REV Christine Meleriessee – New Earth Consciousness – Circle of Light   –   The Teachings of the Golden Etheric Cities – 10-30-17

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New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light

Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda Green

Adama of Telos

New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light

The New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light was formed under the direction of Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Telosian Council of Light, along with a Team of Light which comprises a host of Ascended Masters & Christed Light Beings to connect with the Light Workers of Planet Earth to assist each of them and GAIA in her Ascension Mastery process. Since 2015 this included the entire Christed Inner Earth / Hollow Earth Community of the Agarthan Network. The collective of the representatives (The Agarthan Council) of the Capital Cities stepped forward to be officially recognised under the Unified Whole Alliance in August of 2017.

There are 22 Golden Etheric Cities across the earth. These cities are still being enhanced and are in existence to prepare GAIA to become TERRA CHRISTA (her Higher Self).  Just as importantly they are here to assist you as well. You may travel to each…

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