The Oversoul Activation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to sense when you are all ready for a new activation, and we have that sense right now. You are ready to receive the activation of the frequency of your oversouls, and that activation is occurring on a physical level. You are ready to receive a transmission that will activate the cellular memory of what it was like for you to fully be your oversoul.

This is taking you beyond the experience of your higher self, which is almost fully integrated into you physically and energetically. This next step in your evolution is what you are ready for now because of the integration you have done of your galactic selves. Now that you have almost completed the fully integration of your past lives in other parts of the galaxy, you are…

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You Are a Hardy Flower | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, what if you would stop seeing life as it appears to you possibly as an outright challenge? Life isn’t meant to be seen as a duel you are offered. Life is meant to be, if not a piece of cake, at least a peace-offering – certainly not a boxing match in Madison Square Garden.

What if you didn’t put on your boxing gloves in readiness? What if you could see a new offer in life – not as a confrontation, yet more like a handshake or a step toward progress? If you would, if you did – wow, how differently you might treat life! Do you see this?

Life today, as it may appear to you – often at the last-minute as a guest who doesn’t give you prior notice – may indeed make you feel off-guard. If life would have given you some advanced notice, you…

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Truly, there is nothing to fear because there is only Love.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 20th

As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur.  You chose to build the illusory world of separation in order to experience aloneness, abandonment, and loss of meaning and purpose in your lives so that you could then evolve spiritually and return from that experiential state to the Source from which you have never been separated.  This endless journey back to Source is your life purpose and gives it meaning.  It is endless because time is endless . . . until you choose to be aware that time is illusory, that there is only the ever-present now in which all of creation has its permanent and endless existence at One with Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.

Time is a tool that you use so that…

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Nimm Dir Zeit zum Alleinsein und zur Kontemplation. Kläre Deinen Kopf und konzentriere Dich auf Deine Wahrheit und Deine Prioritäten. Treibst Du Dich selbst zu sehr an, geliebtes Kind Gottes, und machst Dir dadurch das Leben schwer? Die Engel erinnern Dich daran, dass Zeiten der Ruhe bei allen Lebewesen Teil des natürlichen Zyklus sind. Denke nur an die mächtige Eiche, die in Schüben wächst und sich dann ausruht. Sie zeiht ihre Nahrung aus der Tiefe der Erde und nimmt sich Zeit, bevor sie weiter nach oben wächst. So wie für die Eiche, ist es auch für Dich wichtig, dass Du Dich mit spiritueller und emotionaler Nahrung stärkst. Während Du Dich ausruhst, nimm Dir Zeit, über die wahren Gefühle und Wünsche Deines Herzens nachzudenken. Deine Engel sprechen durch Dein Herz zu Dir und wenn Du hinhörst und Deine Gefühle würdigst, schreitest Du Hand in Hand mit Gott und den Engeln voran…

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Love Is Like the Scent of a Hyacinth Announcing Spring | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, from one heart to another, love is on the wing. Silently bidden, love is passed on, as if stirring in the breeze. Love is called for, and love is exchanged, newly burst as it may be – love stirring, love happening, love recurring as if new, newly distributed from Heaven, as if love were something new when love has always been as newly bidden as the Sun each day.

Something wanted, something warranted, as if love were new when love has been always. Beautiful love is dispersed and appears and reappears like dew on the bud, like love bursting into song, as if love dawns from the High Heavens, which it does. Love extending itself all day long again and again, a chorus of love from Heaven borne as lightly as air, from a Source known and yet a surprise, a daily gift from on High. Surely…

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Holding a Higher Vibration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have observed that the human collective is able to sustain a vibration longer, as a collective, than you are as individuals. When you work together to hold a vibration, you are able to feed off of each other.

When you are working alone, it is harder for you to maintain the vibration that you seek to hold. One of the reasons for this is that with other people holding the vibration with you, you have their physical bodies there emanating the same vibration. You become like a tuning fork, and this collective energy of course has a bigger impact on the entire universe. So what is reflected back to you is bigger than if you were working by yourself to maintain a certain frequency.

Now, we are always encouraging you to pay attention to…

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Present! Dreaming with Robert Moss

Laura Bruno's Blog

On and on and on, the synchronicities roll!

In an email today, I let Mike Clelland know some recent developments in the bizarre dream-painting-bleedthrough-fiction-becoming-real “glitch” I’ve been trying to fix for many years, since it has radically inhibited what I can or cannot write about as fiction, lest that exact conflict, character or plot development appear in my “real” life. It got so over the top that I stopped writing fiction in November 2009. When I restarted in November 2017, the effect continued, dismantling key portions and people of “real world” “reality” once again. I stopped writing that novel, but the plot kept nagging and whenever I gave it the least research or attention, boom! High strangeness in real time.

I have been determined to find a solution to this glitch, because I know I need to write my novels, but I cannot risk writing them until I learn to…

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Bild: S. Hahner Bild: S. Hahner

Dir wird jetzt ein neuer Anfang ermöglicht. Es begegnen Dir viele wunderbare Möglichkeiten und Erfahrungen. Heiße das Neue in Deinem Leben willkommen, einschließlich neuer Möglichkeiten, Menschen und Projekte. Die Engel wissen, dass Veränderungen beängstigend sein können, und sie umgeben Dich mit liebevoller Energie. Wende Dich an sie, wann immer Du Angst hast oder Dich in einer neuen, ungewohnten Situation befindest. Die Engel werden Dein Selbstvertrauen und Deine Kraft stärken, damit Du diesen Neubeginn genießen kannst, was immer es sein mag.   Manchmal klammern wir uns an alte Gewohnheiten, weil sie uns vertraut sind. Durch diese Karte bitten Dich die Engel, offen zu sein für eine neue Herangehensweise ans Leben. Vielleicht werden Dir die himmlischen Mächte zeigen, wie Du Deine Situation mit neuen Augen betrachten kannst. Oder sie werden sich mit Dir in Verbindung setzen, damit Du eine neue Fertigkeit erlernst. Was immer der Neubeginn für Dich bedeutet, erlaube…

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Expand consciousness and what will come – the cosmic messenger pigeon

...wo das Herz erwachen kann

In the last few days I have been confronted with the topic of consciousness. There are countless books, YouTube videos and channelings that deal with the topic of consciousness and consciousness expansion. What I should be able to add is because a legitimate question and you will be able to answer it yourself at the end of my contribution.

Let us assume that we understand only a part of what is presented to us in our daily consciousness. The daily consciousness is the part that helps us to live and perceive our life. In comparison to the subconscious, daily consciousness is the part that is occupied with all filters of everyday life. Filters are, for example, that collective knowledge and collective faith which conditions us, opinions about ourselves and about the environment or the people, etc., can be used as a filter.

The filters are the part that makes us…

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Exponential Leaps in Your Evolution ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing you for quite some time, and we are happy to report that the progress that you’ve been making lately has been exponential in comparison to the progress you were making for hundreds and hundreds of years, thousands even. Your growth is increasing in response to the energies that you are receiving, and additionally, you are benefitting from all of the traumas and tragedies that you’ve been experiencing both in this lifetime, and in your past lives.

You are not buckling under. You are not running and hiding. You are meeting all of it, that which is of a low frequency and that which is of a high frequency, face on, and the results are impressive. We can see the continued expansion and evolution of your consciousness, and the only thing left…

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The Courtyard of Heaven from Which You Arise | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, I summon you. Each day I summon you to the Courtyard of Heaven from which you arose. Too often, you think of yourself as on your way to Heaven. This is true. Remember also, that from Heaven you have come. From Heaven, yes, and to Heaven you return. It is a pitfall to believe you were ever thrown out of Heaven.

Never, not in one heartbeat, were you ever thrown out. Now it is time for you to see differently. May I remind you that where I come from, there is always and forever room for you – for you are the Light of My Heart. Inn is a metaphor, anyway. Heaven goes beyond any inn. In truth, no one rents a room in Heaven by the night or week. Heaven is your birthplace and your permanent Home – Our permanent Home of Oneness. You are definitely…

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Expand consciousness and what will come – the cosmic messenger pigeon — …wo das Herz erwachen kann

In the last few days I have been confronted with the topic of consciousness. There are countless books, YouTube videos and channelings that deal with the topic of consciousness and consciousness expansion. What I should be able to add is because a legitimate question and you will be able to answer it yourself at the […]

über Expand consciousness and what will come – the cosmic messenger pigeon — …wo das Herz erwachen kann

Das Bewusstsein erweitern und was kommen wird – die kosmische Brieftaube — …wo das Herz erwachen kann

In den letzten Tagen wurde ich mit dem Thema Bewusstsein konfrontiert. Es gibt unzählige Bücher, YouTube Video’s und Channelings, welche das Thema Bewusstsein und Bewusstseinserweiterung zum Thema haben. Was soll ich dazu ergänzen können, ist, da eine berechtige Frage und die wirst du dir am Ende meines Beitrages selber beantworten können. Gehen wir davon aus, […]

über Das Bewusstsein erweitern und was kommen wird – die kosmische Brieftaube — …wo das Herz erwachen kann




Spaß und Spiel sind etwas, was die Engel lieben! Sie leiten Dich an, Dein Leben mit einer guten Dosis Spaß und Freude zu bereichern und zu wissen, dass Vergnügen kein Luxus ist, sondern eine Notwendigkeit. Die Engel wissen, dass Du eine Menge Verantwortung hast und einen kontinuierlichen Strom von Zeit, Geld und anderen Ressourcen benötigst. Durch diese Karte wollen die Engel Dich wissen lassen, dass regelmäßige Dosen von Spaß und Vergnügen Dir helfen können, Deine Ziele zu erreichen. Vielleicht widersprichst Du und sagst, dass Du nicht genügend Zeit, Geld oder Energie hast, um zu spielen. Doch Deine Engel versichern Dir, dass Verspieltheit eine wunderbare Investition ist, die sofort Gewinn bringt.  Wenn Du Spaß hast und lachst, entspannst Du Dich. Diese Entspannung führt zu mehr Ideen, spirituellen Verbindungen, göttlicher Führung und Energie. Mit den neuen Inspirationen und der zusätzlichen Energie kannst Du Deine Wünsche wesentlich besser manifestieren. Deine entspannte und strahlende…

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Die Stimme des Herzens


zum Buch: HIER!

Die Stimme des Herzens:

Der Weg zum größten aller Geheimnisse (Esoterik /Atlantis. Bastei Lübbe Taschenbücher)

von Safi Nidiaye

Dieses Buch soll helfen, das Herz zu entdecken, zu öffnen und zu aktivieren. Es soll den Leser inspirieren, seine himmlische Natur in seinem eigenen Herzen (wieder) zu entdecken und zu verwirklichen.

Safi Nidiaye erzählt, warum das Herz das Geheimnis aller Geheimnisse birgt, den Kern von Religion und Spiritualität. Sie zeigt, wie man sich auf die Herzen großer Meister oder Heiliger einstimmt, wie man durch das Herz Kontakt mit Engelwesen bekommt, wie man lernen kann, mit dem Herzen zu sehen und zu hören sowie aus dem Herzen heraus zu sprechen und zu handeln. Ein Mosaik von Inspirationen, die das Herz berühren.


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The Vibrations Supporting Your Actions ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken what we can from what we observe you doing, but we also take into consideration the vibration that you are holding when you are doing the things you do. Therefore, your actions are not as significant to us as you might think. It is easier for us to see how the action could be taken. The circumstances don’t always dictate what actions you will take. It is usually your vibration that does so, and that vibration is hidden from most of you.

So when you see someone doing something, you don’t understand it, especially if it’s something that is hurting another person. It’s difficult for you to wrap your minds around why that person would do that thing, but we see the vibration that is supporting the action, that is fueling it…

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The Seeker and the Sought Are One | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, come right this way to My Heart. There is no other way. We meet directly.

What is My Heart but our mutual Oneness of Being? Call Our Mutual Being Our One Heart or Our One Voice or One Soul engaging within the One and the Same Who Speaks and the One who also hears Himself thinking and speaking as though He were another listening in on His Very Self.

Oneness is Self-evident. How the One of the Seeming Me and the One of the Seeming You – how We crave a mutual audience, as if One has the culpability to sift Oneness into two perceived cups – Beloved, Oneness Itself isn’t to be beheld as two random entities!

I blurt out to You:

“Be here. Be here as One with Me.”

I blurt this out to you because it isn’t possible for One in Reality to meet…

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Every single human has their own direct connection to Source through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Monday May 14th

Humanity’s progress along the path to awakening is moving rapidly forward, and there is evidence of this all across the world as more and more of you set the intent daily to be only loving whatever arises.  This is the most powerful intent that you can set, and when you do you are enormously assisted by the unseen ones who watch over you lovingly and support you in every moment of your earthly existence.  You are never alone, you are always fully supported as you follow the paths to awakening that you set up for yourselves before you incarnated.  As a direct result your success is divinely assured.  Indeed the tipping point for humanity’s awakening has already passed, and many of you are now feeling the certainty of this.

Continue to set your intent daily.  The best time for this is when you…

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Neue Möglichkeiten, Gelegenheiten und Fülle eröffnen sich Dir. Mache Dir bewusst, das Du all diese Geschenke in diesem Moment erfahren kannst! Die von Dir erhofften Ziele sind dabei, sich zu verwirklichen. Vielleicht werden sie sich auf andere Weise manifestieren, als Du es erwartest hast, doch werden die Belohnungen, die Du Dir so sehnlichst wünschst – wie zum Beispiel Gefühle von Frieden, Sicherheit und Glück -, genauso eintreten, wie Du sie erbeten hast. Bitte Deine Engel, Dir zu helfen, Vertrauen in Deine Fähigkeit zu haben, Dinge und Ereignisse zu manifestieren. In diesem Vertrauen kannst Du gemeinsam mit Gott alles erreichen! Dies ist ein Prozess, in dessen Verlauf sich alle Gedanken in greifbarer Form verwandeln: Zunächst beginnen sie als eine Idee, geboren aus einer göttlichen Quelle. Dann ruft die Idee ein Gefühl hervor. Falls das Gefühl liebevoll und nährend ist, erschaffen die Idee und das Gefühl gemeinsam den Embryo der Manifestation. Du…

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