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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

How do I, God, located as I am in Heaven, help you, My Children, to remove any and all obstacles to Love? And how in the world do I help you step over the act of judgment, for, of course, I have made it clear you are not to judge.

You might say: “Whoa, God, You find me wanting. Isn’t that judgment pure and simple?”

I understand how you feel.

You wonder: “Why would God try to have me see differently unless God finds fault with me?”

As you see it, from one side of My mouth, I say: “You are perfect.”

As you see it, from another side of My mouth, I say: “Yoohoo, get better. Smarten up.”

You have a point.

Yet I wonder, Dear Friends, in words, how can I want you to partake of greater happiness unless I see your turmoil from the way…

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