Sunrise, Sunset: The Circle of Life

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

Sunrise- Sunset

Life is never stagnet.  It is in a constant state of change.  Within the material earth experience we experience this each and every day. Sunrise, we celebrate the daylight and activity, sunsets we celebrate the night and rest. Of course not alway that exact way for each person has their own individual cycle.  The important thing is to understand that life is a constant state of change.  Nothing remains the same forever.  To do so would be the only true death, because not moving forward means being left behind.  The universe and all of creation is never stagnant.  Neither can your life be so.

Families change, relationships change, friendships change.   Leaving behind one experience does not mean you are leaving behind everything.  Each experience carries forward with us, expanding our knowledge and understanding.  Even in relationships, often they will change over and over again during the course of the…

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