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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Where is your Heart going? Do you go with your Heart, or do you doubt the direction of your Heart? Do you follow your Heart all the way to your Destiny? Or are you under the subjection of your mind? Your mind may keep you stilled in place. Often, your mind follows a trodden path.

But, ah, your Heart. Your Heart roams. Your Heart takes you places where the Specialty of the Love within you flourishes. This is not pinning your Love on an object outside of you, not even to a Soul Mate. The Love We speak of is deeper, more like the art or music of your Soul. What makes your heart tick?

Your mind, as beautiful as it is, seems to corner you. The mind sure seems like a safe haven, yet, within the mind, ego may lurk. To be sure, ego carries its emotion…

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