A Passing Acquaintance with Dreams Sadly Done and Gone | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, recently I mentioned your remembering the birthday of someone lost to you in world terms long before his bodily death. This is someone who meant the world to you, yet he backed out from your love without a backward glance. So casually, so callously, you were no more to him than another leaf falling off a tree. How could this be? What a blow, that someone you loved so dearly didn’t value your caring.

Come, let go of attachment. You have no right to hold anyone responsible any more than it makes sense to hold yourself responsible for everything that that occurs in life. There is much crisscrossing back and forth in life. This just is. There may be no accounting for it. Now let it go.

The so-called other person may well not have been fooling you. Life itself fooled you, or you fooled yourself. None…

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