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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, of course, you, yourself, your very self, are filled with inestimable power. You go beyond inadequate power. You have radiant blossoming extraordinary powers. There is nothing déclassé in the word power, as if the word power can only be relegated to comic book POW and WHAM!!!

We’re speaking of the power of the heart, not magic tricks. I suppose the expression “magic tricks” implies something sensational, tricky, not quite ethical, perhaps even low-class.

There is nothing shabby about walking on water, nor is it particularly phenomenal. There must be a worthy purpose beyond showmanship. There is purity of desire and intent. This is not about making an impression or proving a point. Of course, integrity of motive matters.

To make wine from water held a high purpose.

Once upon a time, lighting a fire was a miracle.

I come from the place of: “What is…

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