How to Beckon Troubles to Leave | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

As you well know by now, you want to divest yourself of your troubles. You don’t want to highlight your scourges. No matter how dire and how huge, you already know that there is no profit in keeping on about your troubles. You would give up commentaries on the difficulties you experience if only you could let go of them.

I am telling you how. You already know how to dwell on complaints. You fell into that. I do not tell you to kid yourself that all is hunky-dory. I, God, say to release the thorns in your side.

When a situation concerns a loved one’s leaving Earth, this is on a different scale. When it is a loved one, you want to keep that which you have to let go of. You know you have to let go. You have to reach a new balance. By comparison…

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