The Courtyard of Heaven from Which You Arise | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, I summon you. Each day I summon you to the Courtyard of Heaven from which you arose. Too often, you think of yourself as on your way to Heaven. This is true. Remember also, that from Heaven you have come. From Heaven, yes, and to Heaven you return. It is a pitfall to believe you were ever thrown out of Heaven.

Never, not in one heartbeat, were you ever thrown out. Now it is time for you to see differently. May I remind you that where I come from, there is always and forever room for you – for you are the Light of My Heart. Inn is a metaphor, anyway. Heaven goes beyond any inn. In truth, no one rents a room in Heaven by the night or week. Heaven is your birthplace and your permanent Home – Our permanent Home of Oneness. You are definitely…

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