that is from Me.

Certainly, you feel this Fulfilling Love as yours, yet All Love is Mine. Inasmuch as you know that I am Full of Treasure and I own Everything. I am not possessive, however, I share, so then All Love is Ours. It is from Ourselves to Ourselves. This is it. This is how it is.

You could be feeling bereft of Love at any given moment, yet what you may feel simply isn’t so. Your mind may be disconnected from Love, yet your mind is simply not the whole story. The Heart is the Whole Story. Our Oneness is the Whole Story.

I insist that We are One. Why would I do that unless this…

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Venus Beings via Natalie Glasson: Venus Sphere of Knowingness

Venus Beings via Natalie Glasson: Venus Sphere of KnowingnessAudio version. Video version. In eternal love and truth, we, the Venus Beings come forth to greet you. We are ever present with you, constantly supporting and assisting your personal ascension and the spiritual evolution of the Earth. Our energy of pure love continues to flow through the dimensions of the Earth and humanity; we […]

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message for April 21, 2017


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message for April 21, 2017Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message for April 21, 2017 Tree of the Golden Light 4/21/2017 10:03:00 AM Events are ever moving at a faster speed and they are heading for the days when the truth of http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7Cxyour existence will be revealed. In reality there is not much time left before the changes come upon you, […] click on picture for original

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: I Am Un-Thought Reality

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: I Am Un-Thought RealityVIDEO (recommended) My Beloveds, You must understand that I AM not your personal ‘God-Self,’ as if a greater and expanded ego of yours, an I AM that is just adding more of the many worlds of mind or dimensions to its imagined identity, including the idea of what you think is Source or Creator God. […] click on picture for original

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AAM to Lightworkers on Love and Peace

Illuminations Now!!

AAM to Lightworkers on Love and PeaceWe asked Archangel Michael to kick-off our Peace and Love Week of meditations on peace and transmissions of love to the world. Here’s what he wishes us to know and consider. Steve Beckow: Kathleen has begun the Peace and Love Project. Its first event is a week-long meditation on peace and lightworker transmissions of love […]

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AAM to Lightworkers on Love and Peace

AAM to Lightworkers on Love and PeaceWe asked Archangel Michael to kick-off our Peace and Love Week of meditations on peace and transmissions of love to the world. Here’s what he wishes us to know and consider. Steve Beckow: Kathleen has begun the Peace and Love Project. Its first event is a week-long meditation on peace and lightworker transmissions of love […]

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Reality is a very simple concept that is absolutely perfect in every way.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 23rd

When humanity awakens, as it most surely will, joyful amazement will flood across the planet as the GOOD NEWS fills ALL the media – the mainstream and the alternate channels!  Truly that moment is closer than you dare to think!  Incredible healing has been occurring planet-wide during the first months of 2017 and the results of that healing are about to become very visible.  Humanity’s interest in The News” has for eons been mostly focused on The Bad News,” and that is changing very rapidly now because people are tired of the endless reports of calamities, conflicts, and catastrophes and want good news.  You need good news because it inspires and uplifts you causing your energy signature to rise, filling you with motivational enthusiasm for life, and showing you that you, each individual one of You, has a powerful and extremely…

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Transcript ~ The Magdalena: Be Prepared To Proceed Alone, April 18, 2017

Transcript ~ The Magdalena: Be Prepared To Proceed Alone, April 18, 2017[Thanks again to Ellen for this Transcription] The Magdalena ~ Be Prepared To Proceed Alone “Recently, my beloved and the entire Council for that matter have been saying to you, “Prepare for what lies ahead. Stay the course. Listen to who you are.” And now I add to that by saying, “Be prepared to proceed […] click on picture for original

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The Divine Mother on Translating Love into World Peace

The Divine Mother on Translating Love into World PeaceAs the Love and Peace Project focuses our efforts towards Global Love Day (May 1), transmitting love to the world and meditating on peace, the Divine Mother provides us with a “how to,” to go about building a new world of love in form. My question to the Mother on An Hour with an Angel […] click on picture for original

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Bild: pixabuy

Du gestattest Dir jetzt, Deine Macht auszudrücken. Mächtig zu sein beinhaltet keine Gefahr für Dich, da Du weißt, dass Du Deine Macht mit Liebe zum Ausdruck bringst. Du hast alle Macht des Schöpfers in Deinem Inneren! Alle Macht göttlicher Liebe, Weisheit und Intelligenz steht Dir zur Verfügung. Du hast die spirituelle Kraft, Engel wahrzunehmen und die Zukunft zu sehen. Du hast die intellektuelle Kraft, die universelle Weisheit des einen allumfassenden Geistes anzuzapfen. Du hast die emotionale Kraft, Mitgefühl mit anderen zu haben, und Deine physische Kraft ist wahrhaft unbegrenzt. Die Engel bitten Dich, ihnen alle Ängste zu überlassen, die Du vielleicht in Verbindung damit hast, ein mächtiger Mensch zu sein. Die Engel sehen einen ruhigen und wunderbaren Aspekt Deiner wahren Kraft, die auf der einzigen Kraft im Universum beruht: göttliche Liebe. Erlaube Dir selbst, von dieser leuchtenden Liebe erfüllt zu sein, damit Du sie auf wunderbare Weise in…

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Mudras and Health

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From the bending meditation of yoga to the precise relief of acupuncture, we’ve found plenty of ways to relieve our aches and pains beyond the confines of traditional medicine. Yet, there’s another method of which many Westerners are totally unaware.

Originating in India, mudra hand gestures are designed to stimulate all parts of the body—and mind. There are eight basic gestures in all, and when you see what they can do, you’ll be trying them right away!

1. Gyan Mudra

This gesture is believed to increase the air element, and to help with enthusiasm, creative thinking, and drowsiness.

2. Vaayu Mudra

This is intended to decrease the air element, and to help with an overanxious mind.


3. Aakash Mudra

This gesture aims to increase the space element, and to relieve fear, sorrow, anger, and congestive issues.

4. Shunya Mudra

This gesture decreases the space element, and helps with pain in the ear.

Try Also: Press This Point For 1 Minute And See What Happens To Your Body. Unbelievable!

5. Prithvi Mudra

This gesture increases the earth element and decreases the fire element. It also relieves fatigue and help muscles heal.

6. Surya Mudra

This gesture increases the fire element, while decreasing the earth. It is “ideal” for those with suppressed thyroid activity.


7. Varun Mudra

This gesture is believed to increase the water element. It will aid with painful joints, arthritis, and cramps.

8. Jal Shaamak Mudra

his gesture is believed to decrease the water element, and is good for those who have excessive sweat glands, runny noses, and watery eyes.

Those are some super simple ways to potentially help your body run right — and you can do them while sitting at your desk. Not bad!

Share these helpful tips with your friends below!

Originally published on Ideaspots

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AAM: Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity.

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Archangel Michael: Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity

AAM: Enormous Changes are in Front of you and All Humanity
4/16/2017 02:28:00 PM Message

Archangel Michael: Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity

Dear Ones,

Enormous changes are just out in front of you and all humanity. You have strived to bring about all that is transpiring.

The physical exhaustion continues as you realise what an incredible metamorphose you are all experiencing.

Many times we have spoken of your desire and eligibility to be present as these momentous shifts were to take place, and which are occurring within your physicality and within Gaia herself.

You are the ONES bringing and holding the Light of Creation as it manifests through you, to allow the Evolution which is currently unfolding.

Once again, this is not new information, merely a reminder of all you agreed too.

Mighty Beings you are indeed, and your choice to undertake this grand assignment is acknowledged and celebrated in the highest realms.

We witness all that transpires within and around you and applaud your determination to see out this transition of consciousness as it engulfs Planet Earth.

No longer will you be controlled by anything or anyone! You have taken back your power and you are now embracing all you have chosen to undertake.

You are feeling into your roles more adequately than in the past and your knowledge and awareness increases each new day.

You are feeling “empowered,” you are feeling the expression of your “Self” in a grand way. No more ego – just a “knowing which is encoded in love.”

You no longer feel small, you are beginning to sense what it is you are achieving and a knowingness that you are on the path of freedom and that excites your cells Dear Ones.

It is “innate” this path you are on, and now you know that to be true. So much is changing in your being-ness and your belief systems are opening up to greater possibilities when it comes to your own healing. You are turning away from “main-stream” anything, be it healing, news or information of all kinds.

You are remember “who you are” – why you came and you are embracing so much more of ALL THAT IS.

Dear Ones, your excitement level and belief in the future has amped up and you now “feel” the goodness flowing back into your awareness and that fear is subsiding, as you no longer give your power away.

You are seeing the “signs” of great change and you are feeling within your Being the Grandness of your Soul. You are honouring all that you are and have a knowing that the best is yet to come because YOU are brining it forward with each new breath you take.

You are the Creators of this New Earth and you are celebrated each step you take because you now know this is just the beginning of this incredible awakening you have instigated, and now taking to the next level with ease and grace with a sense of accomplishment not felt, just a short time ago.

No stopping you now Dear Ones. All is about to be revealed and though for many it will still be “shocking,” for you who have done the hard yards, you will be able to extend the hand of Wisdom and walk gently with those just awakening.

You are the Light

You are the Love

Be that Light and that Love in all interactions with ALL Beings and see how quickly that is reflected back to you and your New Earth.

Be the change you came to Be Dear Hearts.

And so it is.


Source: Era of Light

Sheldan Nidle – April 18, 2017

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6 Akbal. 6 Kank’in, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! The final few tasks are nearly complete. As delivery moves forward, each level performs a check, and with great satisfaction raises its moves to the next security point. This careful operation is to continue until all those deserving are paid. As you look at these events, you quickly realize how they are bringing us ever closer to new government, new freedoms and an overwhelming prosperity. It is also allowing for the dark to cast its last days as the major arbiter of this fear-filled reality.

The Light joyfully welcomes the coming death of the dark’s minions. Long ago, when the Anunnaki first took control, the dark changes were seemingly far away. In the midst of this dark interregnum, Heaven was slowly beginning to plant the seeds for a new realm. Despite this, the remaining 13 millennia were able to severely affect you. It left you with a stinging feeling that all was not right and that something wonderful was required to re-balance it. Such a thing is now in the process of transpiring.

A grand coalition of the Light has broken through and a whole new reality is presently forming around you. This new realm is to banish the dark and its evil ways. The old environment is to be transformed and your inner passions are at last to be a common reality. We ask your continued patience. The time of Heaven’s joy is now being readied to be your most wonderful set of ever- unfolding joys! The key is to keep your focus and know inwardly that wonders are truly at hand. Hosanna! Hosanna!

We came here nearly two decades ago, knowing that this mission was to be a most difficult one. It has proven so, but be sure that Heaven’s changes for this realm are really at hand. Do not let the inherent chaos trouble you. It is, in fact, the turbulence that these grand transformations can at times require. Remain confident and know on the inner that your moment of triumph is near. Besides, we are all here to help you achieve your destined success. These times are indeed a-changin’!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your grand visions are assisting us in bringing in a new realm that is to be filled with peace, prosperity and Love. This land is to permit you to unleash the marvelous passions that are the basis for your collective visions. Be ready for what is very near to unfolding. As stated previously, Heaven allowed the dark to think that it was able to quickly forge its onerous catastrophe. This is, of course, not the case. Blessed circumstances have led to their downfall, and a wondrous realm is manifesting all around you.

Collectively, we need to hold this wondrous vision of a new, prosperous and sovereign realm. We know just how frustrating this complicated operation has been. Nonetheless, it is something that all of you have contributed to so magnificently. We commend you on what you have helped us to create. This is truly a joint event that you and those in Heaven have forged. We bless you for this long overdue success. You have truly made all of Heaven and Earth blush for the marvelous way that you have conducted yourselves. A giant Hallelujah for your magnificent efforts!

What is ready to occur are the final set of righteous blows that are to honor the great and courageous efforts of those in the Light that made this all divinely possible. We wish to thank those who finished all those things that are shortly to make possible the NESARA Republic and all that means to humanity and to this glorious Orb, Gaia and her heavenly Spiritual Hierarchy. Let us conclude with acknowledgement and much thanks to all for your good works!

Today, we continued with an abridged version. We intend to continue until all is put right and you freely bask in the Love and Light that you divinely deserve. Many well-earned events are near. Be ready to accept all that is beginning to manifest! Know dear Ones that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Die violette Flamme der Transformation


zum Buch: HIER!

Die violette Flamme der Transformation: Die weisse Bruderschaft. St. Germain

von Ines Witte-Henriksen

St. Germain führt den Leser in die Arbeit mit der Violetten Flamme ein, um dieses kraftvolle Instrument der Transformation für sich und andere im Alltag zu nutzen. Wir sind aufgerufen, uns an unsere ICH BIN – Kraft, und damit auch unsere Mitschöpferkraft, zu erinnern. Oft sabotieren wir uns selbst, weil wir Angst davor haben, unsere Kraft, unser Licht und unsere Liebe zu leben. Erfahrungen aus früheren Inkarnationen, in denen wir getötet, misshandelt, missbraucht und gefoltert wurden, weil wir unsere Wahrheit und unser Potenzial gelebt haben, sind noch in unseren Zellen gespeichert. Energetische Blockaden sind die Folge. Mit der Violetten Flamme ist es möglich, Energieblockaden gleich welcher Art aufzulösen. Die Energie wird durch die Flammenkraft transformiert und steht dann für das weitere Wachstum zur Verfügung.
Hilarion vermittelt Wissen über die grüne Heilflamme. Seine Heilmeditationen…

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Nimm Dir Zeit zum Alleinsein und zur Kontemplation. Kläre Deinen Kopf und konzentriere Dich auf Deine Wahrheit und Deine Prioritäten. Treibst Du Dich selbst zu sehr an, geliebtes Kind Gottes, und machst Dir dadurch das Leben schwer? Die Engel erinnern Dich daran, dass Zeiten der Ruhe bei allen Lebewesen Teil des natürlichen Zyklus sind. Denke nur an die mächtige Eiche, die in Schüben wächst und sich dann ausruht. Sie zeiht ihre Nahrung aus der Tiefe der Erde und nimmt sich Zeit, bevor sie weiter nach oben wächst. So wie für die Eiche, ist es auch für Dich wichtig, dass Du Dich mit spiritueller und emotionaler Nahrung stärkst. Während Du Dich ausruhst, nimm Dir Zeit, über die wahren Gefühle und Wünsche Deines Herzens nachzudenken. Deine Engel sprechen durch Dein Herz zu Dir und wenn Du hinhörst und Deine Gefühle würdigst, schreitest Du Hand in Hand mit Gott und den Engeln voran…

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Understanding the Segment – GCR Roll-Out Plan April 17, 2017 by Steve Beckow

Shortlink http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7BQ

April 17, 2017 by Steve Beckow

Reader discretion is advised. However the plan outlined here sounds plausible to me.

Please don’t write us. We know no more than you.

What are now being called “segments” were previously talked about as packages with 800 numbers given out to key people, etc. The change is that the 800 numbers will not now be broadcast early in the exchange process so as to keep the exchange as quiet as possible.

800 numbers will apparently be issued later in the exchange week for anyone who has not been contacted via email. So everyone will hear.

Arrangements are being made to see that everyone who purchased currency is contacted, given an 800 number, and given instructions.

Understanding the Segment – GCR Roll-Out Plan


I have read the “Segments” post – “Segments” – GCR/RV Overview – Sunday – April 16, 2017 – that laid out a contact system to roll out the GCR. I know about this system first hand, and I’m going to give you some insight so that you don’t worry about it. Frankly, I’m part of the plan and I’m going to explain it to you.


Remember that these are Benevolent people running this thing that are the ones who are giving you Trillions of dollars because you spent $50 on a zim note! As great as that is, and you have to agree with me it is GREAT, what would your neighbor, or a person you work with, think about what they missed out on? They are going to either be PISSED, or VERY DEPRESSED.

They will have questions going through their mind…. Why didn’t somebody tell me? I’m in need. Why didn’t you tell me, or force me to see what I was missing. We the American people got screwed…etc, etc, etc…. The NPTB don’t want that, and neither do you.

So we are ALL faced with the issue “How are we going to get 50 million people to the exchange centers without alerting the sleeping public?” Good question…. do you have an answer? No, neither do I, but the Elders and the NPTB do and here is how it is going to work.

You Had No Privacy With the Cabal, Get Over It

You had no privacy with the Cabal, and so every email you send, and every bit of currency you bought, and what you do in Dinarland was recorded and documented. Of course the Cabal was interested in what a future Trillionaire was doing and not doing.

The Good news is that the Good guys have taken over the surveillance systems so that the Cabal no longer can track you and they no longer have those records either. The good guys have them. They now know everything they need to know to help you get exchanged and through the system. They know what you bought, where you bought it, and who you follow in Dinarland. They have even already checked you out. This was all thanks to the Cabal, but, now it is a HUGE benefit to the Good guys. So, get over that, and recognize the advantage and benefit that the good guys have now.

Old Plans, Now Discarded

There was the “Post it on the net” plan, but that would jam the phone centers, and get the attention of the sleeping public very quickly. Clearly, that was not going to work for 50 million people.

There was the “email every one plan,” but that was definitely going to fail for several reasons. #1) If everyone got an email at the same time, the phone appointment system would crash, and #2) If they delayed the emails, people would be telling others they got the email and it would cause a lot of confusion. Some would have gotten it already and others not, then they would not be controlled, and the number would eventually get on the net etc. Clearly, there is more problems with this plan than it solves.

Just for fun, I’ll throw in the “broadcast it on TV plan,” but only some would see it and others would not, and there would be way too many of the sleeping public that would see it. Of course this would NEVER be done, and I only included it for perspective.

What other way can you reach 50 million people, in some sort of organized sequence as not to over load the phone appointment system, and still instill confidence in the redeemers while not alerting the sleeping public? Yes, of course…. “Segments.”

New Plan, Now In Effect: “Segments”

I know you guys are freaking out over this but you have been told about this at least 2 times, if not 3 or more. The only difference is that it has been given a fancy name this time: “Segments.”

The way it works is that certain “Key” people get a private and unique number that is assigned to them. I know, because I am one of the segments. Remember that it was said that certain “Gurus” would get individual 800#s, and they would give them out to their people first, and then it would eventually show up on the net? That is this plan.

The Super (Duper) Computer

Don’t you know that the NPTB have a some sort of Galactic style computer that can make a zillion calculations per second or something like that? Of course they do. All they did was plug in the data that had been collected by the Cabal about every purchase, every GURU CC Call, every contact mailing list, and match it up with every single currency purchase, the amount of currency etc. This is a piece of cake for these super computers. All they told the computer is “break up these currency holders into 10,000 groups, by their contacts.” Then you had the segments. EVERYBODY is connected to someone in some way that will get a special 800#.

My “Segment”

I already know how my contact group will work. I get my special number, I send it out to my personal contact group, and tell them DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE ELSE AND DO NOT POST IT. This number is connected to me and it is bad for me if it gets leaked out. While I have already been given advanced notice that I will have a segment, I am quite sure that there are thousands of other “Segment Leaders” that don’t yet know they are “Segment” leaders…. at least not yet. But they will be notified, and they will send out their special number to their group/newsletter list, just like they send out other notifications. Except this will be the 800# and the special instructions as well.

How It Could Work

So, the way it might work is, they send me, Bruce, TNT, maybe certain currency dealers, and others, our special numbers and we send them out to “our people.” The message and instructions say keep this quiet. Make your appointments and exchange and do not post about it. They monitor the appointments and when the call volume goes down, they send out more segment phone numbers, until they have sent them all out. Can you see that the appointments are being made and people are then exchanging and no one on the outside knows a thing about it? IT IS EXTREMELY QUIET THIS WAY. Genius!!!!

However, if one of the segments gets out of hand, and one of its members posts their special call in number on the net, that number just gets cancelled. However, all the other segments that are doing what they are supposed to be doing, are unaffected. This keeps control of the number getting on the net, facebook, or other place that it should not be. But, even when that number is turned off, it does not stop all the other segments from calling their number and setting their appointments.


It is way better than just posting it on the net, and way better than just sending out a mass email blast. It is organized and very efficient. Of course they use this super duper computer to check that every person who bought currency, has in fact made an appointment. I am sure for those who have not, they will follow up to make sure it gets done. However, I am sure that they will then post it on the net FOR A VERY SHORT TIME. This will cover whoever did not get contacted since they had no email, or whatever other reason. With this system, of contact by segments, they can get 50 million people contacted and exchanged very efficiently and quickly.

The fact that the Segments post was posted means that the segments have already been assigned and they are ready to send out the notices. Don’t worry, you are going to be in a segment group of some sort. You might even be in a couple of different segments. For my segment, I am going to tell my people to contact the people they gifted currency to as well. This will cover everybody. All you need to do now is wait and see who sends you “notice” of the 800#s and the special instructions, to set your appointment and then keep it quiet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this must be getting ready to go since they have actually posted their plan to contact you by way of segments. Everybody in this Internet group is connected to someone who will have the number shortly. Instead of getting an email and instructions from some strange place, you will get the email and instructions from someone you know. This is better and it makes it easier for you to trust the source of the email. Make sense? Using this system, you will get the numbers BEFORE they reach the net.

Whatever you do, do not fuss and complain about this. It is a good plan and I have inside knowledge of how it will work and I trust it 100%. They want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU TO EXCHANGE AND GET THE HIGH RATES AS WELL. Using this direct contact system, is the best way they can make sure you get the 800#s directly, from someone you know, and they will check to make sure you have made your appointment with the super duper computer that set this all up.

No matter what, it will be on the net eventually, for a very short time. But you should be done exchanging by then, and be at the store already. TRUST the plan, and be on the lookout for a contact from a TRUSTED source of yours. A call leader, a website, a currency dealer, a Guru, or other person who you know, will be the one to contact you in a familiar way. It is safe and well thought out. I will keep you up to date on its progress and soon we will all be done.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows
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‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: A Revolution of Consciousness

Shortlink :http://wp.me/p2wHrN-7BL

April 18, 2017 by Paul Backes

We are here embracing you with our love and acknowledging you for your continued courage and awareness. These are exciting times as you and your entire planet are experiencing and undergoing a tremendous shift and change.

We realize that out of this shift and change comes tremendous chaos. It is from the caldron of chaos that ascension is made possible. When there is intense disturbance in the collective consciousness it can trigger a new level of awakening or a new level of denial.

Remember, your reality is never set or solid, it is fluid, it is vibration and frequency. Your reality is created by the vibrations of energy, thoughts and projections of the collective. You, more than most, understand this principle.

You are witnessing as well as experiencing a frequency shift. Consider for a moment that this shift might be the result of an increase in the vibrational frequency of your planet. The resonance of the Earth’s magnetic frequency has been the same for thousands of years. This natural frequency of pulsation has been understood by your sages and measured by your scientists to hover about 7.8 cycles per second.

This resonance, this oscillation frequency has been thought of as the “heartbeat of the earth” and it is a resonance to which all humans attune in order to stay balanced. It influences human consciousness. All living things are surrounded by this natural frequency.

Over your decades, there has been an awareness and understanding that this resonance of the earth shifts slightly and corresponds to seasonal changes, solar storms and activities, movements of the planets as well as the possible effects of human emotions and behaviors.

It is important for you to understand that the magnetic field of your earth influences your brain activity, as well as your cardiovascular and nervous systems. So now you can begin to understand that shifts and changes in these fields can and do affect your health and behavior.

When there is disturbance in this magnetic field environment, it can cause sleep issues, mental confusion, anxiety, even a lack of personal energy or feeling overwhelmed. These fluctuating invisible magnetic forces are interfacing with every cell in your body.

Your pineal, brain and nervous system are very sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Your pineal will synchronize with the solar activities and any geomagnetic fluctuations offered by your earth, sun, moon and interplanetary influences.

Realize that all humans are responding to these invisible geomagnetic energy fields. Studies are being done concerning how disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field might influence violence, accidents, heart attacks, strokes, suicides and even wars. These studies have shown that during certain solar cycles there has been an increase in social unrest.

Animals, birds and water beings use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate during migration. There is a deep connection of all living things with the earth’s electromagnetic fields. You are being bathed in this energy at all times and you are responding at all times. There are those of you who are aware and sensitive to this energy field and force, this background frequency, and there are others who are totally unconscious of this and its effect on their circuits or biological systems.

What has been occurring is an increase in this vibrational frequency generated by your earth. This anomaly has come to the attention of those who measure this electromagnetic field. They have seen an increase from the usual frequency of 7.8 cycles per second to levels of 15-25 cycles per second. There have also been spikes of over 30 cycles per second.

Consider the possibility that these intensifying energies and increases in the cycles per second at which your earth is vibrating are being generated from the Galactic Centre. Consider that this very fast speed and resonance from the cosmos is stirring up energy within each and every human.

Be aware that these various frequency ranges, the cycles per second that the earth is offering, can and will trigger and activate different levels of consciousness depending on the individuals, including the collective shadow, the aspects within each person that have been repressed, suppressed and denied.

Often there will be increased violence, social discontent, terrorist attacks and intensifying acts of crime. Those who are unconscious or unwilling to heal those shadow aspects within, respond to this increase in the electromagnetic field vibration by acting out these repressed emotions. You are witnessing this each day as more of the collective shadow is being pushed to the light for healing and transformation.

The rising of your earth’s electromagnetic frequency is also creating another phenomenal event within the collective consciousness. There is a shift and a great awakening of consciousness occurring around your world. There is an awareness that something is happening. People are feeling it; there is an excitement stirring within. Individuals are feeling empowered and are beginning to place their focus on what is possible out of the chaos that is being witnessed.

These emerging resonances are stirring brainwave activities, so individuals are waking up. There is an acceleration of brain wave to alpha and theta states, which allows and invites the awareness and connection to the divine self. You are personally experiencing your own enlightenment. You are feeling more and more connected to the global community in a way that is not really describable in words.

It is a realization that you are connecting to the global consciousness, the global information field. In fact you and all beings are contributing to this global field. Your thoughts and emotions interact with and actually inform and encode information onto this geomagnetic field.

Imagine that your coherent and/or misqualified emotions and energy become a part of the magnetic field. This field surrounding your earth then acts as the carrier wave for all that is being offered by humanity. The feedback is that those energies manifest as events that you witness occurring daily. Be responsible and aware of the power of your coherent thoughts, emotions and energy that does imprint this field and creates the changes you desire. Own this personal power.

There is an interconnection among all living things and this connectedness is responding to the increased frequencies of the electromagnetic field. Many who are sensitive are feeling the intense emotions being generated by others. When this occurs, it is your opportunity to transform these collective misqualified emotions. Remember you are an alchemist.

Those who are sensitive, aware and open are realizing that they are becoming even more intuitive and expanded. Many individuals are receiving downloads of information, insights and paranormal experiences. Many are opening up to their connection and even partnership with other divine non-physical beings. There is a revolution of consciousness taking place in the collective field.

Each person will respond to this shift in consciousness in their own unique manner. However, we would like to acknowledge those who are reading our words. You are certainly the ones who are anchoring this light consciousness into your earth’s field and we are grateful for your awareness and your willingness. You have the ability to offer this service to transform misqualified energy by your focused intention, your directed sounds and your partnership with divine beings of light.

The increase in the frequency of your planet’s electromagnetic resonance is preparing humanity for another level of understanding and an awakening to their multidimensional abilities while in physical form. All is connected, the ripple of consciousness touches each and every living thing. Stay the course, remember to be anchored to your earth, fully embodied and always connected to divine source.

We are honored to offer our energy as we embrace you with our love and gratitude. You are doing great work. Divine support is always available upon request. We are complete. the ‘team’

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Science Fiction as Soft Disclosure

Inner Revelations


I recently was reminded of the ‘Star Trek’ universe point-of-view with a blog post, relating a solar flash from the sun, with videos of ‘Star Trek’ intros and how disclosure has been happening for many years.  I equated it to the ‘Babylon 5’ universe, which I then reviewed in my memory and on-line. See this Wikipedia entry for an initial look into ‘Babylon 5’.  I would normally post a photo of ‘Babylon 5’ but just doing a Google search brings up numerous images and memories flood into my mind… Great show. Powerful episodes. I watched all the episodes and movies.

Much was revealed and many moral issues facing us today were touched on in this show. My personal point of view was expanded to include both other timelines and dimensions of what we experience as reality. There were episodes that touched on the whole political spectrum including revealing…

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ABMAS, a celebration of The Grail Message!


Photo credit: Thomas Ajav on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thomas.ajav.3?fref=photo

ABMAS is a word I have coined to remind me of 18th April, the birth Anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, the Author of The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth). To those who know, this day has become very special; a commemoration of the anchorage of Light (Divine Unsubstantiate Essence) on earth and the fulfillment of Profound promises to our Universe, Ephesus!
Since the Light Envoy emphatically demanded that each individual should be allowed to personally seek and discover His identity, let us concentrate more on His Mission than His Personality! His constant admonition should echo loud and clear in our minds: “Heed the Message not the bringer.”

Like I once said in a post, “Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In the Light of Truth.), the Message leads the reader in simple words into the Knowledge of Creation and explains even the most…

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Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth)



April 18 is the birth anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, an Envoy of the Light and author of “In The Light Of Truth” The Grail Message! We join all those who recognize His identity and are conscious of the spiritual significance of His birth in actively experiencing the Grace bestowed on mankind by the event.
Abd- ru –shin pursued His Mission with total but humane commitment. A strict opponent of any kind of sectarianism and dogma, He forbade any undue personal attention or personality-cult. His constant admonition was “Heed the message, not the bringer.” However, since the day is about Him, we are reproducing a brief biography by the publishers of The Grail Message:

“His civil name is Oskar Ernst Bernhardt. He was born in Bischofswerda, Saxony, on 18th April 1875.
In 1919 he became conscious of his task to open the way for a new Knowledge of Creation. For this purpose…

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Between the BLOG and the BLOGGER, who’s who?


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About two weekends ago, our small ‘self-contained’ town had a power outage! With constant assurances from electricity engineers that it was a small matter which would be fixed ‘any moment from now’ and the fact that the unusual outage caught us unprepared, we had to sit out the ‘small matter’!
By the time power was restored, ‘any moment from now’ lasted from Friday morning to Monday evening! This was a record down time and frustrating blogging leave! Mobile devices just wouldn’t serve well. In any case one had to go slow with the devices so as to conserve battery power for calls and other basic services! Tempers rose and things really came to a head by Sunday evening!
At one point, I calmed my nerves, paused and asked myself: Why am I fretting and fussing about not meeting the weekend posting schedule; not being able to reach…

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