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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

What seems in the offing to say to you this morning regards the non-existence of time. Hallelujah! Time does not exist, so how can I speak of it, for time has no existence, let alone glory. Yet something seems to be on My calendar to convey to you in the presence of love on this precisely-encircled date. Of course, I speak in an instance of Infinity which is out of time.

It must be I want to tell you of My roaring love for you. My heart treasures every thought of you. No doubt, I want a thought of you to escape My heart, which can only be love. You are My treasured thought. You are holy to My existence. A thought of you is uppermost in My heart.

Don’t think that you appeared out of the blue. Nor can I say you were always a thought in…

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