Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 31 August 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light


The dark Ones have spent many, many years establishing a set up in high places that gave them a solid grip on events that enabled them to dictate the course of humankind’s progress for their own purposes. It may be difficult for people to accept that they were behind both World Wars, inasmuch that they perpetuated the violence and carnage for their own ambitions. Through them they had a target to drastically reduce the human population, and disrupt any attempts to bring an end to wars. They have been successful except that in recent times their dominance has been broken, and they no longer have the power to dictate how events progress that are now providing the means to bring peace to the world. A massive cleansing is taking place and many key Illuminati members have been removed from power, and that has broken their hold on it and the…

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