What World Is This We Ride On Anyway? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, at one time or another, life certainly seems madcap. How can anyone take life in the outer world so seriously any day of the week or year? The world seems like a TV series where laughs abound if only you could laugh and smile. As you watch the series, your life seems to be off in a distant cabbage patch obvious or oblivious before you, yet who can really say?

Who begins to know when you are onstage or offstage or anywhere at all? You would reside in the song of the nightingale outside your window if you could. Maybe you do, for all you know. Do nightingales really exist, or are they kept for princesses in ancient lands? What you do know is that what is dubbed life is afoot. This so-called life is always on the move. You are captured on Earth, for whatever reason…

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