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In the following a series will be formed that will be focused about the many aspects of the Event. There were quite manifold matters which were shown to me recently in the last days and weeks in order to give a broad survey to all participants of everything what has been so far and will become of it furthermore.

It is us which are the architects of everything which is approaching us as new structures in our future lives. At first these changing matters are tiny but later they will grow considerably aiming at producing all alterations in service of the evolution of Mother Earth, Mankind, and creation of Gaia.

Creation has nothing to do with God, Buddha, Krishna, or Allah but it is that special matter having slumbered in all our hearts since beginnings of time. Only our souls know all about the Planning. Some name it „Divine Plan“ and others describe it as „Evolution or Revolution“. It is us which make everything possible and in following sequences I shall take you with me on this Journey too.

New Systems rise and grow in order that a system may experience itself. Systems come to life here in order to currently invent themselves anew. One of the aims are to construct something new and some eventual better final result too. The Plan is quite simple. Only we have forgotten searching for simplicity and to give a location for simplicity in our lives.

But where to start? Start with yourselves as you too are part of some system. You all interact with other humans which – again represent some system. In case various systems maintain with each other in relation this will result in „Experiences of Lives“ which we humans design as „Destiny“. There is nothing bad or good in „destinies“ but these are more or less experiences aiming at inner evolutionary growth and collecting these experiences. This again will serve some system or any superior system related to us in some way for our inner growth and to experience also ourselves.

Now, what all this has to do with the „Event“? And right you are to interrogate in such way and I respond in such a way: „It all is and also nothing in the same time. The Event only serves and feeds the process of Evolution if we want to experience ourselves in all our depth and breadth of our being. The system now has decided about the following and hereby is expressed and prepared that it – the System – is willing to alter up in some new form to undergo a new development.

In order to enable something new being constructed the old on its place must break down totally – as new constructive forms may only made grow from the ruins and rattle. Like Phoenix rising out of ashes Evolution will dress itself anew and we, too, will clad into some new robe. For this robe is nothing else but „The Divine matter“ having slumbered in us for such long. It now wants to wake up and show itself with new expressions!

The event has started, the event has already happened and the change is in front of the door. Quietly the event has made itself known. But we still haven’t understood what it means. We can learn to look better. Soon we will recognize and feel it. There’s no turning back. Everything is in a state of upheaval and the change will become apparent faster and faster. Do you remember what I described above? No, then check again. It can begin…..

The cosmic messenger pigeon


Original language is German and was translated to English for me by Eva-Maria / ContraMary


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