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What Wondrousness Will Today Bring? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

Mahon Pool Sunrise

God said:

Beloved, is it possible that you, a Child of God, wake up each morning, and the first thing you ask yourself is:

“What is the biggest difficulty I face today?”

If you answer, “Yes, God, this is true.” – you well know I will tell you to cut that out.

Reverse your early morning strategy. Wake up and think more along these lines:

“What is the most wonderful thing that could befall me today?”

“Once upon a time, or even today in a country that may be war-torn, my answer would clearly be: ‘An end to war.’

“If I am blessed to live where there is no war, I will celebrate.

“I have an opportunity to set a better timbre to my day, and so I do. I anticipate a windfall. I take it to heart.

“What I most want is Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth today.

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Neumondschwingungen, Heilimpulse und der weitere Weg

Dein Herztempel der Liebe

Die Drachenenergie, die ich bereits im Januar für das Jahr 2018 erhalten habe, schaltet sich nun komplett frei.
Die göttlichen Paarverbindung, die energetische Liebe und innere Begegnung mit der Spiegelseele, von 2009 an bis aktuell bei vielen im Sein verankert, löst jegliches Trennungsbewusstsein auf, verankert Euch im Kern mit dem göttlichen Einheitsbewusstsein.
Negative Energien, Verlustängste und Schattenthemen werden vollkommen bewusst.
Die Heilungsvortex, die Spiralenergie von allem was unsichtbar da ist, bringt sich als Wahrheit komplett in Euren Fokus und Euer Innen ein.
Das innere Fühlen ist jetzt entscheidend und wesentlich für die weitere Reise in das Innen der energetischen Liebesverbindungen.
Die 5. Herzkammer, der heilige innere Tempel, die mentale und spirituelle Anbindung an Eure Seelenfrequenz und Seelenenergie, wird jetzt komplett freigelegt.
Ihr werdet nackt, um Euch in Authentizität zu zeigen und zu offenbaren.

Wenn Du aus Dir heraus, auch in Deiner Hochsensibilität den Weg nicht findest, Du Dich in Dir…

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The Most Joyous Shift Possible ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are taking yourselves to a place where you have never been before, and the experience of moving through the fourth dimension is one that you will always hold fondly in your memory. Once you will have ascended, you will look back upon yourselves during these times and you will celebrate yourselves for the strength, the courage, and the perseverance that it took to make it to the apex of your journey of consciousness.

You are doing so much in such a short period of linear time, and your ability to steer and navigate through the intensity of all that you’ve had to feel and all that you’ve had to face is a testament to the human spirit. This is a time when you could be giving up and going back to leading a third-dimensional…

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Dreams Godwrite Themselves | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, here, take your pick of dreams. Exchange your dreams as you wish. Dreams are for you to dream. Go in the direction of your dreams, yet allow your dreams to take their own sweet time. Certainly, you may work hard at something you know, yet dreams are something you are to take a good look at and let go of. Dreams are not obligated to appear before you. You cannot demand them. By all means, let your dreams be free to fly. Allow your dreams the time they want to take to come true.

If one of your dreams is to Godwrite, you are already aware that you don’t whip the naturalness of Godwriting into submission. If Godwriting is a dream, you invite your dream lightly to you with a smile, yet you are not the deliverer of your dreams. You are not the commander of them…

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Retuning | The Council via Ron Head

Rainbow Wave of Light


A great number of you are experiencing what appears to be a ceasing, or an interruption, of your communication with your guides, teachers, and high selves, what this channel has named The Council. We would speak to this now in order to remove your discomfort.

You have asked repeatedly, have you not, that your level of communication be expanded, be raised, be improved? Now, it is not that what is happening is of exactly that nature. It is more that your energy fields are being raised to a higher vibration by your efforts and your consequent influence upon each other. This is being caused, and in a major way abetted, by the increasingly higher vibrational field into which your entire star system is moving.

There is a cyclical movement that many are aware of and that has been anticipated by some. But, in addition there are certain emanations that are…

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Achte auf deine Träume


Achte in dieser Zeit verstärkt auf Deine Träume, lege Dir ein Traumtagebuch zu. Du selbst erhältst wichtige Botschaften durch Deine Träume. Zuweilen wachst Du vielleicht mit dem Gefühl auf, dass Du während des Schlafs gereist bist oder Anweisungen erhalten hast. Möglicherweise fragst Du Dich, warum Du Dich nicht an Deine Träume erinnern kannst. Doch die Botschaften und Erlebnisse in Deinen Träumen sind nie wirklich verloren oder vergessen. Stattdessen werden sie in Dein Unterbewusstsein integriert, damit die Weisheit und Liebe Deines höheren Selbst Deine Handlungen steuern kann. Du kannst Dich leichter an Deine Träume erinnern, wenn Du gleich nach dem Aufwachen alles, woran Du Dich erinnerst, aufschreibst. Halte einfach alles fest, was Dir einfällt, und der Rest des Traumes wird sich Deiner Erinnerung enthüllen. Lies Dein Traumtagebuch häufig durch und achte auf sich wiederholende Muster und Themen. Diese immer wiederkehrenden Traumthemen enthalten Botschaften, die Dein Höheres selbst und die Engel Dir…

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You are the ones waking up humanity.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday Sept 28th.

Progress towards awakening continues, but lately there have been a few rough patches which are now being smoothed out.  The numbers of those who have started taking part in world peace meditations has increased enormously over the last few months, and the effect of that is powerful and exhilarating.  As you keep being told: “Do not allow the gloom and doom, the conflicts and the suffering that the mainstream media focuses on depress you, because that draws you down into the cycle of negativity and helplessness, into which you bring your own dismal energy field on which the dark ones feed.  Hold your Light on high, even when you don’t feel up to it, because it truly does counteract that negativity.”

You are all extremely powerful beings who are, if you choose to avail of this service, divinely guided in every moment.  There…

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The shadow side is merely the aspect which you have judge unacceptable

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday June 30th

You are all one.  And that is becoming apparent to ever more of humanity in every moment.  The rate of growth of this awareness is phenomenal!  Never before on Earth has there been such an amazing and effective awakening process.  It is ongoing, unstoppable, and naturally, because it is divinely willed its ultimate completion is ensured.  There are a few who will stubbornly resist awakening, and their choice to remain asleep will be absolutely honored until they change their minds, as eventually they will.  In the end no one gets left behind or abandoned because God’s Will, with which your wills are becoming increasingly aligned, is always perfectly accomplished.

To align your wills with God’s is your task as humans, but you were created one with Him so your wills are already aligned with His; you have just lost your awareness of this…

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To evolve spiritually is your earthly task, it always has been.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Friday August 25th

Within the human collective there is enormous creative ability which will be put forward in service to heal the damage to humanity, all life forms, and the planet herself.  These restorative procedures, which are long overdue, are now being initiated in many parts of the world as realization dawns and intensifies that you can no longer use and abuse the Earth and her inhabitants and expect to survive.  Of course your survival is never in question because you are divine creations enfolded in the LOVE That Is All That Exists for all eternity.  However, as humans on Earth, you must learn to live in harmony with all that is present in the earthly environment and put that learning into practice or you will self-destruct at that level.

Your divinely planned awakening from the illusion into Reality is by way of a pleasant…

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When you choose to cooperate for the benefit of all there are NO losers!

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday June 13th

In many parts of the world humanity is presently in a state of turmoil as all the buried or denied issues that people have been avoiding dealing with for eons arise to be dealt with NOW!  All know, deep within themselves, below their level of conscious awareness, that Love is their nature and that they have mostly hidden that divine Truth from themselves as they have played the game of separation from Source, and lived lives that are basically infantile – the me, me, me, syndrome.

Awareness has been growing slowly over the last few hundred years, basically since the Reformation in the 16th century, that inhuman behavior can never be justified, and in the late 19th century the Hague and the Geneva Conventions established basic rules for treating people humanely in wartime.  Slavery had been made illegal a few years…

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Bild: pixabuy

Du gestattest Dir jetzt, Deine Macht auszudrücken. Mächtig zu sein beinhaltet keine Gefahr für Dich, da Du weißt, dass Du Deine Macht mit Liebe zum Ausdruck bringst. Du hast alle Macht des Schöpfers in Deinem Inneren! Alle Macht göttlicher Liebe, Weisheit und Intelligenz steht Dir zur Verfügung. Du hast die spirituelle Kraft, Engel wahrzunehmen und die Zukunft zu sehen. Du hast die intellektuelle Kraft, die universelle Weisheit des einen allumfassenden Geistes anzuzapfen. Du hast die emotionale Kraft, Mitgefühl mit anderen zu haben, und Deine physische Kraft ist wahrhaft unbegrenzt. Die Engel bitten Dich, ihnen alle Ängste zu überlassen, die Du vielleicht in Verbindung damit hast, ein mächtiger Mensch zu sein. Die Engel sehen einen ruhigen und wunderbaren Aspekt Deiner wahren Kraft, die auf der einzigen Kraft im Universum beruht: göttliche Liebe. Erlaube Dir selbst, von dieser leuchtenden Liebe erfüllt zu sein, damit Du sie auf wunderbare Weise in…

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How Much You Can Receive ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are giving you precisely what you are ready for, and we are noticing that every day that readiness becomes more inclusive. You are stepping up your level of receptivity. You are able to handle more high frequency energy and information, and that is due in large part to your willingness to connect with each other, with your planet, and with your sun.

You are so powerful as individuals, but in coming together with all of the support that you have on the physical plane, you demonstrate to us how wonderfully well you are expanding in your ability to receive. There is so much waiting for all of you, so much you have yet to receive, assimilate, and experience, but we are certain that you will continue to open yourselves up to the more that…

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The Return to Truth | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, everything in the world is relative. This is how the world is. One thing exists contrary to something else. One thing is opposed to one thing or another, and also, dependent upon another for its very own existence. Cold and hot are respective of one another. The world says there is good, and there is bad, and that’s that. The world says that everything comes in pairs in the world opposed to one another. There is no one way about it, but two or more. Instead of Oneness, there is complexity. Thus, the world complicates.

The result is that My children look outside themselves for solutions. In Oneness, there is nothing to solve. In Oneness, there are no opposites that require resolution. In Oneness, difficulties don’t exist because solely Oneness is. Nothing is left out of Oneness. Oneness takes the cake. Oneness is total love. There are…

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S. Hahner Bild: S. Hahner

Gott, die Engel und die aufgestiegenen Meister, die Dich lieben, schützen und führen, wachen in diesem Moment über Dich. Diese Karte versichert Dir, dass Du Teil einer Ehrfurcht gebietenden und mächtigen Gruppe wohlwollender Wesen bist. Sie umgeben, führen und lieben Dich ohne Unterlass. Wenn Du in Gefahr bist, werden sie Dich mit der Kraft der göttlichen Liebe trösten. Wenn Du verwirrt bist, werden sie Dir Ihre Führung ins Ohr flüstern. Wenn Du diese Karte ziehst, bitten Dich Deine Engel und Führer, öfter mit Ihnen zu sprechen. Kommuniziere mental mit ihnen über alles, was Dich bewegt, und es wird nicht lange dauern, bis Du Beweise ihrer Existenz erhältst. Bald werden die Engel Dich damit beauftragen, anderen Menschen zu helfen. Falls Du jemals Zweifel an Deiner Fähigkeit hast, anderen zu helfen, bitte die Engel um ihre Unterstützung, damit Du diese Ängste loslassen kannst.

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More of the 5D Experience ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the foresight to be able to anticipate some of what you will need in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead. We are at your service, so to speak, and always looking out for opportunities to lend some energy to the human collective, and to those of you individuals who are reaching out to us. There is nothing that you desire for yourselves that is out of your reach at this point.

You need not feel limited in your ability to create. In fact, you are becoming masterful with your creations, and you are working very well with the higher frequency energies that have been coming your way. We want you to soften the criticism that we often see you putting upon yourselves for not being further along, for not having manifested something…

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A Gift for You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

To each his own. It is said that what life hands to you is what you are handed.

I say: “Beloved, make of life what you and I will.”

Instead of disturbance or perturbance, take another look at life. Give life a chance. Life contains more than one ingredient. Take a second look at the ingredients you see. Give a shot at rearranging the ingredients. See what a variety of delicious pies you can make from the very same ingredients. Many choices of pies are also possible! Hey, instead of being disgruntled, find joy right in front of you.

Or, We can say that life appears to you in varied costumes. Try on another costume. Turn a costume around somehow or turn a costume upside down or turn it inside out. What else might you make of it? Make it in a new material or new color. Have…

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Zugangsöffnung in das Lotusherz energetischer Liebesverbindungen

Dein Herztempel der Liebe

neumondmeditation16aprilIn Wellen steigen in Dir neue Frequenzen, neue Potenziale, neue Ideen auf.
Du berührst in Deinem beständigen Seelenwachstum immer mehr den Kern der wahren gebündelten Kraft Deines Wesens.
Das heisst, Du bist echt, kommst in der Authentizität Deines wahren Fühlens an.
Hier bist Du einzig Du selbst und erkennst den Zwiespalt der Anziehung und Abstoßung der verschiedenen inneren Welten und äußeren Daseinsebenen.
Dies ist ebenfalls ein kostbarer Spiegel für die Dynamik und den Prozess Deiner energetischen Herzverbindung, zur Spiegelseele.
Je mehr Du dem tosenden Aussen Aufmerksamkeit und Fürsorge schenkst, umso weiter driftest Du von Dir selbst und dem Erleben dieser kostbaren, göttlichen Verbindung weg.
Je inniger Du Dich jedoch in voller Klarheit, Kraft, Energie, Liebe, Anteilnahme, Demut, mit jedem Winkel Deiner Seele für die innere Ebene öffnest, umso mehr Heilung findet in Euch beiden statt.
Du siehst, wo und wann die Fäden zusammenlaufen, wie die Gestaltgebung für die physische Einheit…

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More On Releasing… | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light


Dearest one, why do you keep looking outside yourself for completion?  There is always something to distract, to avoid and to keep you occupied so you do not have to look at the ‘tough stuff’.  Can you see it?  Do you understand it only benefits those

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Your Requests Are Granted ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are welcoming in all of the requests that you have sent directly to us. We are feeling the vibrations of those requests, and we are happy to report that most of what we receive is indicating that you are all coming together more as a collective. Your requests are often selfless. Your requests are often inclusive of others. Your requests are largely about creating a better world for everyone, rather than just a better world for you as individuals.

Therefore, we are able to chart your progress by noticing how evolved your requests have come. Now, we are also happy to report that these requests are more than that. They are more than just you all seeking help from outside of yourselves. When you make these requests, you are holding yourselves in the vibration…

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Once Upon a Time, Love Was True | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, you think of a loved one from long ago who left the Earth plane more years ago than you care to remember. You gasp at the long-held longing you feel even when before your friend’s death, he had long forgotten you. Once upon a time, you were the nearest and dearest. Now thoughts of the good years wreak havoc with you.

You see yourself as a captive of life covered with regrets that keep on breaking your heart. How can one good love chalk up his love as if it were nothing at all? You didn’t. You stayed true to your heart to the very end, to the very impossible ending that you still cry about.

Sometime in the years thereafter, you have felt your loved one’s remorse as deeply as your own. You never abandoned your heart of love, yet love fell asunder.

You do not…

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