The Sun Awakens You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Love is always. You are born to it, and you expand with love. If you want to know what life is about, this is what life is about: The subject upon which life is based and the object to which love abides, is love. All else may leave, yet love is not fleeting, no matter how you may glance at it.

Love is the constant, even as you are not always aware of the love that fills you inside and out. The Sun is said to set, and in the morning the Sun rises. You greet the Sun evermore. And the Sun greets you. You awake to the Sun, and the Sun awakes to you. Life lives in light. There is not a moment when you are not awaking. You reflect the Sun, and the Sun reflects you. We are speaking of the Oneness and permanence of love…

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