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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Don’t feed the egos here on Earth. Don’t feed your own ego, and don’t feed others’ egos. This isn’t good for the planet.

Aha, yet what specifically do I mean when I say not to feed egos?

If someone is wearing a pretty dress, by all means tell the wearer of the pretty dress that she is lovely. Complimenting someone truthfully is not feeding anyone’s ego. You’re not feeding others’s egos, nor are you feeding your own. A genuine comment isn’t flattery. You don’t express a genuine comment in order to profit from it, perhaps to rise higher in your own estimation. Certainly, give others attention. Absolutely, put some Sunshine into others’ lives. Say something nice without getting carried away. Never is it to be your purpose to flatter someone.

When this same lady is wearing the same pretty dress, and you choose to compliment the lady in…

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