What am I doing here? | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


One of the questions most commonly asked these days is “What am I doing here?” Another is “What am I supposed to be doing?” We have discussed this many times, through many channels. But you continue to ask, so, we will assume that either you have not seen the answers or you did not like them.

You learned at a very young age that not liking something, on your plane, did not change it very much. You may, therefore, not like our answers. But as they are true, they will not change very much. We will, however, explain them in differing ways to amuse you, and perhaps allow you to expand your understanding.

For the purposes of this discussion today, let us begin by saying that when we say ‘you’ in this message, we intend it to mean everyone in a body who is trudging around carrying a bag of…

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