Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 3/3

Illuminations Now!!

Humpty 11

The next day I was still exploring determination in my journal … when suddenly the penny dropped.

We pick up the thread.

I’m not talking about a goosestepping, maniacal, ego-driven determination to command others, etc.

I’m talking about the resuscitation of our ability to stand on our own word, on our own two feet, and stand by that word in the ensuing action. I mean the recovery of self-command and personal responsibility.

A friend I spoke to today called it “emerging.” Definitely. Standing forth as one’s self. Finding that self through asserting it, calling it forth. Living as your word. And emerging from the shell of indecision, divided mind, and hesitation.

I just know this is part of my mission, to resuscitate our in-touchness with that hidden side of ourselves, the self that needs to emerge, to stand forth. Courage, fearlessness, but also persistence…

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