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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, if the beautiful created world We live in has been taken over by outside sources or wayward inner sources, We, the lovers of life, are reclaiming the world now. We reclaim the extant world with simple grace and truth. We rise with Our hearts attuned to love, and that’s it.

Love is Our motivating factor, or forget about it. To prove anything is not Our purpose. To receive can’t be Our goal. Our aim is to give back to the Universe the joy that may have been eclipsed and hidden away for one kind of misinterpretation or another – from foolishness or short-sided importance of less than truth when love is Our straight goods. It’s clear now that individual self-importance is no kind of importance at all.

There are directions to go in, and there are directions to leave behind. Reclaiming the world in no way is…

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