Timeline Shift in Progress

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Time Line Shift: Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts | Ascension Symptoms

Beloved Tribe,


What is a time line shift? It is any time shift having to do with matrix glitches in time. It can and does include missing time, time running too fast or too slow, people repeating the same activity or discussion that was already seen or heard by others and overall glitches in the matrix. It can include jumping to new timeline or looping timelines. It also can happen when we jump into a new reality by upgrading our consciousness. There are many ways time shifts  can happen and no limits to what is possible. These can and do increase in times of HIGH Energy.

We are experiencing timeline shifting NOW due to the increasing energies of the Eclipse that is soon to arrive. The last few days I have noticed in increase in spirt activity in my house. I see beings and then turn to get a better look and they disappear. I see beings standing or moving, either moving quickly or standing in one spot. I have to do a double take and then they are gone. Many times with planetary events, psychic anomalies can increase and timeline shifts can and do occur. I have

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