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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, are not the connections in life amazing? No two people in life are exactly alike, yet so many similarities exist. You may like to think of similarities under the name of coincidence.

Ttere are no coincidences. What does this mean to you then – that there are no accidents? There are no surprises? That everything is already known? That everything is destined?

Then what about free will? Does free will then mean that all that comes to you, you brought on yourself? You had something to do with it? Yet, of course, who on earth would ever have desired to be a wife of Henry VIII and be beheaded?

Who, indeed, is the author of his or her fate? Or who is not?

Beloved, now you ask Me:

“God, is this then what karma means? Payback for past deeds?

“If karma is a given, how then do…

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