Avoiding the Traps | The Council via Ron Head

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Today we want to speak with you about the traps that are intentionally laid for you to keep you embroiled in the duality. You are divided into parties, races, ins and outs, moneyed and not, liberals and conservatives, and on and on. These are taught to you through all of the media, through cultural systems, passed down from generation to generation, and then built upon. The influences are often subtle, subliminal, and extremely effective.

Think of this: if someone had offered to teach young you to hate others, would you have said “Yes, please”? If someone had offered to teach you to get violently angry at others because they did not think the same thoughts as you, would you have thought it desirable? All that is needed is to observe a mixed group of five-year-olds to see that they do not have any such thoughts.

There is a very effective…

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