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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, who can point a precise finger to life and the powers life engenders? Life appears relative all right, yet life is not designed nor actually created from the relative world of Earth. Yes, concrete transportation, for instance, appears in the relative world. Creation manifests in the relative world, yet Creation surpasses the manifest world. We speak of two roundabout dimensions; the Heaven dimension, shall We say, as Mine and the mundane world, we shall say, as yours to dance on. Of course, I don’t separate these two worlds, although they may seem to appear at loggerheads.

O Divine Children, O Divine Apparent World and Sparkling Divine Heavenland that We all share, whether this is realized or not, the thing is that together, you and I, exist in plain sight as well as out of plain sight. Existence exists any way you slice it.

What multi-dimensional worlds We…

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