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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You may have played around with the idea, how I, in the same manner as a genie, might bestow upon you the whole contents of My Creative Intelligence just like that.

Ho,Ho! What a plum this could be for you in this world, even as I say once again, Beloveds, because of Our Oneness, all My Children already possess the Totality of Knowledge naturally, yet may not have it so quickly at the tip of their tongue.

In your daydream of such an explosion of Knowledge in the world, it may not have occurred to you that you could be overstepping? Taking too big a bite in one swallow? That you could fry your mind? Be blown away?

Beloveds, assimilating and understanding are not quickies. You can’t just sit down and absorb an encyclopedia all at once. Something has to settle in, and you get comfortable. Something has…

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