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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Within Healing lies a relationship through which confidence is imparted. Without effort, something passes through the doctor who imparts healing and the patient who absorbs healing. It is also possible that it is the patient who creates the healing the doctor brings. Something happens that is beyond calculation. Which one is the healer or the healed isn’t so easy to say.

A cheerful attempt at camaraderie and determination to heal and to be healed go only so far. Healing cannot be reproduced or manufactured. It cannot be faked. Healing comes just like that. It comes when you are not looking. There is a connection between the healer and healed. It is definitely not style We speak of. It is not about impressing one Will upon another’s Will. Not at all.

Christ was not looking for a name for himself. In healing, domething deep happens, or it does not…

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