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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Yes, what I say matters. Intrinsically, what I vibrate matters more. What I vibrate and what I say are always one and the same.

You also speak, and you also vibrate. What you say and what you vibrate, may they also be the same. Your words and your vibration are to match. Now We speak of honesty and integrity. Be well-versed in these.

The same words you speak in Truth also vibrate at an equal frequency. The vibration is strong. When the words and True Meaning do not line up — as in a fib, fabrication, exaggeration, excuse, or a straight-out lie – the vibration is weakened. When you speak less than your Truth, for whatever reason, you know what I mean, for you have experienced the hollowness of ungrounded unsubstantiated errant words.

Language is used in the world. Words are written and spoken in order to convey…

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