Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 2/3

Illuminations Now!!


By age 57 I had become one again. But this one was leaning against a wall, playing cards with the boys, shooting the breeze. It lacked a leader. There was no one driving the car.

Now I pick up the story as of yesterday. The subject of determination has been buzzing around in the background of my consciousness for around two months – since the prostate operation. But I had no idea of its significance.

What I’m about to describe here is a person finding his own will, his own determination. Keep in mind as you read this that the Humpty Dumpty Man lacked a will and lacked a leader. He was one again, instead of two, but unmotivated, ineffective. Except in writing.

Now enter the leader. Not like I could have seen this looking forward, only looking backward. These are notes from my…

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