God Calls You to Him I | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved Godwriter, there is an impulse in your heart that prompts you to Godwrite. Sometimes My desire for Our recognized Oneness squeezes your heart. Yes, impulses from God reach far and wide. Through your desire and My desire, Our hearts reach.

Godwriting can seem like the sound of almost silent silver bells reaching you from Heaven or perhaps the lightest of silver and golden leaves swirling to you from Heaven. Here they come, thoughts upcoming, thoughts awaiting, thoughts pending, thoughts blown to you through God’s breath, inspired to fall like earthen leaves delicately or sometimes blown sweepingly by strong winds in autumn.

Somehow you are caught up in a subtle reverie, a gossamer-like enchantment; this beauty from Heaven is given to you in service to love. You follow this vast beautifulness called Godwriting. You come all the way to Oneness, One Beloved Self.

How in God’s Name does…

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You are the Master of Time ∞The Creators

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Bring yourselves to the understanding that there is no real tomorrow and there is no real yesterday. They are all just parts of the same now moment. So as you move around from experience to experience, you like to give a framework for what you have and what will occur. You are creating it all, and you are noticing that there is a sense of continuity and cause and effect. That is because you need those concepts in order to play in your realm.

But it is not really that way. It is not as if you have a past and a future and certain things have happened and certain things will happen. They all happen in the same moment, and you experience each of these little events. And when you do, you have the idea that there was something that led up to the event you are experiencing, and…

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Golden Heavenletters | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, more than 7,000 published Heavenletters of various styles and focus have been sent out to reach people around the world. This is to say nothing of the expressions of love from readers of Heavenletters who may also silently send out to others near and far simply by virtue of their having read Heavenletters. I liken this effect the same way the scent of a rose reaches a neighbor’s as it arises from the neighbor’s garden. It just does.

Golden Heavenletters are filled with more than words. Words are good, and words go far, yet the love from My heart to your heart goes beyond words. Words are beautiful. Words by themselves do not make love go around. Hearts convey love and understanding. Words by themselves, without being backed by gold bullion, well, words can also hurt. And words unsaid can also hurt.

Behind the scenes, each seeming…

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Say Yes to Life Today | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, if you want to stay young, be quick to say Yes. Here’s the secret to youth. I give it to you now. It is a simple thing to stay vibrant no matter what your age. Keep on saying Yes. Say Yes. Consider that you have a Yes Gene. Every time you smile and say Yes, you practice pressing your Youth Gene.

Be quick to say Yes. Let go of saying No. You are not to rely on the past. Say Yes to something that you may never have said Yes to before.

Here’s the story: You are alive. You sure don’t have to worship youth in order to grow. You are alive now.

What happens to an arm or leg if you don’t use it? It loses its spark. You are to keep vibrant.

No matter how many years you may have acquired and what your age…

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Many are Watching You ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have enjoyed watching you grow and expand, and we are of course not the only ones who are watching and enjoying. Now, for some of you, this can feel a bit invasive, but we want to assure you that the function of all of this watching is actually to serve many different purposes.

Understand that the big picture here is to unify the galaxy and the universe to become one harmonious being, and in order to do that, we all need to know each other. In order to have compassion, we must understand where each other are coming from. In order to help one another, we must know what the other needs.

So as much as everyone enjoys privacy, please recognize that it is ultimately overrated and keeps this illusion of separation in the…

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A Holiday Called Thanksgiving | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

In two days, in the country in which this channel resides, a holiday called Thanksgiving will be observed. On this day each year, it is customary for you to gather for a feast, share with family and friends, and even perhaps spend a few moments pondering your blessings and giving thanks for them – my car, my house, my health, my family, etc. Before you do this, may we give you a few other things you might think about.

Usually, each of you direct your thanks to whatever or whomever you perceive to be the divine source in your life. And that is, of course, a very good thing to do. But we would suggest something further.

It is very likely that you have been the beneficiary of many of the following fellow beings during the past year, if not all of them. The most obvious are health workers, firefighters…

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Tell Better Stories | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, it may well be true that the world is too much with you. You may be over-extending yourself. When you are doing more than you can comfortably accommodate, take some deep breaths. I ask you kindly – who assigns an overload of work to you?

Why do you insist that you must get everything all done or that you are in some kind of jeopardy? How high do you set the dial? What are the consequences you pay? Who says you must do all you set out to do and accomplish it at break-neck speed? Who is it who imposes this on you? Ah, it is a good guess it is you, Beloved.

What race is it exactly you must run? Who has set such limits on you? Who has to give you a break, and who believes you have more energy and whip yourself into shape?…

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Advents- und Weihnachtsrituale: Warten auf das Licht des neuen Morgens


zum Buch: HIER!

Advents- und Weihnachtsrituale: Warten auf das Licht des neuen Morgens

von Jeanne Ruland

Die Adventszeit ist eine spirituelle Zeit der Visionen, Zeichen und Wunder. Dieses kleine Weihnachtsbüchlein ist ein immerwährender Adventskalender der ganz besonderen Art, denn in 24 Kapiteln nimmt Jeanne Ruland uns mit auf eine Reise durch die Vorweihnachtszeit. Das Wort Advent bedeutet ‘Ankunft’ – das alte Jahr geht zu Ende, und wir erwarten das Licht des neuen Morgens. Diese Zeit des Übergangs können wir nutzen, um in die Stille zu gehen, zu reflektieren und uns neu auszurichten. Kleine Geschichten, Gedichte, praktische Übungen und Rituale stimmen uns auf die Qualität dieser Zeit ein. Gestalten wir das Wunder, das wir sind.

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Bild: pixabuy

Lasse los und erlaube den Engeln, Dir zu helfen. Alles, was Du loslässt, wird entweder durch etwas Besseres ersetzt oder wird geheilt zu Dir zurückkehren. Wenn Du eisern an einem Teil Deines Lebens festhältst, der nicht mehr funktioniert, kann kein Raum für Heilung entstehen. Ob Du nun in Deinem Liebesleben unglücklich bist oder im Bereich von Finanzen, Karriere, Heim oder Gesundheit – diese Karte fordert Dich auf, loszulassen. Wenn Du an diesen Aspekten Deines Lebens festhältst, weil Du Dich zum Beispiel angstvoll fragst: Was ist, wenn ich niemand anderen oder nichts Besseres finden kann? Dann wird sich die Situation nur weiter verschlimmern. Wenn Du jedoch bereit bist, die Hände zu öffnen und die Problematik zuzulassen, wird eine von zwei Möglichkeiten eintreten: Entweder wird das Problem verschwinden und durch etwas Besseres ersetzt oder es wird auf wunderbare Weise zu einer Heilung kommen. Wenn Du diese Karte ziehst, wirst Du…

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Deep within you is the knowledge that you are Love, that you are complete.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday November 21st

Many are finding themselves experiencing inner turmoil at present, as the awakening process intensifies, and more “stuff” arises into people’s conscious awareness for acknowledgment and release.  It has to be released so that Love may be personally known and experienced, and as the moment for the grand awakening is approaching very rapidly, the intensity with which it is arising has intensified enormously.  For many, who are already under a considerable amount of stress, this increasing intensity is extremely unsettling.  Just remind yourselves that what is occurring is most definitely part of the awakening process, and that you all chose to be incarnate at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution so that you could assist by being bright lights of Love shining brilliantly into even the darkest corners of pain and suffering.

You are all doing enormously important work twenty four seven, even…

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Die Archonten haben die Macht über uns verloren, das Licht hat gewonnen – die kosmische Brieftaube

...wo das Herz erwachen kann

Die Archonten sind eine Rasse bzw. eine Energieform, welche sich von Emotionen «ernährt». Es ist kaum vorstellbar aber in der Schöpfungs- und der Erdengeschichte gibt es sehr viele Energieformen und Wesen, welche die Menschen dominiert haben. Viele Wesen, welche über die Menschen Macht ausübten, verfügten dadurch über die Kontrolle bestimmter Regionen und Epochen.

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Holding a Higher Vibration for the Collective ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have observed the way that you have all been sustaining a higher vibration in spite of the fact that what you see around you seems to indicate that most of humanity is regressing. If you follow the news, it would appear from the major stories that are put out there, that humanity is not doing very well at all. And in response to the current state of being on planet Earth, we see all of you working harder.

We see all of you praying more, intending more, and creating more for the human collective. You don’t just look for ways to make your lives better, but instead, you want what is best for everyone. You are using your powers to create a better version of life on planet Earth for all beings. We see…

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Energetische Fluktuationen Vollmond Heilstein-Sternensaat-Botschaft

Hochsensible Liebeswelten

20181119_144008Ich habe in den letzten Wochen begonnen, meinen Fokus mehr auf die Arbeit mit Heilmentoren zu legen und konnte unter anderem die mineralische Ebene wieder in mir reintegrieren.

Die energetischen Gefährten der Liebe bringen sich dar, geben einander Raum.
Im aufgewühlten inneren Strudel der entzweiten Welten erschliesst sich die Rückanbindung im Kokon der Herzöffnung, bis der Funke an die eigene Heilung und die Reunion überspringt.
Im Moosachat, dem Drachenauge, als Mentor für diese Energien ruht die Weissagung der dynamischen Rückanbindung.
Tiefe emotionale Wunden und Seelentrümmer kommen in die innere Bewusstwerdung.
Du wirst in neuen dynamischen Verbindungsenergien, nur in Deiner Essenz zu schwingen, ausgedehnt.
Schenke Dir selbst den heilenden Moment, die innere Fürsorge und das Bedürfnis Deiner Wertschätzung, bevor Du für andere da bist, dem großen Ganzen dienst.
Erschöpfe Deine inneren Resourcen nicht und achte auf Dich.
Erlaube der tiefsten Form der Dankbarkeit, Dich ganz zu durchfluten und grenze Dein Energiefeld…

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Arcturian Group Message November 18, 2018 | Marilyn Raffaele @ Onenessofall.com

Rainbow Wave of Light

                                NOVEMBER 18, 2018

Dear readers, welcome to the new earth.  “New earth” you say, “Where is it?”  Enlightened ideas and the changes that follow them must first enter individual awareness and integrate before they can become a state of consciousness able to manifest outwardly.  Not understanding this is why so many have become discouraged as they observe chaos and believe that nothing is happening.
The integration process has been taking place on personal and global levels for some time and is now beginning to manifest outwardly. Remember, there is no un-expressed consciousness.  Ascension is not a sudden flash wherein everything is suddenly different. This does occasionally happen with  certain individuals who are well prepared, but in general evolution is a process, one that you are well into now.
The third dimension…

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Timelines for Open Contact with E.T.s ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in the process of reviewing the timelines that have recently made themselves available to you. Or to put it another way, you have made yourselves available to these timelines, and they are filled with more extra-terrestrial contact and extra-terrestrial contact that will be open to all sooner than any other timeline that we have seen for you.

This is a very good sign for humanity. You see, the type of extra-terrestrial contact that you want will only happen when you are ready for it. So any indication that it is coming sooner – and this is one of those indicators – is a very good sign, indeed. You have progressed so wonderfully, and we are eager to see the ways in which you take the next steps forward.

We cannot tell you what…

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Beyond Daily Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, make life easier for you and all those near you as well as those who are said to be far away from you in time or space, neither of which exist except in illusion. Of course, illusion can only appear to be seen, or it wouldn’t be illusion.

Personally and superficially, you seem to exist as if in a body. In earth terms, that which is not seen, such as soul, you cannot draw with pen and ink.

Nevertheless, souls are Infinitely sensed and Infinitely known to be true. Very young children who are just learning to speak have a sense of awe as soon as they hear the word God, as if they can tell that the written word God deserves to be capitalized. Children also catch the meaning of the word death as it is thought of on Earth.

You, too, understand that all Human…

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Who We All Really ARE | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Once an enLIGHTened HUman has had the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, and (Self)Realized Who We All Really ARE — but still has bills to pay, children to raise, work to do, etc. — how can that person best stay sufficiently ‘grounded’ to deal with all the daily ‘stuff’ to fulfill his/her chosen obligations and responsibilities while also not denying One’s multidimensional existence and Perspective?”

There is an interesting description of this in your Eastern philosophies. It is said “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Perhaps a little explanation of this will be of service.

Once again, when we reference the pronoun ‘you’ in this discourse, please understand that we mean the collective of Earth humanity. Also understand that there growing numbers of you for whom this discussion is remedial.

You attempt to make intellectual sense of an experience that has been postulated but of…

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