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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, know once and for all, what We do on Earth is to tour the Universe together. I will say that We do handstands together and fly across the trapeze together and discover the way of things together, and together We, as One, dance the Light Fantastic as One Enlightened Light of the World.

Never are you stranded. Never are you adrift. Never am I without your hand to hold, and never is your hand without Mine to hold as We stroll around the Universe on a walkway to Heaven. Where did you think you were going? You aren’t just lollygagging along to mark time.

You take great strides, and you make great strides, and we whisk around the Universe in good spirits. We are something to behold. I – We – are all wrapped up as One Enlightening Light. The point is that there is Oneness, and…

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