You Are Born to Be One with Me | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

What I ask of you is exactly what you have been seeking deeply for yourself. Be with Me. Stay with Me. We shall be as One and ask for nothing more. Oneness rules. Oneness takes the stage. Nothing surpasses Oneness. We call it Our Oneness. In Oneness, all is replete. Oneness is the most desirable of all. Next to Oneness, everything else palls.

Want to be energized? Know Oneness. Proclaim Oneness across the Land, and you will know Oneness as Only Oneness can be known. Hail, Beautiful Oneness.

Where shall We go today? How about right here where We are? There is no better Moment. This is it. This is what you are on fire for. This is the True Realization of My/your Dreams. You have all you desire right in the Palm of Our Hand. This is the Moment you were born to. Here is the culmination…

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