You Who Art My Very Heart and Soul | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, do you exist in the Universe, or are you a dream dreamed of or what? Are you a dream yet undreamed and that’s who you are? Have you even been put back together again as yet? Or are you simply a random thought not yet registered anywhere?

What does it mean that you have a birth certificate or you don’t?

What does a piece of paper have to do with you – if anything at all? You don’t have to have a piece of paper in order to arise to Greatness on Earth. Not in the least. What does it mean if anything, when out of the blue, you remember someone’s long lost birthday?

If time doesn’t exist, what does a date have to do with you? You are valid, yet what does a birth certificate have to do with you or anyone or a passport for…

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The approach of major change | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

For several months, you have collectively been feeling the approach of major change. We confirmed this for you. We confirmed it through many channels. Your most frequently voiced response has been ‘bring it on’. You always interpret things according to your most dearly held desires. But a new world contains far more than that.

Now it is, of course, a wonderful thing to have built a mental picture of the world you desire to live in. We highly recommend it. But one must also be able to see that there is a road to be traveled between where you are and that new world. And roads invariably have bumps and potholes. There will be shadowy things hiding in wait, and things that go ‘Boo!’, and washed out bridges.

You said ‘Bring it on’ and you have brought it on. Or, more accurately, as co-creators you have each contributed to bringing…

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Kryon Gives The Secret to Project Powerful Quantum Healing Energies From Source | YouTube Video

Rainbow Wave of Light

In this channeling, Kryon reveals the true power of prayer and meditation and explains how using these tool properly can actually give you control over physics. Kryon speaks about the process and system involved that allows consciousness to change the desired situation. Belief is the biggest factor in developing this ability and determines what happens with that energy once it’s created.

Loved this and so an sharing with you. Denise

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This That Is Called Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, whatever life asks of you, it is asked of you. We can consider that life asks you in installments. Life befalls you as it befalls. You can’t take back your life. Life may change, yet you can’t trade your life just like that for a new one. Inevitably, however, life does ebb and flow.

Your life may be beyond your expectations. Sometimes you take your life in your stride.

There are times when you may see your life as magic and miraculous before your very eyes. You have no idea how this so-called life could happen, and you thank Me for it. You know that you lucked out. You thank your lucky stars. Not for one minute would you change your life an inch.

Of course, even as We speak, your life may be doing a somersault, or your car gets stuck in the mud, or your…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 26 October 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Time waits for no man” is perfectly true now that you are in a period when matters are moving ahead very quickly. You may not see it from your perspective but be assured that since the New Age commenced things have speeded up, in spite of the delaying tactics of the Illuminati. Their ability to dictate the outcome of events has been taken from them, and it goes right back to the late 1980’s when they were making plans to destroy the Earth. Since that time the Light Forces have successfully countered their continued attempts to hide the truth and hold back your advancement. Old problems are slowly but surely being solved and it has been firmly established, that another World War will not be allowed in any circumstances. Indeed, the Forces of Light have been so successful, that there is a growing movement for making World Peace. The era…

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Progress Report ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are satisfied with the progress we see you making, and we are encouraged by the receptivity that we feel you have for our transmissions. We do not see any reason why any of you should fear an undesirable set of circumstances for the human collective, but we know that you do at times access and feel those fears. We also want you to recognize yourselves as being the ones who are doing the majority of the work to ensure that humanity stays on the right path.

Now, we understand that doubt creeps in as well because you don’t see the overwhelming changes on your world that you hear about. You don’t see the predictions coming to fruition that you want to see coming to fruition, and we recognize how discouraged you can get when…

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A great influx of light into your system. | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

We have told you through many messengers that there would be, and now is, a great influx of light into your system. We have told you that there would be no one and no thing that would not be affected by this wave of light. We have even told you that you are truly well into this process at this time. And we wish to inform you now that while all of this is indeed the case, the intensity will continue to increase.

The reason we are addressing this today is that it is causing such great change within each of you that even some of those who have become well aware of what we have told you are becoming disoriented, confused, and even at times disheartened. It is one thing to understand warnings of impending chaos and confusion, and it is quite another to experience living within that sort…

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Göttliche Führung


Göttliche Führung

Vertraue und folge Deiner Intuition.

Sie ist die Stimme Gottes und der Engel,

die zu Dir sprechen. Du wirst in diesem Moment göttlich geführt.

Das Gefühl im Bauch, das innere Wissen,

die Visionen oder die innere Stimme

– sie alle versuchen Dir etwas zu sagen,

und es ist wichtig,

dieser inneren Führung zu vertrauen und zu folgen.

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Bild: pixabuy

Zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt ist Meditation sehr wichtig für Dich. Mache Dir die Freude und meditiere häufig. Einem ruhigen Geist fällt es wesentlich leichter, die Stimme der Engel zu hören. Mit dieser Karte bitten Dich Deine Engel, Deinen Geist still werden zu lassen, damit Deine Kommunikation mit den Engeln laut und deutlich wird. Wenn Du morgens aufwachst, halte Deine Augen noch mindestens fünf Minuten lang geschlossen und atme drei- oder viermal tief ein und aus. Stelle Deinen Engeln eine Frage und höre aufmerksam zu, als würdest Du einem lieben Freund lauschen. Strenge Dich dabei nicht an, denn wenn Du nach der Antwort jagst, wird sie sich Dir entziehen. Atme stattdessen weiterhin tief ein und aus und gestatte Dir, Dich völlig zu entspannen. Sage Dir selbst, dass es ganz natürlich ist, himmlische Botschaften zu empfangen, und dass es sich dabei tatsächlich um eine alltägliche Begebenheit handelt. Je mehr Du Deinen…

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Supreme Greatness Lies within You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, be open to new and greater ways of thinking. You do not yet begin to know what life may put before you far beyond what you can conceive of being put before anyone – least of all before you! Who can explain it, your being asked to climb higher mountains in order to go beyond boundaries you never thought possible to jump over?

It may have already happened in life that what you desired didn’t always seem to turn out so wonderfully as you had thought it would. It may already have happened that what you at first balked at turned out to be far more wonderful than you ever could have imagined.

Still, you have already experienced that life isn’t always a lark. Sometimes you get in over your head.

And it also can happen that there may be utmost Greatness asked of you, greater than…

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What You Want & Need ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beginning to process the numerous requests that have come in recently, and we need to process them because we need to understand what it is that humanity truly needs. What you ask for and what you need are not always one and the same.

You look for the fastest way, oftentimes, rather than allowing for something to come in the appropriate timing. Or you just want to get your hands on a whole lot of money all at once, rather than having the experience of taking in what you need, spending it, and then receiving more.

So what we seek to impart to you is the wisdom that will help you to navigate through the challenges that you face, and at the end of that experience of facing the challenge, we want you…

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Truly this is both a crazy and a fantastic time to be incarnate!

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday October 24th

As the mainstream media continues to focus on conflict, disagreements, and general calamities, set your intent to focus on Love.  Love is the power of God extended to and shared with all of creation.  There is absolutely nothing that approaches Its power, strength, intelligence, and wisdom, or Its complete and utter unconditional acceptance of all sentient life.  Love is the infinite field in which all of creation expands to add joy continuously to all that it contains.  Love always acts joyfully and with infinite wisdom, It is the Truth that is Reality.  There is nothing else.

For eons humans have sought Love outside themselves, from another or from God; but God, who is Love, is within you and will be found nowhere else.  Yes, you may well find another to love you, but that will always be conditional love, conditional on your…

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Peace Mantra

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve received some texts and emails to the effect of “What the heck is happening out there?” Remember: peace in, peace out. Tend to your inner world first, and then you become the one who radiates peace into your outer world. For anyone feeling stressed, tense, or who simply wants to enhance a sense of calm, peace, clarity, and focus, here’s an hour of peace mantras:

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Metaphysische Herzöffnungsimpulse Vollmond 24. Oktober


Das Heilspektrum Deiner Ganzheit beginnst Du nun aus der Reinheit und Urkraft Deines Herzens heraus zu leben.
Du wirst zur Heilerin und zum Heiler Deines Urwesens, welches durch alle Masken, Negationen, Blockaden, Filter, die eigene Entfremdung von der Urwahrheit Deines Wesens und jeglichen Co-Abhängigkeiten all der Äonen von Inkarnationen hindurchscheint.
Deine Seele in der weisenden Kraft der Herzführung übernimmt die Regie.
Diese  Herzstrahlkraft entspringt der Magie und Wandlungsalchemie des neuen Einlassens auf die höchste Stimme des Jetzt, der Gegenwart, die Deinen Herzfokus durchdringt.
Auf diese Weise löst sich jede Form von Schwere, Apathie und Traurigkeit der Illusion an Vergangenheit und Zukunft immer mehr auf.
Es ist unmöglich Deine Herzkräfte in Dein Seelenerwecken einfliessen zu lassen und gleichzeitig dem Drama und der Kleinhaltung an das Egos verhaftet zu sein.
Du gibst der Entwicklung neuer Chancen hinein in Deine Herzöffnung und in Deine Herzheilung neuen Schub.
Der Katalysator des Erkennens ist es…

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Bild: pixabuy

Lasse los und erlaube den Engeln, Dir zu helfen. Alles, was Du loslässt, wird entweder durch etwas Besseres ersetzt oder wird geheilt zu Dir zurückkehren. Wenn Du eisern an einem Teil Deines Lebens festhältst, der nicht mehr funktioniert, kann kein Raum für Heilung entstehen. Ob Du nun in Deinem Liebesleben unglücklich bist oder im Bereich von Finanzen, Karriere, Heim oder Gesundheit – diese Karte fordert Dich auf, loszulassen. Wenn Du an diesen Aspekten Deines Lebens festhältst, weil Du Dich zum Beispiel angstvoll fragst: Was ist, wenn ich niemand anderen oder nichts Besseres finden kann? Dann wird sich die Situation nur weiter verschlimmern. Wenn Du jedoch bereit bist, die Hände zu öffnen und die Problematik zuzulassen, wird eine von zwei Möglichkeiten eintreten: Entweder wird das Problem verschwinden und durch etwas Besseres ersetzt oder es wird auf wunderbare Weise zu einer Heilung kommen. Wenn Du diese Karte ziehst, wirst Du…

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What Is Love but Inspiration? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, may every word anyone and everyone says add to the breadth of inspiration in the world. Certainly, there is no good reason to add one more word of despair to the word bank. The world covets too much despair. There is no good cause to point out even one more alert to the world. Don’t raise alarms. Give love.

There is too much good news that isn’t handed out often enough.

Whatever good news the world craves more of, let’s supply it. Let’s downplay unwelcome news. Let’s cast a new flavor into the world and detract from gossip.

Yes, let’s be good news reporters. Everyone knows that what the world needs more of is love. Let’s hand more love out now. Inasmuch as everyone desires more love, then, where is it? What is covering up love? Busyness? Busybodiness?

Can the world I created from love seemingly be…

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Systems are Crumbling ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have examined the systems that you have in place on your world, and we know that there are severe imbalances built into those systems. We also know that you have a saying on your world that goes, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ and we can see how much power has been given to a few. We see how much harder people work for the minimum wage than those who make millions of dollars a year, and we see how the justice system favors those who can afford the best attorneys.

We also see how easy it is to get a politician on your side. Now, we are not here to judge, but we are here to observe and assess. Our assessment is that the systems of inequality are getting ready to crumble. The fairness that…

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Jesus via John Smallman: Do Not Allow Doubts About Your Worthiness, Your Competence, or Your Abilities to Discourage You

Audio version. We, God, the All, Source, Reality, the One, YOU – all sentient life – are intensely and creatively fully involved in the awakening process. It is ongoing, and it has been since the m…

Quelle: Jesus via John Smallman: Do Not Allow Doubts About Your Worthiness, Your Competence, or Your Abilities to Discourage You