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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

In effect, you sift through your Life. You sift with a sieve, Beloveds. There is a moral to the story here. Life once lived falls through the cracks. It is bye-bye.

You cannot hold onto everything or anything. How can you be sure that sifting through Life is a way for you to comprehend Life? Life will teach you without your trying to sort it out. Life already has occurred, and now you are in a new starting-off place.

If the past is the past, well, then, let it go. Verily, only Life Itself can teach Itself. It isn’t that Life is insoluble. It’s just that Life goes off the screen in the moment that it surfaces and happens, or, rather seems to happen. Life hops right along. Life doesn’t stay still. Life on Earth is not meant to be memorable. Life is in one moment, and then…

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