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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Understand that in the State of Oneness called Heaven, whatever you call faulty or inadequate does not exist. Questions do not even exist. Faltering does not exist. Oneness exists, this is what all you want – Oneness. If there were a less or a more — Oneness would be the most.

In Heaven, as in Oneness, there is no quantifying. There is no qualifying. There are no ifsands, and buts. There are no ins and outs. There is no easy and no hard, though, of course, everything is how you look at it.

In Truth, everything is easy. There are no obstacles. There is no interference. There is nothing to interfere with. There is nothing to contradict, and no one to do so.

There is Oneness, and no one to contradict. There are no dispersions. There are no debates, no arguments. There are Soul…

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