Do You Really Come from the Stars | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

How puzzling it is to you how Life seems to pop up in the raw? It so happens you are fashioned by every bit of Life, every incident, and, yet, how can this be? Really? Everything has an affect on you? Every incident in your Life, the lovely and the unlovely? Every person whose path you cross? Those who charm you, and those who besmirch you, the ones who speak up and those who say not a word, all those who seem to brighten your spirit as well as those who dash it? Really? Every word spoken across the world or whispered in your ear, early in Life or late in Life, every word spoken to you or spoken to someone else? Every word that gives happiness or troubles you? How can this be? Surely you are greater than the sum total of what you hear and see…

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