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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, a thought of separation from the Creator and Creation never had a foothold. There were no second thoughts nor revisions made to Creation. You hold the original Creation in your hand, as it were, and the world is holy. Life is in the midst of Holiness. There isn’t all that much you can make of Creation other than how it appears. You are in the same realm as skies being blue, grass being green, and stars being starry. When you come down to it, how simple is life, even as it holds you in its thrall.

Give Creation its due. Creation created itself as it first appeared. There have been no improvements, no revisions nor retractions. Creation isn’t an explicated blueprint.

Creation appeared as a God Almighty inspiration. What could Creation be but a burst of inspiration inspired spontaneously all at once? Remember, time is not.


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