Godwriting! Godwriting! Godwriting! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, some may see your taking on Godwriting as not only bold yet also as outright impertinent, as if you may flagrantly take on that to which you have no right.

Of course, it is I Who gives you the right!

By what right might you or anyone reject My invitation?

As I, God, see it, it is courageous and simple of you to Godwrite. It is competent of you to trust in Me.

When you find yourself opening up to Godwrite, you are not trying to become a great figure in the world. God-given Godwriting isn’t about your showing off. It’s about your being willing to see what can be. You have fervor for Me. I say to you often enough to trust in Me, and now you give Me an opportunity to fulfill My Will. Isn’t your Godwriting My Will?

Beloved, you simply are saying:


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