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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, yes, I speak a lot. I sing a lot. Of thee I sing.

Yes, most of all, I am silent. I live in the halls of silence. My silence isn’t with My lips pursed, not at all. My silence is an embrace. In Godwriting, We embrace. My silence is love flowing out to you. You are included in My silence. You are not kept outside My silence. You are right here on the hearth of My heart.

At the same time as We embrace, We settle in. Our love doesn’t have to be over the moon, nor do We crave for Our love to be anything but what it already is. Our interweaving of love does not have to display itself as in great emoting. Simple love is present yet not on display.

We are down to business. We commune more than We communicate.

There does not…

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