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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Sometimes it seems endless to you all that can go wrong. You have seen it.

Again and again, I urge you to spend more time thinking about what can go right in Life. Take a second look. Steer your thoughts in an upward direction. What do you want to happen?? Who says that Greatness and Beauty must be out of sight for you while what you don’t want rushes in before your very eyes.

I say: Set yourself up for treasures.

As I look around the whole wide world, I see many of My children dogged about insisting on – not their rite of passage — but rather their right to discouragement. Discouragement isn’t intended to be one of your inalienable rights. Get out of your own way. Let long-lasting Light Bulbs go on all over the world. If cartoon characters can have light bulbs go on as…

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