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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The little things in Life may bring great happiness. Daily little things can be taken for granted as well. They may be little yet momentous. There is great power in all the little things that enrich your Life.

What about the Stars in the Sky? The sound of the Ocean? Fresh air? Mountain air? Tastes? A rose in bloom? A smile? Blue eyes and brown eyes and all the color of eyes in between? The wind? An apron taken off? Children? Music? Dance? The internet and how now the world grows closer in an instant? The Sun and the Moon? The Blue of the Sky? A Poem? A tree? A Lily of the Valley? And you, what about you? You are surrounded by opportunity. Bring it on.

How long a list can you make of the Treasures in this World? Your list could fill your house, go past…

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