Lord Melchizedek – Like Kicking off A Shoe That Is Too Tight – EGA Group Antahkarana

Elemental Grace Alliance

Lord Melchizedek – Kicking Off A Shoe That Is Too Tight -– EGA – The Group Antahkarana – 8th April 2018

I Call Forth Beloved Lord Melchizedek, as I am aware You wish to close Book 2 with your Discourse, The Elemental Grace Alliance – The Group Antahkarana.  We welcome Your Presence to share that which you deem important at this time within this Divine Plan.

“Thank you, I Am Lord Melchizedek and come to you this day through the United Forcefield of the Power of the Trinity, which is a Driving Force throughout this Universe.  We Are Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and Myself, who form a Trinity of Consciousness at the Universal Level. We Embody and Radiate the Divine Light, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Will Aspects and Qualities of Father, Mother God out into this Universe.  The Trinity of Consciousness is an important component of the Creative Process…

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