To the Ends of the Earth | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, there are no ends to the Earth, nor is there truly a beginning, yet there is indeed a purpose in the Creation of the world beyond speculation. Earth has something to the point. I, God, am true to the core. I am true from the get-go. Earth has something to the point, even within the trip of illusion that holds you in its thrall. Fiction is also a kind of journey, no matter how you may be fooled. There is a purpose in everything, even in fol-de-rol.

Even as you sleep, there is value in sleeping just so there can be value in waking up. Supreme value. Even in folly, you serve a higher purpose. Going around the mulberry bush serves.

Jack and Jill going up and down a hill serves.

Even Jack Horner sitting in a corner serves.

In this sense, there is purpose in everything…

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