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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, moving right along, consider life on Earth a fabulous menu that I created and put together. You are the creative chef who prepares the meal and the server who serves the food effortlessly and joyously to the throngs who are eager to be served.

This is like sailing on a smooth sea. There is nothing to it. There are the hungry throngs. It takes no effort to be hungry. It happens naturally. To pass on the food also happens naturally. I am thinking along the lines of serving and/or being served. Life may be compared to a serving line.

And, yes, there are also those who clean up later. Cycles are repeated.

Living isn’t meant to be complicated or arduous. All prepare, serve, and are the served. Humanity wears all the hats. There are no class distinctions. There is Oneness.

Oneness seems to be a big topic…

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