Speedbumps, potholes, and Brick Walls | The Council via Ron Head

Rainbow Wave of Light


Let us begin today by pointing out to you something that many of you tend to miss when it occurs. You have been passing through a short period of quiet. The momentous amount of change that you are bringing about is happening in what you may characterize as a series of waves. This is an opportunity for you to rest and regain your centers. Its cause, however, is how energy moves on all levels, both micro and macro. Take advantage of it while you can because, although it is a time to catch your breath, it is also a good time to prepare for the next wave.

This message will be comparatively short. What we wish to bring to you is a preparatory overview of what will be your 2018. And waves are a very good metaphor for what you are about to experience. For years now, you have told…

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